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International Star Julia Abueva is the Youngest Consultant for Musical Theater program

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Philippine Child Prodigy Singer Julia Abueva

Philippine Child Prodigy Singer Julia Abueva

Shuttling between countries for 13-year old ingénue Julia Abueva (Children’s Letters to God, The Fantasticks) is a normal commute for Pocketful of Kids’ young creative consultant for their ENCORE! musical theater program.

“Young students must perform in shows that are fun for kids – musicals like ANNIE, OLIVER, THE SOUND OF MUSIC and DISNEY shows,” says Julia.

“Pocketful of Kids’ ENCORE! musical theatre program is basically targeting kids who want to hone their talents. Some people have negative thoughts about performing; therefore some kids don’t get to develop their talent. But we at ENCORE! encourage them. Kids are often iffy when it comes to acting or singing because kids our age are inclined to tease them or even say nasty things. But it’s actually a cool thing, and a lot of opportunities can come in.”

“It doesn’t really matter how young you are, you can still live out your dream,” she adds.

Julia Abueva has performed in concerts and musicals in Singapore and the Philippines ever since she was 5 years old, sharing the stage with world-class talents Lea Salonga, Monique Wilson, Deborah Gibson, among others. She was even recently handpicked by Oprah Winfrey as one of the “World’s Most Talented Kids.”  She manages to juggle schoolwork with her performing commitments including her recent performance at the 2009 APEC where she performed for U.S. President Barack Obama, and other world leaders.

Mentoring the ENCORE! musical theatre program is international stage actress Jenny Jamora whom Julia had the pleasure of working with in some of her past shows. “She’s a brilliant performer. I learned a lot about performing by just watching her,” lauds Julia.

ENCORE!, the performing arts school, has it’s own mini theater at Pocketful Of Kids’ 250 square meter toy store in the Ortigas Center. Board members, instructors & consultants range from experienced theater personalities like multi awarded director, TV & stage personality Leo Rialp and international theater artist Jake Macapagal.

Those who want to develop their talents and live their dreams of performing on stage can do so at ENCORE! It has a wide range of classes including Musical Theatre, Voice, and Props Production.

ENCORE! students will be showcased in a concert on February 27, 2009 at the Sunset Pavilion of Hotel Sofitel, Manila.  Julia Abueva will be performing with them together with acclaimed international musicians Jon Schmidt and cellist Steven Sharp Nelson.

For more information about the ENCORE! musical theatre program or for tickets to the concert, call Pocketful of Kids at 634-2888 and 634-7888; or visit them at Unit A, 15th Floor, Strata 2000 building on F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas Center. Visit and find out more about ENCORE!

Philippine Events: Big Fish Manila Presents Paul Van Dyk

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Paul van Dyk is among the top deejays in the world, and to experience Paul van Dyk live is definitely something you cannot pass up. And now, the Philippines will have the opoprtunity to witness Paul van Dyk live when he plays live at the A-Venue Events Hall along Makati Avenue on October 13, 2009. Paul van Dyk will certainly mesmerize everyone with his trance music, and it will definitely be one party you will remember for the rest of your life.

Personally, I’m quite excited. It’s not quite often that you get a deejay with the caliber of Paul van Dyk visiting the country, so I am certainly looking forward to this rare event. Also, it’ll be great to experience Big Fish resident deejay Johnboy Lee, who will open up for Paul van Dyk.

A big heap of gratitude to the great minds of Big Fish Manila, who are responsible for bringing some of the best parties to Philippine shores. Big Fish Manila has brought in the likes of Hed Kandi, Slinky, Armin van Buuren, Housexy, God’s Kitchen and Ministry of Sound. Those are really big names in the electronic music industry, and certainly very crazy memorable events.

Paul van Dyk was named World’s No. 1 DJ by DJ Magazine in 2005 and 2006, and has remained in the Top 10 since 1998. As of 2007, Paul van Dyk has sold more than 3 million albums worldwide.

Tickets and VIP tables are now up for reservations with Big Fish Manila. Just call (632) 6327762 or (632)6348238.

For a bit of a preview, here is the very famous For An Angel by Paul Van Dyk – in a 2009 remix.

Philippine Events: Earthdance Manila 2009 Postponed

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Tropical Storm Ondoy (Ketsana) Floods Metro Manila

Tropical Storm Ondoy (Ketsana) Floods Metro Manila

Dear Friends,

Due to circumstances beyond our control, such as Mother Nature, we have decided to move the Earthdance Manila 2009 celebrations to next week. We will announce the date and time when the production team has had a chance to meet.

As much as it would’ve been a wonderful experience to celebrate Earthdance synchronized with the rest of the world, we really have to humble ourselves to Mother Nature, and allow her to do her thing. It’s actually rather funny how such a circumstance has to happen to the Philippines, but then again I guess we have yet another reason to stand out from the rest of the world. So while the rest of the world will be synchronized in their celebrations, we will just have to wait a week after – on delayed telecast – as most of us in the Philippines would understand.

Nevertheless, the spirit of oneness and peace that Earthdance stands for is not lost just because of our delayed event. I’d like to believe that we carry this spirit with us in our daily lives, and beyond one event. So even if we may not be in synch with the rest of the world, we will still have a cause to celebrate. And next week, we will still carry the same program for all those who will participate.

In the meantime, should the weather get better, then perhaps we will have a more intimate celebration to coincide with the global prayer that was schedule at 7am of Septemeber 27. If there are those who are still interested in gathering later to celebrate Earthdance in a more modest (and certainly drier) fashion, then send me an SMS, so we can inform you of the contingency plan. It may not be the same hype that was promised, but it is still an opportunity to get together and share our energy with the rest of the world in celebration of peace. And then, there’s still next week to look forward to, and certainly with more sunshine. However, the weather and the situation and the disaster makes this gathering seem impossible. Nevertheless…

In the spirit of Earthdance, we would like everyone to tune in some positive energy at 7PM (wherever you are) for the mitigation of Ondoy and its effects throughout our country, and also for the unity and peace around the world. Thank you for your intentions.

Thank you to all for understanding, and we hope to see you next week.

Love and Light.

JJ Duque

Philippine Events: Rogue Magazine Launches New Media Division With A Huge Party

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My dear friend Katrina Tuason, who is also the marketing director for Rogue Magazine sent out the invitations for the launch of Rogue Magazine’s New Media Division, and immediately I got excited.

I remember the topic of New Media being thrown around the Rogue office for quite some time, and then finally, they just made it happen. They launched, and Rogue Live, which is basically vidoe clips of several Rogue events and Rogue exlcusive interviews that have been made digitally available on-line. With the help of, Rogue gets to add more meat behind just being a simple magazine, to becoming a new media. Not only will you get the Rogue-ish articles on the magazine, but you’ll also get to treat yourself with video content that includes exclusive footage of their shoots and in-depth interviews.

DJ Junior Sanchez with ME!

DJ Junior Sanchez with ME!

They kicked off the launch with a huge party at White Space along Pasong Tamo, which featured also the introduction and launch as well of the BMW Z4. Another cool highlight of the night was also the music courtesy of DJ Junior Sanchez, who is one of the legendary deejays to come out of New York City. In fact, when I once lived there in the early 90’s,  I already knew of  DJ Junior Sanchez, and had seen him spinning in house parties at SoHo.

Anyway, so Dj Junior Sanchez rocks a set that has everyone dancing away. Good vibes. And after his set DJ Mars Miranda closes off, and everyone is still going ballistic, including Dj Junior Sanchez, who seemed like he was having a blast. And certainly that was what everyone was having.

An overflow of food catered by Cibo Di M plus all-out open bar on Rene Barbier wines, San Miguel beer and some vodka and some whiskey. Nice for everyone indeed.

Big congratulations to Katrina Tuason, Miguel Mari and Josemari Ugarte for the huge success of the Rogue New Media launch.

Do I have to list the who’s who of who went? Nahhh! As if we need our names published ala high-society style. You knew that if you were there, then you wouldn’t complain. Good party. Period.

Philippine Events: Manila Joins Global Earthdance 2009

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The La Mesa Eco-Park, located at Quezon City, is once again the convergence zone for the global peace festival of dance and music here in Manila.

Known to the world since 1996 as Earthdance, its Philippine counterpart – Earthdance Manila – will be joining the rest of the world as Earthdance simultaneously dedicates a significant time to celebrate harmony through the platform of music and dance performances in at least 300 participating locations found in more than 100 countries.

Highlights of Earthdance Manila include: Interfaith ceremonies, indigenous storytelling through music and dance, workshops from various groups and NGOs, an eco-fair, and the Prayer for Peace at 7am on September 27.

Earthdance Manila e-flyer

For 2009, the Earthdance Manila event, which maybe taken solely as a peace festival, moves forward with the strengthening of its slant for advocacy.

On September 26, Earthdance Manila will give venue to the 10Million Movement for Green Philippines launched by the Earthday Network in the previous years. Along with this, Earthdance Manila aims to influence stakeholders and civil society towards a Green Agenda wherein peace and sustainable development are envisioned to co-exist. Proceeds of the Earthdance Manila will benefit charities for and in honor of children, such as those working to combat cancer, child sex trafficking and assistance for indigenous children.

Earthdance Manila will be held at the La Mesa Eco Park ampitheater from September 26 6pm to Septemeber 27 7am, culminating with the world-wide simultaneous prayer for peace.

Park entrance is at P50. Participants are enoucraged to bring their own water and lights. Camping grounds will also be available for those who wish to bring their tents.

Philippine Sports: NBA Legends To Challenge PBA All Stars

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As part of the their promotions in Asia, the NBA has put together NBA Asia Challenge 2009, which is the most ambitious and largest event ever in Asia. The event will feature NBA Legends teaming up with the top NBA Development League (D-League) players to play three exhibition friendlies in Korea and the Philippines.

The NBA Legends already made their appearance in Korea, playing agains the KBL All-Stars and the ETLAND Blackslammers, and will now be set to play the PBA All-Stars at the Araneta Coliseum on September 11th, 2009.

Among the NBA Legends who will be participating in the event are Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (who will be the head coach), Tim Hardaway, Dominique Wilkins, Robert Horry and Vlade Divac. PLayers from the NBA D-League who will team up with these legends include Billy Thomas, Chris Ellis, Derrick Dial, Marcus Hubbard, Russell Robinson and Lanny Smith.

NBA Legends To Play Against PBA All Stars

NBA Legends To Play Against PBA All Stars

The PBA All-Stars who are going up against the NBA players include Alvin Patrimonio, Allan Caidic, Ronnie Magsanoc, Benjie Paras and Kenneth Duremdes to name a few.

Personally, I would love to watch the game to get a chance to see Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the court, even if he doesn’t play. He’s the all-time leading everything in the NBA, and was really one of its most recognized players. Plus, he was one of the reasons why I’ve been a Lakers fan ever since I could remember.

On another personal note, I really hope that Danny Ildefonso is not included in the line-up for the PBA All-Stars. I just believe he’s not a very good professional basketball player, especially after that stint wherein he went out of his way to beat up a fan during the recent PBA Finals of San Miguel vs Ginebra. He may have been a lauded MVP at one point, but no professional player should ever get into a scuffle with a fan who paid for his seat to watch the game, and have the privilege to cheer his heart out even if some of the things said may have been vulgar and crass. As a pro player, you should be able to take trash talk, and have the mental edge to block it. That’s very different from Ron Artest‘s blow-up because he was thrown a glass of beer.

I’m sure the basketball will be entertaining, and if not then the dancers of the New Jersey Nets  – the Dunking Divas – are pretty sure to add a little spice to the festivities.

Anyway – the NBA Asia Challenge 2009 should be an amazing event, and will certainly be packed.  Tickets for the first-ever NBA Asia Challenge 2009 range from 2,640 for Patrons and 264 for General Admission.

Philippine Events: U2 Live in Manila!

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I was flipping through the channels and caught a special concert of U2 in Milan showing in one of those music channels. Bright lights, big stage & awesome music. I was even brought to tears with the thousands clapping in unison, lighters filling up the stadium, and the goosebump-raising voices singing And I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.

Now, I’m thinking to myself how do I get a chance to watch U2 in concert. And even better — how do I get U2 to make their concert here in Manila. I’ve been a fan of U2 since back in the day when Boy was released, and I’ve had every album they’ve churned out since then. Bad is my favorite song of all time, and it shares first place rankings with In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel. I learned to play the drums because of New Year’s Day & Sunday Bloody Sunday. With or Without You was the song playing on the radio the day my dad said goodbye and migrated to Australia. Rattle & Hum is the best music documentary ever made. I secretly wish I had directed Where The Streets Have No Name because that was just such an awesome scene. Miss Sarajevo with Pavarotti sharing some awesome lines is truly a great song. And A Beautiful Day really makes waking up a great experience. Also,  Wim Wenders (a director for U2 videos) is one of my favorite filmmakers, and I was hooked with his film Wings of Desire. Anyway — so U2 here in Manila!

This isn’t a new idea, and I’ve brought it up with a couple of friends before, but it’s not like this task seemed possible. I mean — just imagine the costs. But then, I just had to do the research and try to find out the answer to the ultimate question — WHAT WOULD IT TAKE TO BRING U2 TO MANILA? I watched a NatGeo special on the Inside The Rolling Stones Concert and got a glimpse on their requirements — snooker tables,, Evian, etc. I’m thinking what kind of requirements U2 might have… Popcorn-flavored jellybeans? XBOX360s? a Jacuzzi backstage? But instead of second-guess,I went on the Internet and tried my luck at doing the necessary research. Of course, I visited, then there’s and then there’s I even checked with and maybe I could get a name of some exeutive who could provide me with the information I needed. Eventually, I came across an Australian Producer in one of the forums of who actually worked with U2 in their Zootour. This guy is “The Dude” when it comes to producing major concerts – U2’s included. When I asked “The Dude” about the ultimate question, I was just hoping he’d give me a number followed by a lot of zeroes, and then maybe I can raise that amount and that would be it. But then, “The Dude” mentioned that it wasn’t quite that simple. Because for U2 it’s more than just the money. “The Dude” raised all sorts of questions about Manila, and I had to provide some answers with regards to political climate, national security, average household incomes, social atmosphere, media treatment and not to mention stadium size and technical logistics. If I were running for office in the 2010 elections, then I’m pretty sure my answers were worthy of your vote, but…

Bono and Adam Clayton of U2

Bono and Adam Clayton of U2

In any case, after our discussion, these are the general concerns (based on my expert conclusion) of what is needed to be done so that U2 can come here to Manila…. In no particular order:

1. There shouldn’t be a war or any kind of secession in the country. Security reasons.

2. The political climate should be stable, and the political leader (i.e President) should be a favorite of the people. Last thing U2 needs is for an unfavorable leader to use the U2 concert as part of his/her agenda, considering the weight of U2’s voice. And that’s really their main concern. Just to give an example — Back in 2007, Al Gore was planning a series of concerts around the US to support his global warming cause, and U2 was rumored to be part of the event. U2, however, hadn’t given an answer, and then they felt they were pressured into it. If they declined, it’s like they didn’t care about global warming, but that was obviously not the case and it still isn’t.

3. The average household income is important because not only would U2 tickets be quite expensive, but then it would be unfair if only the privileged few could afford the luxury of attending a U2 concert while a majority of the population couldn’t even put food on the table.

4. And then there’s the social atmosphere, which has a lot of tension considering the huge gaps between social classes. A lot of it has to do with politics, but then it’s also in the manner in which we’re managed. The atmosphere creates a lot of room for corruption, and they don’t feel comfortable around corruptible police enforcers, especially if those will be responsible for the bands security. What’s to stop them from accepting bribes to let people in backstage, or to give away their hotel information to paparazzi and the like.

5. And then, there’s the media coverage of the event, which will be fought for by the two networks, and that’s something that will surely be frowned upon by U2. They abhor the exclusivity of one network in promoting U2. If they come to our country, it has to be fair ground for all media, and nothing exclusive to a ka-pamilya or a ka-puso, but I’m sure we can sense how they’ll turn it into a circus spectacle, complete with the noon-time show guestings.’

6. And if we were to raise the funds necessary to cover the talent fees and production costs, we would surely run to the multi-national corporations for sponsorship. But then, U2 doesn’t do concerts that way, and they won’t allow coporate sponsorship to put streamers, banners and what-have-you. And they definitely won’t allow alcoholic beverages to sponsor as was the case when they cancelled a stop because an Aussie beer brand attached their name to the concert. So, although San Miguel might be able to foot the bill, they can’t even get their foot in the door.

7. And in terms of stadium size and the technical logistics to accommodate all their lights, pyrotechnics, video equipment & sound equipment… let’s just say it has yet to be built. And there’s more, but this is the main general concern from what I gathered through my discussions with “The Dude.”

But then, that’s not to say it’s impossible. It can be done. All we need is a good political leader to clean things up with the war, the corruption, the social atmosphere, the political climate, the improved economy, putting the networks/media in its place and getting the super stadium built. If he/she were to do all this, then maybe U2 will come here to play.

Of course, with the other responsibilities that come with being the country’s leader, then it might take a while longer before U2 ever comes here. By that time, the U2 concert might be billed like the recent concert of The Platters. No one would care, except for the social fossils from the 60’s who still think The Platters are cool. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I don’t think I’ll be moved to tears with only a few hundred chanting And I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For. I want the hundred thousands singing in one voice so I can cry and smile and shout I LOVE U2! Anyway… perhaps I’ll run for President in 2010. And my campaign slogan — I’ll bring U2 2 U! Because if I can bring U2 here, then I’ve succeeded in cleaning up the country!

In the meantime, settle for this to inspire you.