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Philippine Olympic Swimmer JB Walsh Brings Some Good News and Some Bad News From Beijing

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First, the good news:

Filipino-American JB Walsh emerged as the winner in Heat 2 of the Men’s 200-m butterfly swimming event. Not bad! Walsh finished 1:59.39, and while that time is still a far cry from the Olympic record of 1:54.04 set by USA’s Michael Phelps in the 2004 Athens Olympics, JB Walsh still earns a record as the first Filipino to swim through 200m under two minutes. I guess his training under 1988 Seoul Olympics gold medalist Anthony Nestey is paying off well.

Now, the bad news:

JB Walsh did not make it into the 16-man semis as his time ranked at 29th among the 44 swimmers of the event. He is ranked among the top 30 in the world in this event. At age 22, JB Walsh can still add some more training in order for him to improve in the 2012 London Olympics and possibly bring home an Olympic Gold Medal for the Philippines.

Even if he didn’t qualify for the semifinals, it was amazing enough to see a Filipino come out first in a heat, and besting a whole bunch of others from around the world. That alone is amazing, and was sure a moment of excitement for the Filipinos who got to watch. Olympics iyan, pare! For a brief shining moment, the Philippines stood proud!

Have some Philippine pride. Watch the video!

The Hottest Male Magazine For Filipino Men

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I got this in an e-mail from my dad, who is now based in Australia. He sends me stuff every day in my e-mail. Most I don’t bother to even check. What can I say – he’s a frigging spammer!!! Yup, with all the chain-mails, Word For The Day Bible Passages, Joke of The Day and all sorts of other stuff. He has to type, “JJ: Important!” for me to distinguish the spam mail from the more serious ones. Anyway, once in a while, I get to browse through the not-so-important stuff, and once in a while a thing of beauty comes along. Take for example:

The Hottest Magazine For Filipino Men

The Hottest Magazine For Filipino Men

Music and Wine Saturdays at Martini’s Mandarin Oriental

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Elian Habayeb and Ines Cabarrus

Elian Habayeb and Ines Cabarrus

For the past few months, lovebirds Ines Cabarrus and Elian Habayeb have been hosting Music & Wine Saturdays at Martini’s Bar in the Mandarin Oriental Manila in Makati City. Their concept is pretty simple – Ines Cabarrus features a wine for the night, and promotes it to be tasted while Elian Habayeb spins some wonderful music to set the pace for the evening. Of course, Ines and Elian do it naturally well.

First of all, Ines Cabarrus teaches wine and beverage at Enderun College, a hotel management and culinary arts school based in the Ortigas Center, and undoubtedly she is naturally fond of the bacchic arts and exercises. She co-penned the coffee table book Manila’s Best Kept Restaurant Secrets along with Elian Habayeb, and together they wrote about some of the best restaurants around Manila and put it together in a book. And for the very privileged few, Ines is also a founding member of the S.S. Alcoholics. YAR!

Next, Elian Habayeb knows his wines as well as an enthusiast for culinary delicacies among other things. Of course, his fame around Manila is that of a deejay, who spins some captivating music that adds that extra oomph to any gathering. And yes, as partner to Ines, he himself is also part of the S.S. Alcoholics. YAR!

Since they started doing this weekly Saturday gig at Martini’s, I’ve had the opportunity to party with them on several occasions. Needless to say, the crowd at Martini’s is an eclectic mix of fun people who really know how to have a good time. Last Saturday (8/2/08), I was there again after maybe a month of being away. Still the same crowd who have gotten to know each other quite well, and still a cozy sociable atmosphere with great music courtesy of Elian and great wines as suggested by Ines.

For that particular Saturday, the wonderful suggestion was an Australian wine called from the Rosemount Estate. The blend labels from Rosemount was what was offered, blend basically meaning that the wine was created by combining two grape varieties to give a distinct flavor. For that particular Saturday, the crowd at Martini’s were able to get a taste of Rosemount Semillon Chardonnay and Rosemount Cabernet Merlot.

I am so thankful to Eric Kahn, the Senior Marketing Manager of Future Trade International, for allowing me to sample the Rosemount wines, which he exclusively imports to the Philippines among with other wines and alcoholic beverages, including Grey Goose Vodka, Bacardi Rum and so much more!

Nathalie Danks and Ines Cabarrus

Nathalie Danks and Ines Cabarrus

The Rosemount Semillon Chardonnay is an excellent light white wine that combines the lively citrus aroma of the Semillon with the fig and melon taste of a Chardonnay. Meanwhile, the Rosemount Cabernet Merlot is a thick red wine that has the blackcurrant flavours of cabernet contrast perfectly with the plummy fruit of merlot. Yummy!

Of course, good wine tastes even better with good company, and I was happy to be in the company of good friends Ines and Elian, Incubus concert posse Miguel and Djuna Rocha, the birthday girl Nathalie Danks (Bless you!), drinking partner Angela Trillo, poker playmate and (just recently) karaoke partner James Calero Aspinall, high school buddy Paolo La’O, master of the universe Gio Bacareza, long-time-no-see friends Jay Cochin, Boompy Martel, Robbie Dinglasan and Matt Lim, (thanks for finding the hoodie I left behind), and lovely gals Clu Alvarez, Tanya Escaler. Oh fuck, I did it, I made it into a society column!

Anyway, until the next time for Music & Wine at Martini’s!