Philippines Fun Wall Profile: Ryan Eigenmann

Ryan Eigenmann

Ryan Eigenmann

Ryan Eigenmann is one of my best friends. Well, it really wasn’t that difficult for us to get close since we lived right beside each other for the longest time – neighbors who shared the same fire wall. But then, we weren’t really that close to begin. According to him, I once invited him to my birthday party at the house, he arrived, sat on the table where me and my buddies were drinking, and nobody even talked to him. He drank, went home, and I didn’t even notice. I don’t remember, or vaguely remember.

Well, much has changed since then.

We’ve traveled together. Puerto Galera. Sagada (2x). Hell and back (too many to mention.) Heaven and back (too many to mention.)

We’ve worked together at Kirara. We both co-produced, co-directed and co-starred in Industria, which was a documentary about the behind-the-scenes of the Philippine TV industry. We were both co-producers for Couch TV – which carried the motoring TV series called DRiVE, the fear-factor-ish Daredevil, an all female talk show called The Talkshow, a music TV show that featured live gigs called Live! and a Philippine FTV-ish show called The Fashion Lounge. We also co-directed and co-edited the Seattle’s Best Service Training Module Video and the Kenny Rogers Service Training Module, which is used to train the service staff of Seattle’s Best and Kenny Rogers.

We both walked down our neighborhood in tears one sunrise, crying because France lost to Italy in the 2006 World Cup. The Zindeine Zidane headbutt to Marco Materazzi. The red card. The pain to follow. The pain that will never heal. Tanginang kalbo iyan kasi!… ah, hindi ikaw Ry… si Zidane.

Of course, the Philippines recognizes Ryan Eigenmann as one of the country’s really talented actors, coming from a clan of very versatile thespians. He won like a breakthrough performance acting award for his role in Gangland, directed by Peque Gallaga, which was the first movie he ever made. I personally agree that he was awesome there. I’m proud he was in Rizal, directed by Marilou-Diaz Abaya even if it was just a small role. I also enjoyed his role in Ekis, directed by Eric Matti. He was also awesome in Baliw, directed and written by Redd Ochoa.

On his personal life, Ryan Eigenmann has shared intimate moments with… Aahh, nevermind.

Anyway, he deserves a profile page on the Philippines Fun Wall, so here it is.

11 Responses to “Philippines Fun Wall Profile: Ryan Eigenmann”

  1. i remember ry telling us the story bout your birthday. di mo nga daw napansin 🙂 nice page juQue! 🙂

  2. Salamat Issa!!!

  3. Ryan’s one talented individual and a good man. He’s got a great head on his shoulders and is headed on the right direction. Hope to work with him once again! Great page…an accidental browse leading to this.. Cool sh@#T! Peace.
    Redd O.

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  5. Karen Eigenmann Says:

    Why are there people with the last name Eigenmann in the Philippines.

  6. i hope i can meet ryan eigenmann someday…… im a big2x fan……

  7. i hope i can meet ryan eigenmann someday…… hw’s cte… i like him

  8. are you married???????? i just want to know…..

  9. kc rivera Says:

    hayss..t0o bad ryan’s married..such a h0ttie…great act0r t0o..h0pe i c0uld meet hm 0ne day..hav a gud life,cutie..

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