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$2 Million Guaranteed at Asia Poker Tour Philippines Main Event

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2010 Asian Poker Tour in August 2010

The Asian Poker Tour (APT) will have its 2010 Main Event at the Resorts World Manila, Philippines, from August 23 to August 29, 2010. The buy-in for the Main Event is $2,500 + $200,  and the prize pool is a whopping $2 Million guaranteed, so far the biggest pot ever to hit the Philippine shores.

I’ll hope to get in the money.

Manny Pacquiao Will KO Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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The Philippines is gearing up for its national elections on May 2010 with several notable politicians vying for the Philippine Presidency, and slots in the Philippine Senate, Philippine Congress and other local government posts.

Even boxing champ Manny Pacquiao has already field his candidacy to vie for a Congressional seat in his hometown district in Mindanao, and many were expecting that Manny Pacquiao‘s next bout was going to be in the political arena.

However, that’s all been sidetracked for the moment as Manny Pacquiao has just signed the fight contract to go up against the undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. on March 13, 2010.

Manny Pacquiao recently won the WBO Welterweight belt from Miguel Angel Cotto via a 12th round TKO, and made history by being the first and only boxer so far to win 7 titles in 7 weight classes. Indeed, the feats of Manny Pacquiao inside the boxing ring have earned him the reputation of being the best pound-for-pound boxer in the history of the sport.

Manny Pacquiao Will KO Floyd Mayweather Jr

Manny Pacquiao Will KO Floyd Mayweather Jr

That reputation was also held by Floyd Mayweather Jr., who was also coined as being the best pound-for-pound boxer, and his recent demolition over Juan Manuel Marquez clearly showcases his capacity to be among the top fighters in the sport of boxing.

Of course, it wouldn’t take long for boxing fans to want to see a showdown between Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather Jr., two of the best pound-for-pound boxers. And after a month or so of taunting and negotiations between the two camps, the deal has finally been sealed. Well, at least in the camp of Manny Pacquiao.

Freddie Roach, the trainer of Manny Pacquiao, has already confirmed that Manny Pacquiao has signed the fight contract, and the rest of the world excitingly waits for Floyd Mayweather Jr. to back up all his talk and sign his name on the dotted line.

Meanwhile, boxing promoters are already expecting the Pacquiao vs Mayweather fight to be one of the biggest pay-per-view events in the history of boxing, and will certainly put sales through the roof, to earn both fighters a very, very heavy purse. Not only that, many experts anticipate that the Pacquiao vs Mayweather fight will last more than just one bout, and will look to exasperate itself to a three-fight trilogy.

However, my opinion is that if Manny Pacquiao wins, he’ll just hang up his gloves, enjoy the fruits of his wins, and concentrate on his campaign for Congress, and if he wins that, then that’s where he’ll be busy for the rest of his life. Well, at least, while he’s still in Congress. Perhaps, this fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr., will be the culminating event to a colorful and illustrious career.

Besides, it might be the same if Floy Mayweather Jr. wins. If Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeats Manny Pacquiao, then the whole world can expect a mouthful of arrogance from Floyd Mayweather Jr., and certainly he would love to keep his undefeated record in tact, and will just retire to enjoy his fat paycheck.

One thing’s for sure, all of this will be settled in the ring on March 13.

My prediction for that fight – Manny Pacquiao will KO Floyd Mayweather Jr., and shut up that loud mouth once and for all.

Philippine Sports: What Now Manny Pacquiao?

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The Philippines and all Filipinos around the world are still buzzing from Manny Pacquiao‘s recent victory over Miguel Angel Cotto, winning the WBO Welterweight title via a 12th round TKO.

Manny Pacquiao Knocks Down Miguel Angel Cotto

Manny Pacquiao Knocks Down Miguel Angel Cotto

I got to catch the fight at Friday’s Alabang Town Center upon the invitation of Ryan Eigenmann and his fiance Cathy Bordalba, and took along my wife and kids to join some good friends. I personally cheered for Miguel Angel Cotto. Well, not because I didnt’ want Manny Pacquiao to win, but just to be different.  In Tagalog – “Para lang maiba.”

But really – Manny Pacquiao is just plain awesome, and I wasn’t the least bit surprised that Miguel Angel Cotto got floored twice and that eventually the fight ended with a TKO. The face of Miguel Angel Cotto was beaten to a pulp, and at the end he wasn’t even throwing anymore punches, just running around the ring to try and avoid the onslaught of Manny Pacquiao, who seemed determined to knock out Cotto.

The victory gives Manny Pacquiao a historical world record by being the first boxer to win 7 titles in 7 different weight divisions. Of course, experts still say that it’s not really legitimate, considering that the Ring Magazine title of Manny Pacquiao is not an official belt. Whatever. It doesn’t disprove the fact that Manny Pacquiao will be a hall-of-famer, and a boxer that will forever be remembered around the globe.

So – now that Miguel Angel Cotto is done and over with, what’s next for Manny Pacquiao? A fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a possibility that the boxing world highly anticipates. Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. are two of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the history of the sport, and certainly a fight between the two will be a match that will certainly have the entire world watching. For sure – the Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight will be legendary.

In the meantime – Manny Pacquiao will be looking to fight in the Philippine political arena, where he has ambitions to run for Philippine Congress in his home town of General Santos City. Manny Pacquiao tried his luck to run  for Congress in the last elections, but lost miserably. If he tries again, I’m pretty sure he’ll lose. The citizens of General Santos know well enough that Manny Pacquiao is not built for Philippine politics, and they would rather that he spent his hard-fought cash to help out through charity rather than through a seat in Congress. Certainly, his lack of eloquence (and maybe even literacy) will make it difficult for him to even go through the many legislations and reports that a congressman must absorb as part of his responsibility, you know?

Manny Pacquiao can do what the hell he wants in Philippine showbusiness, even make albums and sing in a band, but for the sake of the country – he should really stay away from the political arena.

Anyway – I don’t want to rain on the parade of Manny Pacquiao. I’m happy for his victory. I’ll celebrate in the streets for that. I might even watch his upcoming movie Whapakman just to remind myself of how stupid some Philippine movies can be. I might even listen to him sing just because I’d love a good laugh. But to listen to him campaign for Congress? Well, I just might throw an egg at him.

Philippine Sports: Burger King To Donate Wynne Arboleda’s “Lost Income” To Typhoon Victims

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Just finished writing the piece about the DSWD volunteers, and how Rock Ed Philippines founder Gang Badoy received word from DSWD Secretary Esperanza Cabral. Of course, I shared a copy of the post with Gang Badoy at her Facebook account, and sort of reconnected. For the past years, we’ve bumped into each other but without much conversation, or at the least just surface conversation.

Anyway – we had a chance to exchange more words than normal, and she gave props to the Philippines Fun Wall, and shared with me her petition which is – Burger King Inc. should donate Wynne Arboleda’s “lost income” to the survivors of recent Philippine typhoons.

The petition reads as:

To Concerned Filipinos:

In the light of the recent suspension (by the Philippine Basketeball Aassociation) of Burger King player Wynne Arboleda it has come to our attention that the quantified ‘loss of income’ he will have to accept as part of the penalties has been estimated to be approximately PhP 2.73Million.*

Less than a month ago our country withstood two consecutive typhoons that resulted to reducing many areas of our country into literal ‘states of calamity’ – many are rendered homeless, many are orphaned, many are robbed off property, capital, crops, capacity to earn, and even now deprived of hope. To this day, (Oct 19, 2009)thousands of families are still clueless on where or how to rebuild their lives.

It is from that note that this petition is being presented. We would like to pressure Burger King Inc and/or the Philippine Basketball Association to donate the salary set aside for Mr. Wynne Arboleda either to rehabilitate communities, to send relief goods to the still needy or organize a subsequent and periodic medical assistance program to flood-razed sites.

This group stems from the fact that the suspension was already passed and declared by the PBA therefore we have not and will not release any statement regarding the incident-per-se that got Mr. Arboleda suspended. All we know is that his suspension has been declared and PhP 2.73M is the estimated (now) savings of Burger King from that drop-out.

So let us state our petition again:



We do this with utmost reason, we look forward to your kind consideration of this request all that we ask for is this – when you heed this petition, kindly inform us of your decision. It would comfort many of us to know that big businesses and corporations have real heart as well- please give us hope. This is not a request for EXTRAS Burger King, Inc – we are aware that this is not a real loss to your profits because the amount has been earmarked and promised to Mr. Arboleda before he was suspended anyway.

We will await your response with optimism and a complete trust in your Bayanihan spirit during this terribly needy time in our country.

Now for those who wish to sign the online petition, then just click here.

We Encourage Burger King To Donate The Forefeited Salary of Wynne Arboleda To The Typhoon Victims
We Encourage Burger King To Donate The Forefeited Salary of Wynne Arboleda To The Typhoon Victims

However, maybe the signed petition may not be needed because according to certain sources, it seems that Burger King Inc. has decided to take upon the suggestion of the petition to donate the ‘lost income’ of Wynne Arboleda to the typhoon victims anyway.

Gang Badoy explained that PBA sportscasters TJ Manotoc (who proposed the petition) and Patricia Hizon were not optimistic at first that Burger King would consider this because allocating that salary wasn’t that simple. Of course, nothing is.

But then, the petition does make a valid point – that 2.73M is already in the budget, and if it was supposed to be spent on Arboleda, but he can’t accpet it, then maybe it can be put to good use to help others who are in need of that cash, such as the many typhoon victims. Burger King Inc. must have realized that this was also a good way to protect their corporate image, and also do something to improve the reputation of Wynne Arboleda. In any case, the reports were published in about Wynne Arboleda pursuing the suggestion with Burger King Inc. management to donate his ‘lost salary.’ You can actually read the article on the donation of Wynne Arboleda by clicking here.

If that really holds true, and there is a true confirmation of the donation by Wynne Arboleda then it’s awesome that an online petition (on an idea suggested by TJ Manotoc and executed by Gang Badoy) has progressed to something helpful and tangible for the typhoon victims.

If you want to see the change, you just gotta be the change. Don’t feel afraid , to share your thoughts, and especially to act those ideas out! The hope for the country is the fact that every single Filipino is empowered to help out there fellow countryman. We indeed have the power to improve our country – through small steps – through a little persuasion in the proper perspective.

Impossible is nothing.

Philippine Sports: Burger King Should Drop Arboleda And The PBA Should Just Ban Him Permanently

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If you don’t know what PBA player Wynne Arboleda of Burger King did to merit a season-long suspension, then watch this:

Now, Wynne Arboleda was suspended by the PBA for one entire season and will not receive any pay during his period of suspension. Is that enough?

Alain Katigbac, the PBA fan mauled by Wynne Arboleda, is not yet satisfied with the outcome, and wants Arboleda banned from the PBA for life and in other leagues around the country. Katigbac’s lawyer, Jose Angelo Agcaoili, drafted an administrative complaint to PBA Commissioner Sonny Barrios to recommend a lifetime ban on Wynne Arboleda.

Apart from that, Jose Angelo Agacaoili also has prepared criminal charges and a damage suit to be filed against Wynne Arboleda.

According to Jose Angelo Agcaoili, “My client is still in mental anguish and in shock over Arboleda’s viscious attack. His parents, who are both in their senior years, had elevated blood pressure after seeing the incident. His wife, who is six months pregnant, shook violently after seeing the incident on television and on the internet and continues to have chills as a result.”

Meanwhile, Wynne Arboleda says he is not afraid to face these charges in court, and might even file a counter-charge against Alain Katigbac. According to Wynne Arboleda, “I lost my source of livelihood because of him. I will not allow him to totally destroy me. He cursed me to no end in front of my family.”

Truth be told – Alain Katigbac indeed had a dirty mouth, and had nothing really nice to say about the game of Wynne Arboleda, especially after the hard foul he committed just prior to the incident. But then, the shit has hit the fan, and there are consequences to be taken as a result.

The professionalism of Wynne Arboleda is under question. PBA players are expected to maintain their composure even if the fans are getting carried away, and certainly they should not retaliate in that manner towards a fan.

Last season, there were also incidents of PBA players vs. PBA fans with the likes of  Marlou Aquino, Danny Ildefonso and Marc Pingris. However, the penalties suffered by these players were not as big as that of Wynne Arboleda because the other three were restrained before they got to the fan.

Personally – if you hit a fan, you deserve to be taken out of the league. Besides, what kind of basketball is Arboleda playing, giving a hard foul like that? It’s bad enough that he has bad intentions when it comes to fouling other players, and possibly giving them serious injuries that can cost them their careers. And then, a fan who gets emotional and shouts incentives at Wynne Arboleda for his cras play gets hit because Wynne Arboleda can’t take the insult.

Wake up, Wynne Arboleda! If you played ball in my court, you take what you can dish out, and if you can dish out dirty fouls, then I’m sure you can expect to get hit with a few as well. But that’s basketball, and that’s the way we play the game. And I’m sure you didn’t get to be the pro baller you are now without going through that in the court. And certainly, you’ve gone through your share of jeers and hisses from the crowd even at small community leagues. Pare naman, parang di ka na nasanay!

I’m thinking Burger King should just drop Wynne Arboleda completely. After all, he violated his contract by not living up to his duties as a  professional basketball player. So why should Burger King even suffer the consequences of his lawsuit, or even have the Burger King lawyers give Wynne Arboleda any kind of representation or help. And you all see how dirty he plays, now does Burger King really want that kind of dirty player endorsing your products. I mean – I know you don’t have a Ronald McDonald or a Jollibee mascot, and if anything these pro athletes could’ve been the face for Burger King, but really? Would a face like Wynne Arboleda be right in Burger King outlets nationwide?

Now – if you didn’t hit the fan, and went up to the stands, then I believe you still ought to be given a season suspension. Im fact, I was a bit surprised that the penalty for Marc Pingris and Danny Ildefonso was only a one-game suspension. They should’ve been not allowed to play the entire finals. I mean – the minute you step out of the bounds of the court and into the fans with bloodlust in your eyes, you have broken your oath of sportsmanship and professionalism as an athlete, and you shouldn’t be in there for a long time. And come to think that Danny Ildefonso was once upon a time a back-to-back MVP of the PBA, and still he reacts that way.

This is basketball! Trash talk and hard play is all part of the game. Set a pick like you’re a linebacker, and talk some trash to get them off their game. Say something about their sister while they’re taking freethrows. Tell the other team that this is my house! Grab that rebound and protect it with elbows out. This is basketball – we’re meant to be tough-minded that way. And then, of all things, you’ll give in to the jeering and incentives of a fan? Pikon pala kayo? Eh sa akin, ang pikon – TALO!

And no matter how much you try to justify that you’re human and you have emotions that get hurt, you just come out as a loser with bad excuses for a lack of professionalism and integrity for the game. And for that – you don’t deserve to play at the highest level of the league. Take a look at the NBA and other leagues. You think the home crowd says nice things to the visitors? There is a reason why it’s difficult for NBA teams to win on the road, and part of that is the unfriendly atmosphere they walk into when they’re the visitors at someone else’s home court. And what? Do you see them chasing after fans?

Well, there’s Ron Artest. I’m sure  Ron Artest can take any kind of trash talk and heckling from players and fans, but the dude attacked him with a beer projectile, and that was his breaking point, and we saw how he paid for it.

But you guys – Marlou Aquino, Danny Ildefonso and Wynne Arboleda – you guys get hurt by simple words. Well, here’s a word you should get to know better – LOSER!

Philippine Sports: Brandon Vera Ready To Battle Randy Couture IN UFC 105

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Brandon Vera Looks To Defeat Randy Couture in UFC 105

Brandon Vera Looks To Defeat Randy Couture in UFC 105

Filipino-American UFC fighter Brandon “The Truth” Vera is set to do battle with five-time UFC Champion Randy “The Natural” Couture when UFC 105: Couture vs Vera kicks off at the Manchester Evening News Arena in Manchester, England this coming November 14, 2009.

Brandon Vera will be fighting Randy Couture at the Light Heavyweight category in UFC 105, a weight class that Brandon Vera has been dominating most recently. Brandon Vera has, in fact, won his last twolight heavyweight UFC fights over UFC fighters Krzysztof Soszynski and Mike Patt.

Of course, Randy Couture has been a UFC Light Heavyweight champion twice, but his recent fights have been in the Heavyweight division against the likes of Antonio Nogueira and Brock Lesnar, where he lost both fights. However, Randy Couture might actually fight better in the light heavyweight, although the weight loss might certainly affect his performance against the likes of Brandon Vera, who seems to be perfectly built to fight at the Light Heavyweight division.

Other fights on the card for UFC 105: Couture vs Vera include: Michael Bisping vs Denis Kang, Dan Hardy vs Mike Swick, and James Wilks vs Matt Brown among others.

Bet on Brandon Vera to win against Randy Couture in UFC 105 here.

Tickets and Ringside Seats for UFC 105: Couture vs Vera Are Available Here.

Philippine Sports: NBA Legends To Challenge PBA All Stars

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As part of the their promotions in Asia, the NBA has put together NBA Asia Challenge 2009, which is the most ambitious and largest event ever in Asia. The event will feature NBA Legends teaming up with the top NBA Development League (D-League) players to play three exhibition friendlies in Korea and the Philippines.

The NBA Legends already made their appearance in Korea, playing agains the KBL All-Stars and the ETLAND Blackslammers, and will now be set to play the PBA All-Stars at the Araneta Coliseum on September 11th, 2009.

Among the NBA Legends who will be participating in the event are Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (who will be the head coach), Tim Hardaway, Dominique Wilkins, Robert Horry and Vlade Divac. PLayers from the NBA D-League who will team up with these legends include Billy Thomas, Chris Ellis, Derrick Dial, Marcus Hubbard, Russell Robinson and Lanny Smith.

NBA Legends To Play Against PBA All Stars

NBA Legends To Play Against PBA All Stars

The PBA All-Stars who are going up against the NBA players include Alvin Patrimonio, Allan Caidic, Ronnie Magsanoc, Benjie Paras and Kenneth Duremdes to name a few.

Personally, I would love to watch the game to get a chance to see Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the court, even if he doesn’t play. He’s the all-time leading everything in the NBA, and was really one of its most recognized players. Plus, he was one of the reasons why I’ve been a Lakers fan ever since I could remember.

On another personal note, I really hope that Danny Ildefonso is not included in the line-up for the PBA All-Stars. I just believe he’s not a very good professional basketball player, especially after that stint wherein he went out of his way to beat up a fan during the recent PBA Finals of San Miguel vs Ginebra. He may have been a lauded MVP at one point, but no professional player should ever get into a scuffle with a fan who paid for his seat to watch the game, and have the privilege to cheer his heart out even if some of the things said may have been vulgar and crass. As a pro player, you should be able to take trash talk, and have the mental edge to block it. That’s very different from Ron Artest‘s blow-up because he was thrown a glass of beer.

I’m sure the basketball will be entertaining, and if not then the dancers of the New Jersey Nets  – the Dunking Divas – are pretty sure to add a little spice to the festivities.

Anyway – the NBA Asia Challenge 2009 should be an amazing event, and will certainly be packed.  Tickets for the first-ever NBA Asia Challenge 2009 range from 2,640 for Patrons and 264 for General Admission.