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Philippine Music: Journey To Perform in Manila

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I’ve talked about this extensively before – Journey coming to Manila. Well, it’s happening. That’s not new news. In fact, it’s already all over the news, and too much all over the news. Of course, the excitement is there. Most Filipinos are quite excited over the fact that the Philippines’ very own Arnel Pineda will be the lead singer for Journey. Well – that’s also old news.

In any case, the Journey concert date is March 14, 2009 at the SM Mall of Asia concert grounds. Tickets are available with Ticketnet at all SM outlets. Prices have been pegged at a range of Php515 at the standing-and-no-seat Bronze section to as much as Php10,300 for reserved seating in the Platinum section.

Well, all the speculation on when Journey would arrive in the Philppines is all over. The reality is that Journey will be performing in the Philippines. I have nothing bad to say about that. I know that my friends are all excited, and we’re already making plans on where to purchase our tickets and the plans for that night. Unfortunately for me, I won’t be around to catch the concert. If all goes as planned, then I still might be participating in the Metro Card Club’s Perfect 10 event – a poker tournament with a guaranteed pot of Php10 Million that will go on from March 12 to March 15. If I’m still playing in that, there’s no way I’d make it to watch Journey.

Anyway – I’m very happy for Arnel Pineda. he’s enjoyed much success touring with Journey over the last year, and I’m sure this upcoming concert performance in Manila will be an awesome icing on the cake, especially since he will be performing in front of his countrymen. I just wish that the organizers for the Philippine concert of Journey could include other stops and have a Philippine tour. Perhaps they could have performed also in Cebu or Davao or Baguio, or else maybe they could have a second night for their concert instead of just for one night. But still – at least they’re here. Maybe one night can be good enough.

Good luck, Arnel and enjoy your moment in the Philippine spotlight.

And to the rest of Journey – welcome to the Philippines. I hope you enjoy our country.

PS – After this successful concert of Journey in Manila, I hope Arnel Pineda won’t run for public office in 2010. Haha.

After the Philippine tour, Journey will be performing in Macau, Hawaii and then end their tour in Sacramento, California.

Philippine Music: Journey Performs In Super Bowl XLIII

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Arnel Pineda of Journey Performs in Super Bowl XLII

Arnel Pineda of Journey Performs in Super Bowl XLII

Well, Journey wasn’t the main attraction of the halftime show. That honor would go to Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band. However, Journey did perform for the pre-game concerts with the Philippines’ very own Arnel Pineda as the lead vocals for Journey.

Most Filipinos could care less about American Football, and could even care less about Super Bowl XLIII, but then for those who know a little bit about the NFL, the Super Bowl is the grand daddy of all American sports, and is probably the most watched sporting event in the United States, and is a sports event that is given so much hype and promotions.

And with Journey being included in its program, then it’s definitely a big step up for Journey to get some acclaim. Not that they need it. I mean – Journey has been known in the music industry for the longest time ever since Steve Perry was their former vocalist. But, of course, for newcomer Arnel Pineda it must be a big milestone for his career to perform in this kind of event.

Anyway, the Philippines still awaits news on when Arnel Pineda will convince his band mates in Journey to consider a trip to the Philippines for a concert. Come soon, Arnel. We’re waiting!

Note: The picture was “borrowed” from the FLICKR account of California Redwoods. It is not the performance of Arnel Pineda in Super Bowl XLIII.

Philippine Music: Arnel Pineda of Journey Is Back In The Philippines!

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Journey' Arnel Pineda (photo taken from Arnel Pineda's MySpace)

Journey's Arnel Pineda (photo taken from Arnel Pineda's MySpace)

Over the weekend, I was at the Alabang Town Center, and then a small commotion took place by the Starbucks entrance of the ATC. It so happened that Arnel Pineda of Journey was there, and while only a few recognized who he was – it soon caught attention, and the fast-traveling whispers soon got going and it wasn’t long before someone was bold enough to bring out their digital camera for a photo opportunity with Arnel Pineda – lead singer of Journey.

I wasn’t able to ask him whether or not he was going to perform with Sam Milby, or whether or not Journey was going to be performing in the Philippines. Maybe I should’ve, but then there was a sizable crowd that I didn’t need to intrude in. And at that time, my priority was groceries.

However, I did hear someone say, “Mas malaki lang pala siya ng konte kay Kitchie Nadal.” In other words, pandak pala si Arnel Pineda. Hey, but that small man is BIG now. And not just BIG, but HUUUUGGE!

IN any case, welcome back, Arnel Pineda. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from you soon. And maybe even hear you sing. May guesting ka na ba sa ASAP?

Philippine Music: Is Arnel Pineda of Journey Really Performing With Sam Milby?

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Philippine actor and singer Sam Milby will be having his first solo concert on October 25 at the Aliw Theater. One of his special guests is actress Anne Curtis. Among his other special guests are the teen guitar-strumming and singing sister duo Krissy and Ericka. That much is totally confirmed, and has been press released.

However, there has been an official press release given out by ABS-CBN, suggesting that Arnel Pineda, the lead singer of Journey, will be also one of the special guests of Sam Milby. Now, I don’t know how much of that is totally true, but Judith Villongco – the proud mother of Krissy and Ericka personally e-mailed me to tell me that Arnel Pineda will really be there to perform alongside Sam Milby.

Arnel Pineda of Journey

Arnel Pineda of Journey

I am personally still skeptical, considering that Arnel Pineda just wrapped up his concert tour with Journey in the United States with his last concert being at the Harrah’s Rio Vista Outdoor Ampitheatre at Lauhglin, Nevada last October 5. And there is still that one postponed concert at Manchester, New Hampshire that Journey will have to go back to sometime December after Journey postponed the September concert due to Arnel Pineda‘s bad case of bronchitis.

Of course, October 25 (the Sam Milby concert date) falls conveniently way before the December concert in New Hampshire, and indeed it might really be true that Arnel Pineda can be back in the Philippines just in time to perform with Sam Milby. But then, despite that, I have a hard time swallowing the fact that the front singer of Journey would play second fiddle to Sam Milby. Sam Milby may be a hot item in the Philippines, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Arnel Pineda would be gracing his concert for a special guest appearance, especially considering his world-wide status. I mean – the manager of Journey alone should know better than to discourage Arnel Pineda from such things, especially since he’s under contract with Journey.

However, maybe ABS-CBN is paying a ridiculously huge sum to Arnel Pineda that he wouldn’t mind being a guest performer for Sam Milby. All I know is that whatever that amount is – it won’t be worth it to be a guest performer to someone’s first solo concert.

C’mon, Arnel! The Journey concerts were sold out all over the United States, and you have to maintain the status of your rockstar-dom. Kababayan mo nga si Sam, pero naman – iba na ang tugtog ng buhay mo! Baduy mo kung guest performer ka lang ni Sam Milby!

Of course, what the Filipino people really want is not Arnel Pineda guesting for Sam Milby, but Arnel Pineda singing it on-stage with the entire Journey! That’s what I personally want to see, and what I know many people are anticipating! Ayan ang ibigay mo sa mga kababayan mo, Arnel! Not this cheap sell-out  PR gig with ABS-CBN. Friendly advice, lang!

Anyway, if it happens, it happens. In the meantime, watch out for Bono and Michael Stipe guest performing for my concert.

Philippine Music: Is Journey Really Going To Perform in Manila?

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Arnel Pineda & Journey with Jimmy Page

Arnel Pineda & Journey with Jimmy Page

Most every Filipino is very proud and happy that their kababayan Arnel Pineda is now making it big as the lead singer of the famous rock band Journey. What can you do – Arnel Pineda has a replica voice of former Journey singer Steve Perry, and may even sound better. But, of course, that’s just my bias Philippine opinion.

Anyway, to answer the question on whether or not Arnel Pineda can bring his Journey bandmates to these part of the country –

As of the moment, Journey is still touring parts of North America. They had shows alongside other 80’s rock bands like Heart and Cheap Trick, and they also have their own solo concerts, touring their Revelation album, which peaked at No. 1 in the Billboard Hot 100 Album Charts. I have a feeling that it still is number one. Well, the concert tour dates of Journey in the US will last up to October 5, 2008 with a big show at the Harrah’s Rio Vista Outdoor Ampitheather in Laughlin, Nevada.  However, Journey will have to go back again to Manchester, New Hampshire on December 3, 2008, to fulfill a concert they had postponed some time in September because Arnel Pineda suffered from a bad case of bronchitis, and wasn’t able to sing. Well, of course.

So, what about their supposed Christmas concert here in Manila? Well, there are rumors that he still might sing the national anthem when Manny Pacquiao goes up against Oscar De La Hoya, but…

Meanwhile, ABS-CBN has released a statement saying that Sam Milby, who will be having his first solo concert on October 25 at the Aliw Theater, will have Arnel Pineda among his guests. Uh-huh. My eyebrows are raised.

Ok. Arnel Pineda – the lead singer of Journey, whose concerts are being sold-out in the US, whose album peaked at Number 1 in the Billboard Hot 100 Album Charts ALL OVER THE WORLDwill be a guest at Sam Milby‘s first solo concert. To the dreamers at ABS-CBN – F#$* you and have a nice day.

Anyway, according to Arnel Pineda‘s official website – which is being flooded now with chatters who are abusing the shoutout box feature – Arnel Pineda does plan to be back in the Philippines for the Christmas holidays to be with his friends and family. After all, he will be needing a break after the very hectic tour of the United States. If the rest of Journey will be coming with Arnel Pineda to perform – well, that’s the BIG question. And I suppose the only official release on that will have to wait until Journey finishes its current 2008 tour.

However, while there is no exact date set, I am pretty certain that Journey will not disregard their fans in the Philippines, which I am sure tripled up ever since their fellow countryman Arnel Pineda is also now the band’s lead singer.

But, in any case, check out the Journey official site here for more information.

Oh and about that F-ing ABS-CBN press release – you can find that here.

Philippine Music: Journey Concert Is Coming To The Philippines With Our Very Own Arnel Pineda

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Filipino Arnel Pineda Sings For Journey (photo borrowed from Arnel Pineda's official site)

Filipino Arnel Pineda Sings For Journey (photo taken from Arnel Pineda's website)

Journey – the famous band that brought such hits as Open Arms, Faithfully and Don’t Stop Believing – will be coming to the Philippine shores. Well, it’s no surprise that Journey would opt to come to the Philippines. After all, it’s newest lead vocalist is none other than Filipino singer-songwriter Arnel Pineda.

For those who don’t know – Arnel Pineda had a singing career with show bands around the Philippines, belting out covers of songs by the likes of Aerosmith, Survivor, Air Supply, Kenny Loggins and of course – Journey. Arnel Pineda sang these songs with a band called The Zoo. Apparently, some of the videos of The Zoo doing covers of these 70’s and 80’s popular bands began appearing in You Tube. Eventually, Neal Schon, the guitarist of Journey, was very impressed with Arnel Pineda – his vocal range and his uncanny ability to sound so close to Journey’s former singer Steve Perry. Neal Schon contacted Noel Gomez, a close friend of Arnel Pineda who put up the videos, got the contact information of Arnel Pineda, and then invited Arnel Pineda via e-mail to audition for Journey.

At first, Arnel Pineda thought that it was a hoax, but when Neal Schon finally made the phone call, and a few days later, Arnel Pineda went off to San Francisco for a two-day audition. On December 2007, it was announced all over that Journey had a new singer and the news was even featured by CNN.

On February 2008, Arnel Pineda debuted as the singer of Journey, and performed at the Viña del Mar International Song Festival. Needless to say, Arnel Pineda became a big hit!

Since then, Journey has recorded a new album called Revelation with Arnel Pineda doing the vocals. There are a lot of old Journey classics in the album, but this time with Arnel Pineda‘s voice taking over what once used to be Steve Perry‘s unmistakable sound. The album debuted at No. 5 in the Billboard Top 200 Charts and has been in the Top 20 for over 6 weeks.

Of course, the success of the album plus the awesome reception at live gigs has reinvigorated Journey, and already plans are being drawn up to include a Revelation Tour to promote the album. Journey is currently touring with Heart and Cheap Trick, and has performed in Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and in various cities across the United States. That tour kicked off on June 2008 and will continue on until October 2008. Towards the end of 2008, Journey will be expected to tour Japan, Australia, and – most certainly – the Philippines!

Information about all the Journey tour dates, including the schedule for the Journey concert in the Philippines is available at the Journey homepage.

To our kababayan Arnel Pineda – We are very proud and happy for your blessings and success. Good luck on your Journey. Literally.

Incidentally, Journey Concert Tickets are available here.

Philippine Events: Philippines Looking For Representatives To Karaoke World Championships

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I’ve written about the Karaoke World Championships at a previous blog entry, and well just to give a refresher…

Karaoke World Championships Philippines

Karaoke World Championships Philippines

The Karaoke World Championships started in Finland back in 2003. At that time, there were 7 participating countries. Fast forward to 2008, and there are almost 30 countries participating in this prestigious event. IN fact, the Karaoke World Championships is the only one of its kind in the world which brings together the top non-professional Karaoke singers of each country to compete in an international singing contest. Each country sends one male and one female representative for the Karaoke World Championships.

Last 2007, the Karaoke World Championships grand finals was held in Bangkok, Thailand, and was won by Julie Walter-Sgro of Australia (female winner) and Lu Hee Wah of Malaysia (male winner).

Anyway, we all know that Filipinos have a fondness for singing and singing contests, and we know that we have some of the best performers in the world who can bring international acclaim when it comes to singing. Of course, we’ve had the likes of Lea Salonga (Broadway performer), Carla Guevarra (Broadway performer), Jasmine Trias (American Idol finalist) Arnel Pineda (vocalist of Journey) and so much more. So, I’m pretty certain that the Philippine representatives to the 2008 Karaoke World Championships might also soon become just as popular and might be the next big singing sensation.

Well, 2008 marks also the first year that the Philippines will be participating in the Karaoke World Championships, with the international grand finals to be held at Lahti, Finland this coming October 24 to 26, 2008. But before we get to Finland, we have first yet to determine who will be the two singers (one male and one female) that will represent the Philippines in the Karaoke World Championships.

First off, interested singers must register and submit their applications. I’m not sure where you can go online, but inquiries can be made at 744-3576. Or maybe you can email the Karaoke World Championships Philippines Country Head Judith Villongco at I believe there’s a Php300 joining fee, which is a small amount just to weed out the serious participants from the just-want-to-try types. After all, this is not like Pinoy Idol or American Idol where anyone can audition for free, and maybe some just want to get some publicity.

Anyway – after that, the elimination rounds for the Karaoke World Championships Philippines will be held at SM Southmall on September 20, Saturday. During the eliminations, each contestant will belt out 2 songs of their choice. A panel of judges will give out scores, and the top 10 of the elimination round (5 female and 5 male) will be featured in the Karaoke World Championships Philippines grand finals which will be held at SM Mall of Asia on Thursday, September 25. During the grand finals, each finalist will sing three songs and the top two singers (one male and one female) will be crowned as KWC Philippines champions, and will be the official representative of the Philippines to the Karaoke World Championships in Finland.

Anyway, while the 2008 qualifications for the KWC Philippines may seem a bit abrupt with only one elimination round and one grand finals, the organizers and franchise-owners of KWC Philippines are planning bigger things for 2009 and the upcoming years. Eventually, you can expect KWC Philippines to really cover major cities of the Philippines in order to really search for the best representative to win a gold medal in the KWC Grand Finals in Finland. By 2009, you can expect to have KWC Philippines events in places like Cebu, Baguio, Davao, Cagayan, Bacolod, Iloilo, Ilocos, Angeles and Boracay.

But for now – let’s all look forward to this September 2008 for the KWC Philippines events at SM Southmall and SM Mall of Asia, and let’s support the singers who will represent our beloved Philippines in Finland. I wouldn’t be surprised that the first time the Philippines joins, we’ll win the gold instantly. Pinoy pa! Ang galing galing kumanta!

Well, go Philippines! Bring home the gold from Finland at the Karaoke World Championships.