Did Mayor Lim Order The Attack?

Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim was camped out at Emerald Restaurant along with other chiefs and officials of the Philippine National Police, where they set up their headquarters to monitor the hostage situation.

"Tirahin Na Natin Iyan!"

They chose the Emerald restaurant because of the two 20″ televisions, where they could watch the broadcast from both ABS-CBN and GMA. But primarily because the Pata Tim there is one of the best in the country.

Once the SWAT team on the scene of the hostage was in position, their was a call on the radio saying, “Sir, we are in position, what do we do now?”

According to reports, Mayor Alfredo Lim said, “Tirahin na natin iyan.” Within seconds the attacked commenced and the bloodbath happened. However, there was a misunderstanding on the order as Alfredo Lim meant, “Tirahin na natin iyan” referred to “Tirahin na natin yung buchi.”

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