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Philippine Dance: Philippine All-Stars Reach 2009 World Hip Hop Championship Finals

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The Philippine All Stars were champions during the 2008 World Hip Hip Dance Championships held in Las Vegas, and they certainly were among the favorites to repeat as champions again in the 2009 World Hip Hop Dance Championships.

Featuring dance groups from all over the world, the Philippine All Stars had no problem getting past the preliminaries and earning themselves a spot on the finals of the 2009 World Hip Hop Championships. In fact, the Philippine All Stars placed first in the elimination rounds.

However, despite an awesome performance, it just wasn’t enough to secure a repeat as World Hip Hop Champions.

Instead, being crowned 2009 World Hip Hop Dance champions were the R.A.F. Crew from France with second place going to the Neutral Zone Adults from Mexico, and third going to Joyce and The Boys from Singapore. Sadly, the Philippine All Stars placed only fourth.

Nevertheless, the feat of the Philippine All Stars was still amazing, and still they bring pride to the Philippines for overcoming all sorts of odds to make their place in the finals. And, of course, the attitude and vision of the group is still awe-inspiring.

Chelo Astrid of the Philippine All Stars writes a great piece about their experience in the 2009 World Hip Hop Championships, which you can read by clicking here.

Attached below is their first place performance during the preliminaries of the 2009 World Hip Hop Championships that bested over 50 other dance groups from all over the world.

Philippine Events: DANCE! at Embassy Fly Features Wendell Garcia, Kevin Ruiz and Elian Habayeb

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Dance! At Embassy FLY

Dance! At Embassy FLY

I received an invitation to an awesome party at Embassy Fly from my good friend Elian Habayeb, who is one of the coolest people when it comes to deejays, parties and events. Anyway, I’m posting the event invitation verbatim as was written.

All I can say about it is that DANCE! is an awesome concept, and is going to be a hit event. No social butterfly-ing here, just sweat it out and dance!!!


Even though Manila has a vibrant nightlife, this doesn’t necessarily mean it has much of a “dance” scene. Yes, people go out and drink and party, but people are seldom seen really dancing. In other cities, such as New York, San Francisco, London or Sydney, people sweat it on the dance floors of clubs for upwards of 5 hours, resting only long enough to go to the restroom and get a drink to cool them down. There was a time when such dancing existed in Manila, the age of ABG’s and seveneightorange from 1998 to 2003. Although today there are bigger and more posh clubs with louder sound systems and fancier VIP sections, the raw therapeutic dancing is all but nonexistent.

The mission of the organizers of DANCE! – DJs Wendell Garcia, Kevin Ruiz, and Elian Habayeb – is to basically “bring dance back” to Manila by holding a unique monthly party that focuses on the dancing and minimizes other distractions. Similar monthly parties are now being held in major cities all over the world but, aside from a select few great parties, there is nothing really like this in Manila. One look at the full dance floor on any night this event is held and it becomes clear what the organizers are trying to do.

It’s a simple formula really: bring people who enjoy dancing together, get them in a venue with a good dance floor and good sound system, and play the best dance music in the world. The person that isn’t dancing his heart out by the end of the night needs to check if he has a pulse.

DJs Wendell, Kevin and Elian have a rich background in performing at and organizing such dance events. With musical influences from New York and Chicago to Toronto and Berlin, the trio has rocked clubs before and are now ready to do it together in an epic monthly event that is expected to build a considerable cult following. But this won’t be about their efforts, this will all be about you and every member of the underground dance community coming together and leaving the stress of daily life on the dance floor.

DANCE! won’t be confined strictly to its venue at Embassy FLY, it will also reach a potential 12 million listeners on the radio through its live broadcasts on Manila’s #1 R&B radio station WAVE 89.1 FM, and will reach global audiences through its broadcasts on internet radio stations and through coverage on MTV.

Manila’s not gonna know what hit it!

You are invited to the launch party on Thursday August 28.

The time has finally come for the underground dance community to come together

DANCE! -The last Thursday of every month at Embassy FLY

No cover. Dress comfy.

(Live taped broadcast on WAVE 89.1’s “The Blue Room” Saturday 11pm to 3am)

Philippine Events: DJ Danger Sanchez Does Cuisine On Wedensdays

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DJ Danger Sanchez

DJ Danger Sanchez

DJ Danger Sanchez may seem to fly under the radar. For one – you don’t hear his name out that often, but then he’s always at every major electronica event in the Philippines. Well, one thing – he’s the main man when it comes to lighting and sound equipment for any major event. Next, Danger Sanchez has been deejaying since back in the day when there was this thing called Social Distortion. If you were old enough to remember that, well, then you know how old school Danger Sanchez is.

Once upon a time after that, there was this thing called Party Tech, which eventually evolved into this huge thing called Groovenation with DJ Cocoy Puyat leading the way, and of course, DJ Danger Sanchez right there behind the thick of things.

Many became familiar with DJ Danger Sanchez when he became the resident DJ of Peligro, a really cozy bar in Legaspi Village, Makati that hand live music downstairs and deejay dance music upstairs. When the bar closed down, Danger Sanchez took to the white sands of Boracay island. He’s a familiar face in those shores, having been responsible for bringing in the latest sound and light equipment for all the major parties and events that happened in Boracay. And this was still sometime back in 2000. During peak season at Boracay, Danger Sanchez immerses himself in the island and plays just virtually everywhere, but mostly at Summer Place.

Danger Sanchez also formed Tribomanila – a very fun tribal house band that mixed percussions, a trumpet and some very classy house music. Danger Sanchez even had the support of some great musicians of the Philippine music industry present at his set to jam with their percussions and whatever. Real fun. Tribomanila even released a single that became a part of the Local-E CD, which compiled original tracks of some of the most prominent figures in the Philippine electronic scene.

Danger Sanchez also teamed up with Jessie Suaco to come up with a deejaying school called Spin City DJ Academy, which has churned out some impressive deejays. Among them are hot women DJ’s like Lady Trinity, Marie Garcia, DJ Karen and DJ Candice. Now, I believe Danger Sanchez has also teamed up with Edge Pamute for more events, but this time on an Asia-wide scope. The Danger is going global!

Anyway – that’s the history behind Danger Sanchez.

What keeps him going is his love for music, and his uncanny ability to be smooth behind the turntables. “I only use vinyls” is his proud claim,and it’s a claim he’s made ever since the 80’s up to today. Yup, he’s been spinning for over 2 decades. Old school!

“When you’ve been around the deejay scene for that long, you develop a natural feel for your audience, for the people dancing, and I guess that’s really where I thrive being a deejay,” according to Danger Sanchez.

I can personally vouch that Danger Sanchez does have a good bond with his listeners. He knows when to pump it, and he knows when to slow it down. He knows the right timing, the right blend, and he mixes everything so seamlessly that you can’t tell where one song starts and where one begins. Definitely, it’s an awesome experience. He prefers house music, world music and a little bit of disco. Well, it’s reflective of the age. But then, that’s what makes him fun. Danger Sanchez gets the old, the young and everyone in between. He knows how to make that connection.

With that said – I am blatantly promoting the gig of Danger Sanchez every Wednesday nights at Cuisine at The Fort. He’s on as early as 9AM, and goes on until The Fort’s curfew of 2AM. It is my belief that everyone should experience Danger Sanchez a couple of times in their lifetime.

Video of 2008 World Hip-Hop Champions Philippine All-Stars

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A few days back, I wrote a small piece about the Philippine All-Stars, and how they bagged the 2008 World Hip Hop Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada. Anyway, I decided to post the video here of their performance during the 2008 World Hip Hop Championships. Well, first, you’ll get to see how talented they really are, and why it’s such a proud thing to have them actually come out on top and win the Gold medal for the Philippines. So there. Enjoy.

Philippine All-Stars Bag Gold Medal In 2008 World Hip Hop Championships

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Philippine All Stars 2008 World Hip Hop Champions

Philippine All Stars 2008 World Hip Hop Champions

I picked up my sister Chloe from her school the other day from her cheer-dance practice, and she was ecstatic to share the news that the Philippine All-Stars won the Gold medal in the 2008 World Hiphop Championships held at Las Vegas, Nevada. Not being a real fan of hip-hop or dance, I was like “whuh?” Then, she continued to explain with much enthusiasm about this dance group called the Philippine All-Stars that came in third place in the 2006 World Hiphop Championships and then this time won the gold in 2008, beating other hiphop dance teams from New Zealand, US, Mexico, Canada and more. Of course the story caught my attention as does anything that has the theme of Philippine pride, and so I researched to write about them.

Apparently, the Philippine All-Stars hold their home at a dance studio somewhere near Katipunan, Quezon City. Their motto goes something like: One Love. One God. One Hip Hop. Sarap Lang. Catchy. Interesting. Based on my research at the Philippine All-Stars site and Philippine All-Stars Multiply site the 2008 group that went on to compete in Las Vegas and win the gold is composed of: Kenjohns, Kykz, Laurence, Lema, Madelle, Maya, Michelle, Niko, Big Pat, Prince, Reagan, Sheena and trainees Lil Pat and Joshua. 33 countries were represented by several groups with a total of 1,000 hiphop dancers taking to the stage. 12 finalists were chosen all-in-all to perform for the 2008 World Hiphop Championships, and joining the Philippine All-Stars were the likes of Kaba Modern (USA), Prestige (New Zealand), Xtreme Soul Style (Canada), Legacy (New Zealand) Eclectik (Trinidad & Tobago), Peridot (United Kingdom), Black Soul (Mexico), FLos Angeles (USA), Release (South Africa), Rockwell Family (Canada) and Phunk Phenomenon (USA).

Of course, the Philippine All-Stars turned out to be number one. Multi-Grammy award winner and competition judge MC “You Can’t Touch This” Hammer was quoted by ABS-CBN news correspondents as saying: “The Filipino artists… they continue to evolve in a global basis. They take art and dance seriously. I am very proud of the level that the Philippines overall has developed into.”

Judge Shane Sparks was also quoted saying: “Great kids, great dancers and choreographer… I think they’re some of the hottest dancers that touch the stage of America’s best dance crews and I know there’s more to come.”

The guys and gals of Philippine All-Stars even documented and chronicled their entire journey leading to the 2008 World Hip Hop Championships in a short movie called His-Story. To make it to their trip, they even had a fund-raising concert at the Ateneo de Manila gym in which they gave a peek performance as to what they would be showcasing in Las Vegas. Talk about taking charge of life and making their dreams come true, sacrificing and working hard to achieve their goals, and eventually giving all to His glory. Wow! Inspirational stuff here.

Anyway, I certainly tip off my hat to their global achievement, and for being able to be an inspiration to many others to strive big for their dreams by working hard for it. One Love. One God. One Hip Hop. Sarap Lang. Galing!

Well, visit their sites and check out their photos, profiles and videos. You can even check out the video of the Philippine All-Stars hiphop dance number which won them the gold medal in the 2008 World Hip Hop Championships. I won’t ruin the surprise for you.