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Philippine Music: Wolfgang Releases New Album, Exclusive Interview With Wolf Gemora

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I heard through the grapevine that Wolfgang will be releasing a new album called Villains. Well, knowing the history and capabilities of Wolfgang, I’m sure it’ll be a very interesting album. But anyway, I was chatting with former Wolfgang drummer Wolf Gemora (yes, the band took upon his namesake), and here’s what he had to say about the new album:
Wolf Gemora

Wolf Gemora

hey, bro!

hey dude!


Wolfgang’s releasing daw an album called Villains?

Ano iyan? bago or luma?


its new

but i didnt record it with them


What? Why not? So who’s in the recording?

si Basti lang?


manuel and basti i think

the others im not sure


They recorded it here in Manila? Sayang naman. Eh what happened with you and Lokomotiv?


they passed it back and forth

bastis in the US


galing naman. such is the power of technology nowadays.


lokomotiv called it quits na

we’re broke




so what are you doing now? hahaha

Baka naman may Hysteria reunion concert?






back to back with Chunggala.


thats highly unlikely

you in manila?


Malamang. Di na ata marunong mag-gitara si Edmond. HAHAHA

Yup, in Manila.

Between 8:43am and 8:49 am, Wolf Gemora and I talk about more personal issues and do a little bit of catching up before we revert back to the topic of music.


of course. 🙂) anyway, nice chatting with you bro. Kala ko naman kasama ka sa bagong Wolfgang album. Eh pangalan mo pa ang dala nila.

Wolf’s gang. 🙂)


oo nga eh hehe


Eh paano iyan pag wala ng Wolf?


i’ll give them this one for now

gang na lang


If they pass it back and forth, baka naman they can give you some tracks that you can fill in

at least one song!

or else, oo nga – gang na lang sila.

ang pangit!


hehe well the albums done na so its too late

next time


oh ok.


thanks for the support tho


who holds the rights to your old songs?

baka naman pwede mag-remix, re-master, something


the record company pa


re-release. SOny na?


wala na sony sa pinas

kinain ng BMG


oo nga pala.

Damn. So you can’t re-release those songs without their hands in it?




Ok sana iyan. Anniv album or something.


deal with the devil kinda thing


Double disc!



hopefully in the future


For sure in the future. Let’s just wait.

Game ako diyan. 🙂)




Eh kung pirated na lang gawin natin?



oo nga eh

i was thinking of that

will be ther in Dec



sige sige. kita kita tayo. 🙂)




anyway – i gotta run. Thanks bro! Take it easy!


you too bro ingat

And well, that was the first-hand information coming from Wolf Gemora.


Philippine Events: Open Mic Poetry Reading at 360 Resto in A-Venue

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Open Mic Poetry at 360

Open Mic Poetry at 360

Curv Entertainment‘s main guy Erwin Edralin recently sent me an invitation to an intoxicating night of wine, music and poetry at 360 resto-lounge which is located at the 2nd floor of the A-Venue Events Hall in Makati Avenue.

According to the invite – Kooky Chua and Kate Torralba will be the featured artists of the week at the open mic poetry sessions this coming Wednesday. Certainly, it would be nice to hear the verse of these two very outspoken and creative women. Of course, we now Kooky Chua as a singer and songwriter, and maybe she might even sing a few. And then, there’s Kate Torralba, who apart from being a designer can also perform some really cool acoustic music. Nice touch there.

It’s awesome that Curv Entertainment has decided to revive the open mic scene for the poets and for just about anyone who would want to speak to an audience. I remember how Triccia David and Aslie Aslanian used to host open mic poetry reading sessions at Sanctum in the Intramuros area a long time ago. Sanctum used to host their open mic on Fridays, and would gather a lot of poets and artists from all walks of life to speak up. Very entertaining stuff. Well, it’s nice to know that it’s being brought back again, and this time at the accessible heart of Makati. Surely, it’s something worth checking out.

Anyway, of course, wine and music will surely be a great compliment to the evening of poetry at 360, and I understand that 360 will be offering Lindeman’s wine for only P100 a glass with beer at a very affordable P50 all night long.

Cheap booze and free poetry. Kooky Chua and Kate Torralba. How can you go wrong?

Philippine Music: Razorback 18th Year Anniversary Concert At 19 East!

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On a personal note, Razorback is one of my favorite Pinoy rock bands of all time alongside Wolfgang. 18 years ago, Razorback and Wolfgang were back-to-back performers at places like Kalye and Pep’s Alabang. Of course, it helped that most of them were all friends to begin with. I won’t even try to go into the history of it lest I screw it up.

Anyway, of course, Wolfgang is no longer around, but Razorback has continued on throughout the years. And when I considered doing a coffee table book about a rock band, I easily considered Razorback to be my first and only choice because they are probably the only band that can cross generations, having ben around for so many years and still continue to rock! Well, that project is still on hold pending further talks with Patrick Pulumbarit (Razorback’s manager) and Jay Ignacio, who I strongly felt should be the editor-in-chief of the book. But then, that’s a different story altogether.

Kevin Roy and Tirso Ripoll of Razorback

Kevin Roy and Tirso Ripoll of Razorback (photo by Josh Castro)

A memorable Razorback story that I had was in Baguio, circa 2003 or 2004. I had just driven a bus from Sagada, Mt. Province to pick up my car in Baguio City, preparing to drive home to Manila. It was around 7PM in the evening and I happened to pass by Nevada Square which was having an event for the Marlboro Adventure Team. I noticed the wall climbing facility and decided to drop by and see if my rock climbing buddies were the ones behind the event, and sure enough they were. I also found out that Razorback would be performing later that night.

I stayed, met up with the guys from Razorback, put myself on as the official Baguio groupie and took on the responsibility of handing out beers to the band while they performed on-stage. I had earlier told myself that I would drive home at 7PM to make it back to Manila by midnight, but I ended up party-ing it out with Razorback until they finished their gig at 2AM, and I remember telling them – “Sige, boys, uwi na ako ng BF Paranaque!” Well, not immediately. I managed to catch some much-needed rest at the Caltex station at the foot of Marcos Highway before continuing my journey at 6AM back to Manila. All I can say is – Razorback eh.

Anyway, Razorback will be celebrating their 18th year with a huge concert at 19 East in Sucat, just near home. Of course, that will surely be a spectacular concert, especially at 19 East which boasts of the best sound system and acoustics for any type of performance. 19 East is definitely a musicians haven for performance, and it’ll surely be great to listen to Razorback rock the house with their awesome songs. To the boys – Kevin Roy, Tirso Ripoll, Louie Talan, Brian Velasco and Manuel Legarda – I’m looking forward to hearing you guys again. And I will buy an 18th Anniversary Razorback T-shirt which will be available for that night only worth P250. Rock on!

Philippine Politics: The Philippine Presidentiables for 2010

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This Is What They're Fighting For

This Is What They're Fighting For

The year 2008 is ending, and by the time Christmas 2008 hits, we’re going to be receiving a lot of 2009 Calendars from so many people, and I’m pretty sure that a bulk of them will be coming from politicians who are hopefuls to become the next President of the Philippines. By 2009, we’re going to have a lot more politicians making campaigns and hoping to get a lot of media mileage to highlight their achievements over the years in order to prepare their good reputation for the 2010 national election in the Philippines.

As early as now, there are already intentions being stated by many Philippine politicians as to their campaign plans for the upcoming 2010 Philippine elections. And of course, the big election post being sought after is none other than the position of President of the Philippines. Among those who have pretty much given their intention to take the seat from Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo include: Senator Dick Gordon, Vice President Noli De Castro, Senator Kiko Pangilinan, Senator Mar Roxas, Senator Loi Ejercito, Senator Ping Lacson and maybe even former ousted President Joseph ‘ERAP’ Estrada.

Dick Gordon has already started his campaign in Facebook with a profile page called Dick Gordon for President. Dick Gordon was once the controversial former SBMA Chairman, who battled it out against ERAP when he was told to step down as SBMA Chairman. Dick Gordon even had his own little People Power in Olongapo to prevent incoming SBMA chair Felicito Payumo from taking over when then President Joseph Estrada appointed Felicito Payumo for the position to replace Dick Gordon. Apart from that historical memory of Dick Gordon, many will remember how he inspirationally brought back Olongapo City and the rest of Pampanga as a city mayor just after Mt. Pinatubo erupted and devastated that part of the country. Of course, Dick Gordon will also be remembered as the Department of Tourism Secretary and his amazing Wow Philippines! campaign that put the Philippines back as one of the top tourist destinations in Asia. As a senator, Dick Gordon has been a loud voice in national issues that the senate had to address over his term, and many believe that his bullish charisma is the kind of leadership that Filipinos will want for the Philippine Presidential seat.

Vice President Noli De Castro is also looking to replace Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as president, and will hope for Arroyo’s blessing and nomination to be the party representative to run for President. Of course, at this moment of the Philippine republic, it’s not certain if a Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo endorsement might actually be enough for VP Noli De Castro to win, but it might be the only shot he has apart from his popularity as a former newscaster.

Senator Kiko Pangilinan has somehow given his intention to run as a presidential candidate for 2010. However, I have this eerie feeling that if Kiko Pangilinan does become the President of the Philippines, it’ll not be because most Filipinos would love to see Sharon Cuneta as the First Lady of the Philippines more than they want to see Kiko Pangilinan as President. Well, behind every great man is a woman, and definitely Sharon Cuneta has a big pull as a great woman behind a great senator as Kiko Pangilinan. And of course there’s also KC Concepcion.

Mar Roxas For President in 2010

Mar Roxas For President in 2010

Senator Mar Roxas has also given his intention to run for Philippine President in the upcoming 2010 elections. In fact, Mar Roxas already has a blog, showcased as the first blog on the 2010 Philippine Presidential elections. History may favor Mar Roxas as the grandson of former Philippine President Manuel Roxas and son to former Philippine senator Gerardo Roxas. Undoubtedly, Mar Roxas has Philippine politics in his blood, and will be hoping to make use of all that genetic political wisdom to impart on the Philippines. It might also help that highly acclaimed, popular newscaster Korina Sanchez is having a relationship with Mar Roxas, although the two have yet to get married if Korina Sanchez would become the First Lady of the Philippines. Mar Roxas was also a very instrumental Department of Trade & Industry Secretary, and did much to shape the economy and growing industries of the Philippines.

Senator Ping Lacson has not been as vocal as Mar Roxas or Dick Gordon in his intention to run for President in 2010, but the Philippine rumor mill has put out his name as one of the hopefuls to run for President in 2010 probably because Ping Lacson can afford to run. Of course, not just because of Ping Lacson‘s extensive financial resources, but also because of his keen connections in the ranks of the Philippine military and Philippine National Police, which are very essential in maintaining order and discipline in the country. As we’ve noticed in our history, without the backing of the military, it is easy to establish a coup d’ etat which eventually will have long term effects on the growth of the Philippine economy, and not to mention the distrust with with foreign investors and the ill-perception around the globe as a result of such ugly moments. In fact, military control is so important – that without it, a President can actually lose power as seen in the history of both EDSA People Power revolts. With former PNP Chief Ping Lacson in power as President, then perhaps the issue of law and order, and even civil unrest with the likes of the MNLF or Abu-Sayyaf, can be thoroughly addressed to promote a lasting peace in the Philippines, which all sectors definitely wish for.

Senator Loi Ejercito is also a candidate to run for President in 2010, but she hasn’t really yet stated her intentions. Of course, Loi Ejercito will be banking on the fact that several Filipinos are still loyal to former President Joseph Estrada, and having him as her endorser might be good enough to have her win the Presidential seat in 2010. However, that’s only if former President Joseph Estrada doesn’t run for President himself. Former President Joseph Estrada has already been quoted as saying that he will run for President if the Filipino people really want him to run, and if the opposition really doesn’t have a formidable choice to vie for the Presidential seat in 2010. According to former President Joseph Estrada, he hasn’t technically finished his term as President, and is qualified under the Philippine constitution’s election code to be eligible for re-election. However, becoming President again considering his tainted controversial past during his term of office, will be a hard obstacle to overcome, and thus Joseph Estrada might instead opt to endorse his First Lady Loi Ejercito instead of himself.

Let’s not also forget Eddie Gil, who just might come back in 2010 to try his luck again, probably with a different hairdo. Blonde na si Eddie Gil!

What about Manny Pacquiao for President in 2010? Well, he’ll certainly afford the campaign after his fight with Oscar De La Hoya. And maybe he’ll earn some more votes if he beats Oscar De La Hoya. However, he lost in the Congressional race last election at his home town in General Santos, and that’s already saying a lot about what people think of Manny Pacquiao entering politics. But who knows, maybe it’ll be different on a national level.

Philippine Music: Arnel Pineda of Journey Is Back In The Philippines!

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Journey' Arnel Pineda (photo taken from Arnel Pineda's MySpace)

Journey's Arnel Pineda (photo taken from Arnel Pineda's MySpace)

Over the weekend, I was at the Alabang Town Center, and then a small commotion took place by the Starbucks entrance of the ATC. It so happened that Arnel Pineda of Journey was there, and while only a few recognized who he was – it soon caught attention, and the fast-traveling whispers soon got going and it wasn’t long before someone was bold enough to bring out their digital camera for a photo opportunity with Arnel Pineda – lead singer of Journey.

I wasn’t able to ask him whether or not he was going to perform with Sam Milby, or whether or not Journey was going to be performing in the Philippines. Maybe I should’ve, but then there was a sizable crowd that I didn’t need to intrude in. And at that time, my priority was groceries.

However, I did hear someone say, “Mas malaki lang pala siya ng konte kay Kitchie Nadal.” In other words, pandak pala si Arnel Pineda. Hey, but that small man is BIG now. And not just BIG, but HUUUUGGE!

IN any case, welcome back, Arnel Pineda. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from you soon. And maybe even hear you sing. May guesting ka na ba sa ASAP?

Philippine Music: Is Arnel Pineda of Journey Really Performing With Sam Milby?

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Philippine actor and singer Sam Milby will be having his first solo concert on October 25 at the Aliw Theater. One of his special guests is actress Anne Curtis. Among his other special guests are the teen guitar-strumming and singing sister duo Krissy and Ericka. That much is totally confirmed, and has been press released.

However, there has been an official press release given out by ABS-CBN, suggesting that Arnel Pineda, the lead singer of Journey, will be also one of the special guests of Sam Milby. Now, I don’t know how much of that is totally true, but Judith Villongco – the proud mother of Krissy and Ericka personally e-mailed me to tell me that Arnel Pineda will really be there to perform alongside Sam Milby.

Arnel Pineda of Journey

Arnel Pineda of Journey

I am personally still skeptical, considering that Arnel Pineda just wrapped up his concert tour with Journey in the United States with his last concert being at the Harrah’s Rio Vista Outdoor Ampitheatre at Lauhglin, Nevada last October 5. And there is still that one postponed concert at Manchester, New Hampshire that Journey will have to go back to sometime December after Journey postponed the September concert due to Arnel Pineda‘s bad case of bronchitis.

Of course, October 25 (the Sam Milby concert date) falls conveniently way before the December concert in New Hampshire, and indeed it might really be true that Arnel Pineda can be back in the Philippines just in time to perform with Sam Milby. But then, despite that, I have a hard time swallowing the fact that the front singer of Journey would play second fiddle to Sam Milby. Sam Milby may be a hot item in the Philippines, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Arnel Pineda would be gracing his concert for a special guest appearance, especially considering his world-wide status. I mean – the manager of Journey alone should know better than to discourage Arnel Pineda from such things, especially since he’s under contract with Journey.

However, maybe ABS-CBN is paying a ridiculously huge sum to Arnel Pineda that he wouldn’t mind being a guest performer for Sam Milby. All I know is that whatever that amount is – it won’t be worth it to be a guest performer to someone’s first solo concert.

C’mon, Arnel! The Journey concerts were sold out all over the United States, and you have to maintain the status of your rockstar-dom. Kababayan mo nga si Sam, pero naman – iba na ang tugtog ng buhay mo! Baduy mo kung guest performer ka lang ni Sam Milby!

Of course, what the Filipino people really want is not Arnel Pineda guesting for Sam Milby, but Arnel Pineda singing it on-stage with the entire Journey! That’s what I personally want to see, and what I know many people are anticipating! Ayan ang ibigay mo sa mga kababayan mo, Arnel! Not this cheap sell-out  PR gig with ABS-CBN. Friendly advice, lang!

Anyway, if it happens, it happens. In the meantime, watch out for Bono and Michael Stipe guest performing for my concert.

Philippine Music: The Insisde Scoop Behind The 50 Cent Manila Concert Farce

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The Inside Scoop.jpg

The Inside Scoop

I just received an update in my e-mail from Melissa Monasterio, who gave me the inside scoop on what’s happening and what happened with the supposed 50 Cent concert that was happening in Manila. Anyway, here’s what Melissa had to say:

Hey J, 50cent concert not happening.., the company I work for was being contracted for road management and event management not by fearless productions but by twilight productions (the guy we were talking to, supposedly the producer, was Jared).

They were claiming they were partners of fearless productions but that somewhere along the way fearless productions pulled out.

We were awarded the bid but we never had our contract signed by twilight productions and we were wondering why, when the concert was supposedly happening tomorrow.

We then decided to decline the project early this week since things seemed shady.

I got a text message however from twilight productions last night saying

“Due to uncontrollable circumstances the 50cent concert
has to be reset for Nov.28. He will promote his new album
which will be launched on Dec.9, He will perform with the
G unit, Larry Banks and Tony Yayo also he will have
another top artist performing with him to do a
collaboration let’s market this event to the highest level,
thanks for all your help”

Sounds like a scam to me.. no foreign artist/management will ever allow 3 concert re-schedules especially if people have paid for their tickets already.

I hope people get refunds as early as now. not sure if 50cent management was even aware that tickets here were already being sold!

Thanks, Mel, for the first-hand account. On my behalf, I would like to extend my apologies to Fearless Productions for speaking so soon in an earlier article. I knew that it couldn’t have been Fearless Productions responsible for the blunder. Well, so the blunder was on the part of Twilight Productions, and it does really look like they’re the big scammers behind the supposed 50 Cent concert in Manila which will never push through. Twilight Productions – you deserve to be beheaded! And shame on you for claiming to partner up with Fearless Productions when in fact you weren’t even partners to begin with. You deserve to be b$tch-slapped.