Philippine News: New Vizconde Massacre Witness Surfaces After 20 Years

Senate Elections Nuisance Candidate Mel Chavez

Senate Elections Nuisance Candidate Mel Chavez

According to news reports by ABS-CBN, a new witness has surfaced for the Vizconde Massacre. A certain Melchor Gongora Chavez, who claims to be the national president of the Association of Commentators of the Philippines, has a new witness that can provide evidence to prove that Hubert Webb’s passport is fake, and that a certain “Edmond A” was the one who was allegedly asked to produce the fake passport for Hubert Webb.

Chavez has also acceded that the video clip of Hubert Webb frolicking in the snow in the United States was merely shot behind the Philippine International Convention Center, and the snow that fills the background is merely staged snow.

As much as I would want justice for Lauro Vizconde, father and patriarch of his slain family, I cannot believe that after all these years – only now will a witness emerge to shed light on this case. Why only now after so many years? Why only now after the Supreme Court has given its decision and cannot be reversed? Why only now when Hubert Webb cannot be tried again for the same crime?

If these witnesses and investigators were already wary that the Supreme Court could’ve overturned the ruling, then all these evidences against Hubert Webb should’ve been presented way beforehand to assure the victory of the prosecution. But they only come out of the woodwork now way past the Cinderella curfew. Sadly, it is not a good performance for the prosecution, who is now cramming the 20-year deadline on the Vizconde case.

What ever happened to star witness Jessica Alfaro? Isn’t there anything better that she can add in her testimony? Isn’t there a way for her to clear her name and petition that what she indeed did say under oath during the trial was the total truth? Where is she now? Why hasn’t she come forward and declare that justice has been blinded because her testimony was truth?

Now – this supposed national president of the Association of Commentators of the Philippines Melchor Chavez is stirring up a storm, and doing so in desperation without any real credibility. How can such a witness be believed? And why would the so-called witness appear through the hands of Melchor Chavez and not the investigators, or the Supreme Court itself? Well, maybe Melchor Chavez is just hoping for his 15 seconds of fame. Well, you got it. At the expense of making a mockery on justice for Lauro Vizconde, and instead of looking for the real perpetrators behind the massacre. Will the real slim shady from the prosecutor’s office please take a stand and do your proper legal job, and advise Melchor Chavez et al on how he can go about this, instead of tooting around his whistle around the media just to make headlines.

Besides, what the hell is the Association of Commentators of the Philippines? A search on Yahoo reveals that the only time they’ve ever come out is in the ABS-CBN article related to this. They don’t have a website or any prior mention? Are they even a real association? Is Sev Sarmenta and Quinito Henson members? What kind of commentators are they comprised of? Are they sports commentators, or are they just side-line comment-ers (as opposed to commentators) who comment on anything worth commenting for the sake of their two cents worth or their 15 second of fame. Maybe as a blogger, I can become a commentator too. But maybe next time – let’s wait until Melchor “the national ass president” Chavez sits down.

According to Wikipedia – Melchor Chavez was a Filipino radio and print journalist who tried to run for Philippine Senate several times. In 1992, the Supreme Court disqualified him for running for senator. In 1998, Comelec did not recognize his certificate of candidacy. In 2001, he ran under KBL and garnered a measley 2% of the total votes. In 2004, Comelec allowed him to run again, but petitions by Francisco Chavez (who also petitioned against him, thus leading to his disqualification  in 1992)  were favored by the Comelec. Melchor Chavez was then deemed as a nuisance candidate.

Now, Melchor Chavez is just being a nuisance.

6 Responses to “Philippine News: New Vizconde Massacre Witness Surfaces After 20 Years”

  1. I think that this Mr. Chavez is only after the 15-minutes of fame, his statement that the snow video presented by the Webbs are just at the back of PICC. For Gods sakes even a 10 year old child would no believe this,. How about the trees and the snow itself. Better check this peron’s mind, he could have been taking illegal substance.

    Besides, even if its true, which I totally doubt, why only now. Why not before during the trial.

    Oh Philippines, my country, so many problems already and yet we keep entertaining these lunatics. God save us.

  2. eklavumer Says:

    something is very wrong with mr chavez. disturbingly wrong!

  3. maybe he was just unleashed by webbs to mislead facts.

  4. FireboltSpirit12556 Says:

    This blog is quite biased, don’t you think? I mean, not everything that you see in Wikipedia is correct….Getting a background check on this person through wiki? Seriously?!

    • Wikipedia is a reliable source of information. If you question Wikipedia’s reliability, then kindly look into Wikipedia. For the purpose of this blog, the little research done for the simple blog is adequate enough. The bias opinion is the sole opinion of the blogger.

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