Philippines Fun Wall Profile: Piaget Martelino

Piaget Martelino

Piaget Martelino

I met Piaget Martelino in UP Diliman when he was still a student at the UP College of Fine Arts. We spent a lot of our free time (or cutting-class time), hanging out around UP Diliman – the lagoon, the BETA way, the AS Parking Lot – and wherever we could find the time to have a beer and a smoke in mid-day. Piaget Martelino also took a trip up with me to Sagada once upon a time. At that time, I was intent on staying in Sagada for a month, and when I had arrived, he was there to spend a few days with me, but then eventually had to make his way back home after using up all his funds.

During this time, there were no phone lines in Sagada. Well, there are still no landlines now, but then now there are cellular phone sites. Back then, there was no way of communicating. Well, Piaget said he’d be back in a month’s time. I had no real way of knowing, and the only way to determine if the did make his way to Sagada was if he did get off the bus from Baguio. True enough, he showed up, and he lived with me at my place in Sagada until my rent ran out and I had to eventually make my own way back to Manila.

Piaget Martelino and I get to hang out often enough with so many common friends and acquaintances. And yes, we inspire each other with stories of art. Unlike Piaget, I never really took to art like he did at the UP College of Fine Arts, but still I pursued my own calling to art nonetheless with paint and drawings. It was always a good thing to run into Piaget and talk about art – the stuff we planned, the great ideas and the pains we endure for each process.

Of course, Piaget Martelino has taken his art to a whole new level, and his focus on his craft has led him to several exhibitions and awards. Of his art, Piaget Martelino shares:

“The main objective of my art is to express fun and whimsical feelings. It is my aim to stimulate within the viewer feelings and memories of the good times, when life was simpler. I find that this is primarily achieved by using bright and happy colors. Curved lines and playful shapes give a soft and lively feel. I refrain from using sharp angles, as they can give a sense of aggression and are less free-flowing.”

Indeed, his art is bright and happy, and is reflective of the kind of demeanor that Piaget is always in. There is never a dull moment with Piaget, and the moments spent with him are laughter-filled. You will hear us go into spams from too much giggling over the most mundane things. Total laugh trip.

A portrait by Piager Martelino

A portrait by Piaget Martelino

Well, Piaget Martelino has said that he will be contributing to the Philippines Fun Wall from time to time. Piaget will be sharing some of his works of art to add some awesome color to the Philippines Fun Wall, to literally brighten your day. In the meantime, if you would like to see samples of more of his work, you can visit the website of Piaget Martelino here.


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  1. […] awesome friend, and I really love his bright and colorful artworks. I’ve already dedicated a profile page for Piaget in the Philippines Fun Wall. You can read more about him there. Also, if you want to see more of his art work, then you can […]

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