Philippine Sports: Philippine Girls Football Team To Play In Asian Football Confederation Qualifiers

I am a fan of football – the REAL football where you actually use your foot to control the ball – or what the Americans defined as soccer. Apparently, their brand of American Football has nothing to do with the foot.

Anyway, as a fan of football, I really sincerely hope that the Philippines would develop this sport because it could be something that we could be good at. Height is definitely not such a big requirement. After all, everything is equal when the ball is on the ground and at your feet.

Well I read an interesting article in the Manila Bulletin today that announced that the Philippines would be sending a Philippine Girls Team to compete in the Under-16 category for the Asian Football Confederation Qualifiers. The AFC is the Asian version of the UEFA Champions League, and it’s definitely a very prestigious football tournament that will be a great experience for the girls participating.

According to the reports in the Manila Bulletin, it will be the first time that a Philippine National Football Team for the Under-16 category was ever put up. Well, at least for girls. If I recall correctly, there was a point in the past when there was an Under-16 Philippine National Team for boys, which competed in the Gothia Cup and Helsinki Cup, and even won. But that’s another story.


Kali Navea-Huff, Cara Abaya, Marie Navea-Huff ("borrowed" from Kali's Facebook Pics)

In any case, 25 girls were named to the
Philippine Girls National Football Team (Under-16). These talented girls are: Sabrina Nierras (La Salle-Zobel), Ina Palacios (Colegio de San Agustin), Marie Nicole De Leon (Colegio de San Agustin), Camille Rodriguez (Miriam College), Natalie Nisce (Assumption), Sharlene Constantino (Miriam), Cara Abaya (Assumption), Stephanie Bantoc (South Hill), Ira De La Cruz (Woodrose), Monica Manalansan (Colegio de San Agustin), Catherine Orsolino (St. Paul University-Pasig), Micaela Romero (Poveda), Kristina Vergara (Poveda), Paulina Abadilla (Rosehill), Kali Navea-Huff (Poveda), Marie Navea-Huff (Poveda), Patricia Punsalan (Woodrose), Dominique Scott (Miriam), Caira Tagbo (La Salle-Antipolo), Mariz Magdolot (Philippine Women’s College of Davao), Leah Cruz (La Salle-Zobel), Marie Cadayona (Ateneo de Davao) and Christina De Los Reyes (La Salle-Zobel).

The Philippine National Girls Football Team will participate in the AFC Qualifiers, which kicks off in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this coming November 8. The Philippine Team will be bracketed with the heavyweights Australia, Jordan, Myanmar, Thailand and Singapore in Group A.

National coach Casper Ian Ngo will be leading the Philippine National Girls Football Team.

Well, I certainly do hope that the girls will do well in the AFC Qualifiers. For sure, I’ll be cheering them on!

Go, Philippines!!!


3 Responses to “Philippine Sports: Philippine Girls Football Team To Play In Asian Football Confederation Qualifiers”

  1. Well, these are interesting thoughts. I think they are true. However, everything is
    relative and ambiguous to my mind.


  3. i want to be a player of Philippines girls football team .. but i’m just a first yr. high school here in cabuyao laguna .. 😥

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