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Philippine Events: Rogue Magazine Wrap-Party and Black Tie Brawl

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I was at the September issue wrap-party of Rogue Magazine at the sleek and chic Music Room at the Hyatt Hotel And Casino in Malate a few weeks back. Apart from it being a really cool party hosted by Rogue Magazine, it was also the birthday celebrations of the Thunder Goddess Katrina Tuason as well as the unveiling of the Black Tie Brawl event, which will be co-hosted by Rogue Magazine and the fine boys of the URCC.

Anyway, I was supposed to write this post a long time ago, but I was hoping to make use of the video footage I took from the party to include in the post. As it happened, the video camera got semi-drenched during the rain (it was a very, very rainy day/night and there was a 4-hour traffic jam earlier that day), and now the camera is experiencing technical difficulties and I can’t even play the tape. (Josemari, forgive me for the delay in editing the footage!)

Without any more excuses, and still without the footage, I decided to write about it anyway before my article really becomes late news.

Well, the party was fun. Got to see some really good friends – Karl Roy, Paolo Basa, Carlos Celdran, Kat and Felipe, Twinky Lagdameo, Dennis Lagdameo (you related to Twinky?), Marcus Maguidad, Erwin Edralin, Cacay Moras, Miguel Arellano and of course the awesome people of Rogue Magazine – Carmela and Miguel Mari, Josemari Ugarte, Brian Banta, Jay Pou, and the other Jay. Of course, DJ Danger Sanchez spinning some groovy tunes, and Rogue’s September cover girl Hindy Webber-Tantoco lighting up the room with her glow.

We had fun singing it out in the different KTV rooms of the Hyatt’s Music Room, and let me just say that the rooms were pimp! Huge couches, big-ass flat screen TV, private bath room for powdering, a bar. And just when we thought we would run out of margarita, the waiters were spot on time in bringing in a fresh tray of drinks and sossy munchies. Horse Devours as Jay Ignacio would say.

Rogue Magazine Presents Black Tie Brawl

Rogue Magazine Presents Black Tie Brawl

Some time in the night – there was the unveiling of Black Tie Brawl, an MMA event which will be hosted by Rogue Magazine and URCC (Alvin Aguilar and Jed Dario reprezent!) on October 18, 2008 at the Hyatt Hotel And Casino. The MMA event will feature a 5-course sit down dinner while watching eight professional MMA bouts. Of course, strictly black tie. If you don’t know what that means, think James Bond. Or look at the damn picture.

The ticket prices range from P6,000 to P10,000 bucks per seat, and the tickets are limited. Of course, there are also special discounted room rates for those who want to avail of a room at the Hyatt to powder up before and after the fight. Room party anyone?

Anyway, I talked to some of the MMA fighters at Elorde Sucat when I went training, and I was excited to find out that Lando Espinosa, Bimbi Perezand URCC Middleweight Champ Caloy Baduria will be included in the fight card for Black Tie Brawl.

In the last URCC event held at A-Venue, the Elorde Sucat boys didn’t fare too well. Only Lando walked away with an impressive win via armbar submission. The rest – Bimbi, Caloy, Panchito aka Sugar Ray – disappointingly failed to book a win. At least now Bimbi and Caloy have the chance to redeem themselves with a win at Black Tie Brawl. That’s something to look forward to. And hopefully Lando can continue his win streak!

So there – in the middle of soup and salad, expect some blood, sweat and tears to add some spice in Black Tie Brawl. I’m certain it’ll taste yummy no matter what – after all, it’s a 10,000 peso plate, so it should taste great.

For information on tickets for Black Tie Brawl, you can call the Rogue Magazine office at 7297747.

Philippine Events: DJ Danger Sanchez Does Cuisine On Wedensdays

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DJ Danger Sanchez

DJ Danger Sanchez

DJ Danger Sanchez may seem to fly under the radar. For one – you don’t hear his name out that often, but then he’s always at every major electronica event in the Philippines. Well, one thing – he’s the main man when it comes to lighting and sound equipment for any major event. Next, Danger Sanchez has been deejaying since back in the day when there was this thing called Social Distortion. If you were old enough to remember that, well, then you know how old school Danger Sanchez is.

Once upon a time after that, there was this thing called Party Tech, which eventually evolved into this huge thing called Groovenation with DJ Cocoy Puyat leading the way, and of course, DJ Danger Sanchez right there behind the thick of things.

Many became familiar with DJ Danger Sanchez when he became the resident DJ of Peligro, a really cozy bar in Legaspi Village, Makati that hand live music downstairs and deejay dance music upstairs. When the bar closed down, Danger Sanchez took to the white sands of Boracay island. He’s a familiar face in those shores, having been responsible for bringing in the latest sound and light equipment for all the major parties and events that happened in Boracay. And this was still sometime back in 2000. During peak season at Boracay, Danger Sanchez immerses himself in the island and plays just virtually everywhere, but mostly at Summer Place.

Danger Sanchez also formed Tribomanila – a very fun tribal house band that mixed percussions, a trumpet and some very classy house music. Danger Sanchez even had the support of some great musicians of the Philippine music industry present at his set to jam with their percussions and whatever. Real fun. Tribomanila even released a single that became a part of the Local-E CD, which compiled original tracks of some of the most prominent figures in the Philippine electronic scene.

Danger Sanchez also teamed up with Jessie Suaco to come up with a deejaying school called Spin City DJ Academy, which has churned out some impressive deejays. Among them are hot women DJ’s like Lady Trinity, Marie Garcia, DJ Karen and DJ Candice. Now, I believe Danger Sanchez has also teamed up with Edge Pamute for more events, but this time on an Asia-wide scope. The Danger is going global!

Anyway – that’s the history behind Danger Sanchez.

What keeps him going is his love for music, and his uncanny ability to be smooth behind the turntables. “I only use vinyls” is his proud claim,and it’s a claim he’s made ever since the 80’s up to today. Yup, he’s been spinning for over 2 decades. Old school!

“When you’ve been around the deejay scene for that long, you develop a natural feel for your audience, for the people dancing, and I guess that’s really where I thrive being a deejay,” according to Danger Sanchez.

I can personally vouch that Danger Sanchez does have a good bond with his listeners. He knows when to pump it, and he knows when to slow it down. He knows the right timing, the right blend, and he mixes everything so seamlessly that you can’t tell where one song starts and where one begins. Definitely, it’s an awesome experience. He prefers house music, world music and a little bit of disco. Well, it’s reflective of the age. But then, that’s what makes him fun. Danger Sanchez gets the old, the young and everyone in between. He knows how to make that connection.

With that said – I am blatantly promoting the gig of Danger Sanchez every Wednesday nights at Cuisine at The Fort. He’s on as early as 9AM, and goes on until The Fort’s curfew of 2AM. It is my belief that everyone should experience Danger Sanchez a couple of times in their lifetime.

Philippine Music: Spy Rocked The House At Handle Bar

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Cosmic Blah Blah Album Cover

Blast From The Past: Cosmic Blah Blah Album Cover

Spy, although based in the Philippines now, was originally formed in Paris, France, and had three musicians in their line-up: a French dreadhead bass player named Maurice Casanove, a funky white boy Austrian drummer Fritz aka Dr. Sticks Barth and a Pinoy rockstar icon guitarist called Sammy Asuncion. The trio specialized in a fusion of rock, jazz and reggae, or what I would classify as World Music. Someone just got the impression that they were a reggae band because they covered Bob Marley songs, but then when you listen to their own compositions – the bit of reggae is shown an exit to the window, and some jazz-rock, funky-delic something else takes place. Like I said – World Music.

The three recorded a couple of albums, and based themselves here in the Philippines where they would have regular gigs around Malate, especially at the Verve Room during Wednesday nights. Some of their albums include Cosmic Blah Blah, Spy By Spy, Reggae Man and I’m certain there are a few others that I just can’t recall at the moment.

Anyway, after several years in the Philippines, the dreadhead bass player Muarice Casanove eventually left, and then the band had no choice but to explore the possibilities of finding new band members. At one point – they brought in Paul Zialcita to perform percussions, Louie Talan of Razorback to do the bass chores, and once upon a time even Anabel Bosch became a vocalist for Spy.

Personally, I miss the old Spy, but then that’s the nature of music and bands. Someone goes away, and someone’s career has to continue on. Of course, Spy is still a fun band, and I remember being blown away by them every Wednesday nights at the Verve room in Malate – and on one of those days I stopped being a groupie, and ended up being friends with the band, especially Fritz “Dr. Sticks” Barth.

Fritz and myself have had so many memorable occasions together. We found our connection through Dom Um Romao during an unforgettable sunrise at Puerto Galera. I was drowning from Tanduay unleaded at 6am at White Beach, Puerto Galera, Fritz was having a manicure. Weeks later, I would bring the Dom Um Romao vinyl record, but with lack of a phonograph player (or a turntable), we turned to The Lobby at Malate to allow us to use their turntable set-ups during Monday nights.

Monday nights at The Lobby featured DJ Fritz and DJ JJ (yours truly!), bringing in a tray of hash brownies and a whole bunch of old vinyls like Weather Report, The Doors, Herbie Hancock, Lou Rawls, The Beatles, Cream, Les McCann, John Klemmer, Barry White, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan among others. We had Motown, Disco, Old School Jazz and Rock n’ Roll. ON VINYL!!! We weren’t pro deejays. It was more like – we played whatever we felt like it.

When Fritz says, “I don’t like this track!” he’ll skip the needle to the next track in the middle of the song along with the scratch and popcorn sound effects. “Sorry,” he says. No one notices. The brownies are kicking in, and everyone is finding a comfortable spot on the many couches.

Apart from our deejaying stint at The Lobby, Fritz was my happy hour buddy in Boracay. At that time, Fritz lived in Blossom’s, and I would make a frequent visit there from time to time to catch up on Boracay island gossip.

Back in Manila – I would be groupie to Fritz when he teamed up with DJ Danger Sanchez and Mon Mancio to form the tribal house percussion band Tribo Manila. Eventually, Fritz just recently headed back home to Austria to catch the festive atmosphere of Euro 2008, and when he got back he did bring me an authentic Euro 2008 souvenir cap. Yup, we’re tight. And if there was any reason for me to go to a Spy gig, then it would primarily be because Fritz would be there. The awesome music was just a bonus.

Well, throughout the years, Spy has been out of circulation. Sammy Asuncion got very busy with his own gigs, including a stint with Pinikpikan among other things. Louie Talan, who became the mainstay bassist of Spy to replace Maurice some time ago, has his plate full. After all, Louie Talan is one of the most revered and talented bassists in the country, and his expertise has him playing with the likes of Razorback, Cynthia Alexander, Kapatid and Pinikpikan.

Spy At Handle Bar (photo courtesy of Denise Manahan)

Spy At Handle Bar (photo courtesy of Denise Manahan)

Fast forward to a few nights ago at Handle Bar along Polaris St. in Makati City, and I was hoping to get together with the guys of Spy. I even called up Fritz Barth to ask him what time he was going to be there. Unfortunately, Fritz was surprised. Apparently, he doesn’t bang the drums anymore for Spy. For what reasons – I do not know. When I got to Handle Bar, it was a different Spy on stage.

Sammy Asuncion was present (as always), Louie Talan was on the bass. But then, there was a new drummer, there was a saxophone player and then there was Budet on percussions. Well, it was hard listening to them at first. I mean – don’t get me wrong – Sammy and Louie have a tight performance and they really know how to feed off each other on-stage, but then the fact that Dr. Sticks wasn’t around made it hard to watch. After all these years of getting used to the funky white boy behind the drumset at every Spy gig, it was just different.

Nevertheless, out of nostalgia, I stayed around and enjoyed the different flavor of the band, especially with the saxophone. There was tequila galore as usual, and they did play my favorite hits of theirs like Let’s Get High .

And while Spy may have been different, the crowd who usually pop up at any Spy gig was still a bit consistent. It was fun to see the familiar faces that used to hang out at Verve Room every Wednesdays and still doing time to keep in the loop to catch up with a Spy gig. In any case – here comes the society column part of this article.

I had great fun hanging with the likes of Lynn Sherman, Micki Poe, Piaget Martelino, Salim Assad, Maxine Eigenmann, Mooney Castillo, Martin Legarda, Gio Bacareza,  Rambie Lim, Nathalie Danks, John Besa and Chad Rialp.

Well, to quote a Spy song – “Let’s get high on the peaceful! Let’s get high on the wonderful!”

I still have to say – it isn’t the same without Dr. Sticks!