Philippine Sports: Burger King Should Drop Arboleda And The PBA Should Just Ban Him Permanently

If you don’t know what PBA player Wynne Arboleda of Burger King did to merit a season-long suspension, then watch this:

Now, Wynne Arboleda was suspended by the PBA for one entire season and will not receive any pay during his period of suspension. Is that enough?

Alain Katigbac, the PBA fan mauled by Wynne Arboleda, is not yet satisfied with the outcome, and wants Arboleda banned from the PBA for life and in other leagues around the country. Katigbac’s lawyer, Jose Angelo Agcaoili, drafted an administrative complaint to PBA Commissioner Sonny Barrios to recommend a lifetime ban on Wynne Arboleda.

Apart from that, Jose Angelo Agacaoili also has prepared criminal charges and a damage suit to be filed against Wynne Arboleda.

According to Jose Angelo Agcaoili, “My client is still in mental anguish and in shock over Arboleda’s viscious attack. His parents, who are both in their senior years, had elevated blood pressure after seeing the incident. His wife, who is six months pregnant, shook violently after seeing the incident on television and on the internet and continues to have chills as a result.”

Meanwhile, Wynne Arboleda says he is not afraid to face these charges in court, and might even file a counter-charge against Alain Katigbac. According to Wynne Arboleda, “I lost my source of livelihood because of him. I will not allow him to totally destroy me. He cursed me to no end in front of my family.”

Truth be told – Alain Katigbac indeed had a dirty mouth, and had nothing really nice to say about the game of Wynne Arboleda, especially after the hard foul he committed just prior to the incident. But then, the shit has hit the fan, and there are consequences to be taken as a result.

The professionalism of Wynne Arboleda is under question. PBA players are expected to maintain their composure even if the fans are getting carried away, and certainly they should not retaliate in that manner towards a fan.

Last season, there were also incidents of PBA players vs. PBA fans with the likes of  Marlou Aquino, Danny Ildefonso and Marc Pingris. However, the penalties suffered by these players were not as big as that of Wynne Arboleda because the other three were restrained before they got to the fan.

Personally – if you hit a fan, you deserve to be taken out of the league. Besides, what kind of basketball is Arboleda playing, giving a hard foul like that? It’s bad enough that he has bad intentions when it comes to fouling other players, and possibly giving them serious injuries that can cost them their careers. And then, a fan who gets emotional and shouts incentives at Wynne Arboleda for his cras play gets hit because Wynne Arboleda can’t take the insult.

Wake up, Wynne Arboleda! If you played ball in my court, you take what you can dish out, and if you can dish out dirty fouls, then I’m sure you can expect to get hit with a few as well. But that’s basketball, and that’s the way we play the game. And I’m sure you didn’t get to be the pro baller you are now without going through that in the court. And certainly, you’ve gone through your share of jeers and hisses from the crowd even at small community leagues. Pare naman, parang di ka na nasanay!

I’m thinking Burger King should just drop Wynne Arboleda completely. After all, he violated his contract by not living up to his duties as a  professional basketball player. So why should Burger King even suffer the consequences of his lawsuit, or even have the Burger King lawyers give Wynne Arboleda any kind of representation or help. And you all see how dirty he plays, now does Burger King really want that kind of dirty player endorsing your products. I mean – I know you don’t have a Ronald McDonald or a Jollibee mascot, and if anything these pro athletes could’ve been the face for Burger King, but really? Would a face like Wynne Arboleda be right in Burger King outlets nationwide?

Now – if you didn’t hit the fan, and went up to the stands, then I believe you still ought to be given a season suspension. Im fact, I was a bit surprised that the penalty for Marc Pingris and Danny Ildefonso was only a one-game suspension. They should’ve been not allowed to play the entire finals. I mean – the minute you step out of the bounds of the court and into the fans with bloodlust in your eyes, you have broken your oath of sportsmanship and professionalism as an athlete, and you shouldn’t be in there for a long time. And come to think that Danny Ildefonso was once upon a time a back-to-back MVP of the PBA, and still he reacts that way.

This is basketball! Trash talk and hard play is all part of the game. Set a pick like you’re a linebacker, and talk some trash to get them off their game. Say something about their sister while they’re taking freethrows. Tell the other team that this is my house! Grab that rebound and protect it with elbows out. This is basketball – we’re meant to be tough-minded that way. And then, of all things, you’ll give in to the jeering and incentives of a fan? Pikon pala kayo? Eh sa akin, ang pikon – TALO!

And no matter how much you try to justify that you’re human and you have emotions that get hurt, you just come out as a loser with bad excuses for a lack of professionalism and integrity for the game. And for that – you don’t deserve to play at the highest level of the league. Take a look at the NBA and other leagues. You think the home crowd says nice things to the visitors? There is a reason why it’s difficult for NBA teams to win on the road, and part of that is the unfriendly atmosphere they walk into when they’re the visitors at someone else’s home court. And what? Do you see them chasing after fans?

Well, there’s Ron Artest. I’m sure  Ron Artest can take any kind of trash talk and heckling from players and fans, but the dude attacked him with a beer projectile, and that was his breaking point, and we saw how he paid for it.

But you guys – Marlou Aquino, Danny Ildefonso and Wynne Arboleda – you guys get hurt by simple words. Well, here’s a word you should get to know better – LOSER!

4 Responses to “Philippine Sports: Burger King Should Drop Arboleda And The PBA Should Just Ban Him Permanently”

  1. rrickshaw Says:

    a heckler left traumatized? hard to believe… alain “loser” katigbac deserves what happened to him.

    • I hear you. Lawyers do what they have to do. And Lain Katigbac is trying to make most of the damage done to him. Yeah – both of them (Arboleda and Katigbac) deserved what they got because of their own negative energies. But Arboleda should be taken out. Katigbac – I hope he doesn’t get heard in court.

  2. chunkster Says:

    Burger King is going to defend Arboleda and try to lessen the penalty since he’s the son in law of Lito Alvarez.. the owner of Burger King. In fact yesterday they appealed to the board of governors to lessen the sanction to 10 games since they rationalized if its 10 times worse than the offense of Marlou etc. then 10x the penalty would be 10 games.

    I for one am also for the total ban of Arboleda.. his dirty antiques are getting tiring and his ego just unbelievable. He’s earning the salary of a multi-national president and couldnt even keep his composure and poise. Case in hand if it was a nice player like gabe norwood whos consistently playing with poise and loses his temper just once then maybe id call it unfair. But arboleda has always been known to be a dirty player approaching the reputation of the destroyer rudy distrito.

    For Katigbac.. yeah hes trying to conjure as many stories as he can to make the most out of the ordeal. The clear winner is Katigbac.. he became popular and will probably make 2-5 million bucks for watching a pba game if he plays his cards right. Not a strong fan of Katigbac either as it is akin to shooting a knocked out opponent with a gun.

    Just my two cent.

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