Philippine Olympic Team Ready To Win Gold At 2008 Beijing Olympics

The Philippine Olympic Team at 2008 Beijing Olympics

The Philippine Olympic Team at 2008 Beijing Olympics

Here is the list of 15 Filipino athletes who will be representing the Philippines as part of the Olympic team that will compete in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Athletics: Marestella Torres and Henry Dagmil
Boxing: Harry Tanamor
Diving: Sheila Mae Perez and Rexel Ryan Fabriga
Swimming: Daniel Cockley, Ryan Paolo Arabejo, Miguel Molina, James Walsh and Joan Christel Simms
Weightlifting: Hidilyn Diaz
Shooting: Eric Ang
Archer: Mark Javier
Taekwondo:Toni Rivero and Tshomlee Go

Apart from these athletes, there are also coaches, Olympics officials, Olympic committee members, and even Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was in attendance. Oh yes, and even boxing champion Manny Pacquiao was around to lift the flag for the Philippines during the opening ceremonies at the Bird’s Nest stadium. There are also 5 Filipino athletes who will be participating in Wushu as a special event of the Olympiad.

In any case, the best bet to win an Olympic Gold Medal is Harry Tanamor, who will compete in the boxing event.

I’m not sure if we will be able to access some of the Philippines’ Olympic action on our TV/Cable channels. If there is any information on that, then please share it with the Philippines Fun Wall. But then, while we do support our fellow countrymen in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, we’re also excited to watch Robinho, Ronaldinho, Pato and Kaka play for Brazil in Men’s soccer; Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony and Lebron James for USA in Men’s Basketball; Ana Ivanovic (Serbia), Roger Federer (Switzerland) and Rafael Nadal (Spain) for Tennis; Michael Phelps of USA in swimming, and Usain Bolt of Jamaica in running!

It’ll be great to watch the greatest names play well in their respective sports. Of course, it’ll be greater if the Philippines can win an Olympic Gold Medal and prove that they are among the best athletes in the world in that sport. So anyway – GO PHILIPPINES!!!

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  1. roland boto Says:

    g0000ooo0000 pinOy for g0ld…..,,,good luck

  2. Flordeliza M. Says:

    Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!!

  3. Jose Victor Pelayo Says:

    Dream on Team Philippines… Come on… with 15 Athletes only?… I doubt that we can even win a single medal this year.

  4. Jose Victor Pelayo Says:

    Oh and one more thing… please help me confirm this… how come Ryan Paolo Arabejo isn’t in the roster of athletes? here’s the official Beijing Olympics website list with athletes name in A.

    Baka namamalikmata lang ako… Thank you… ^_^

  5. Jose Victor Pelayo Says:

    Ermmm I hope I am wrong but, please DOUBLE CHECK on what I observed… 4 of our 15 hopefuls are not even listed on the ALTHLETES roster of the official website of the Beijing Olympic Games…

    These are as follows:
    1. Arabejo
    2. Cockley
    3. Diaz
    4. Walsh

    Please confirm… Thank you…

  6. To Mr Jose Victor Pelayo,

    Thanks for noting out the 4 missing athletes who are supposedly not on the official registry of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. However, I did get my source from the local papers – Philippine Star. The article was announcing who was flying off to where and who was performing for what sport. I feel bad that they didn’t include the names of the 5 athletes participating in the special event of Wushu. It may not win a medal but they’re still carrying our nation’s pride. πŸ™‚

  7. Jyanisatemybrain Says:

    Hey, Guys please take out politics in your mind. Let those who participate not influence by politics. let it truth be known so that we will win. Kasi most of the time those favorites by politicians was send on olympics and bring disaster to our nations. duh.

  8. Jyanisatemybrain Says:

    Please tell to those who are committe in olympics will resign in thier position. our country will rotten and be forgotten because of thier prejudece attitude in selecting athlets. and most atheles that they are choose are those influence of senators and great politicians whose minds are in taken with their own benefits. And those who are qualified was not selected because of creed, religion, ethnics and with a tribal background. Hey be not childish anymore, heh!! duuhhhh!!!!!

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  10. My daughter asked about athletes from my home land. I was happy to show her this article because she missed the ceremonies. I hope to see our athletes on prime time tv here as well. Goooooo Team! Manny holding the flag was totally awesome! Thanks!

  11. have any of them been played/aired yet. I hope we could at least win a medal.

  12. Manny Pacquiao carrying the damned flag when he isn’t even competing. That’s why the Philippines isn’t going to win any medals. Filipinos give more respect to rock-stars wannabes like Pacqiao, than the actual people who are competeing in the Olympics under the Philippine Flag. The flag carrier should have been a Filipino Olympian. Not some primadonna.

  13. Every person that is part of the delegation accredited by the NOC can carry the flag.

  14. OG statuz Says:

    R.C. thanks for pointing that out. Instead of Gloria saying she’ll pay the athletes $200.000 each “IF” they win a gold medal. Why not invest that $200.000 on proper training and equipment instead. lets be proud of our athletes and lets add more to our roster in 2012.

  15. as an australian who has a beautiful filipno wife and daughter, i wish the athletes all the best. I also think an athlete should carry the flag.

  16. taexrhs83 Says:

    Thanks for the list.

    On Pacman, there’s no rule that says you need a competing athlete to carry the country flag. Nicaragua had Alexis Arguello, he’s not even an active athlete! And China had that 7-year old hero from the recent earthquake in Sichuan on front & center with Yao. The kid crawled out of his school, then went back in to save his classmates. Then trekked a long distance to get help. Obvioulsy, the parade of athletes is also a stage for making a statement. If the IOC thinks this is beyond the scope of the games, then they could limit the flag-bearing to compete athletes. Till then, I think it is fine for countries to choose whomever they believe is worthy of the task. I think on the whole, most pinoys are proud the Pacman carried The Philippine flag into the birdnest.

    BTW, is there a way to keep track of how the RP athletes are faring? Miguel Molina is from UC Berkeley and is competing for the homeland.

    Go, Philippines!

  17. Langdetan Says:

    Only 15 athletes? Wow! I wonder where all those millions for the Philippine olympic program went. For sure the “support entourage” outnumber the athletes 3:1. Yeah JVP said it right. Dream on team Philippines… Sad… 😦
    I am still hoping those 15 athletes give it their best though. Who knows… Even 1 gold is a lot… πŸ™‚

  18. I have just seen Walsh finish first in Heat 2 200m butterfly! Goooo Pinoy! Hidilyn Diaz’s fantastic efforts in weightlifting were also shown on RPN9. She’s only 17, i bet she’ll be back for 2012 even if she doesn’t get a medal now.

    Cheers to RPN9 for airing the Olympics (which for some reason ABS and GMA are not covering)!

  19. To: Jyanisatemybrain

    magtagalog ka na lang jan. pangit nman inglish mo!

  20. To: Jyanisatemybrain


  21. Smbongcayao Says:

    Until we leave our self interest behind we will always be a people under the clout of suspicion. The world stage is not for the corrupt dishonest bunch of debased morals but for people who’d rather die than slight deviation to true principles. We need men and women whose conviction to the right is as true as the needle to the pole. These are the people who’ll carry us to the world stage with no vested interest. It’s time to clean the house from the top to the bottom. Until such time we just simply dream of a medal in the Olympic and just keep on dreaming and when we wake up we realized that’s it’s only a dream. Nonetheless, I’m proud of our Country, it’s still the Pearl of the Orient with so much extraordinary talent destined for world recognition.

  22. Californian Says:

    Unfortunately, Philippines will not win any gold medal in Beijing Olympics. This does not mean that we do not have the best athletes in the world but that we do not have the best training facilities and the best training programs. This is a result of the the widespread corruption in the country where most of the governmental programs only exist in paper but are way far from achieving their goals.

  23. Grace Mendoza Says:

    Watch TaΓ±amor’s Fight on Aug 13 8:15pm at channel 9. Let’s pray for the remaining events of our Filipino athletes. Hope we win a gold! Go Pinoy!


  25. taexrhs83 Says:

    Judging by the posts here, it looks like Philippine Athletics is still marred in corruption, taking shortcuts, ill-prepared and ill-supported athletes, etc…basically, the same song & dance for the past several years/Olympics/international competition. Is this issue ever discussed in the media in Pinas? Unfortunately, it takes some serious grassroots work to cultivate athletics in a country in the right way, which means: money, dedication, and time. None of which the Philippines seems to invest in these endeavors. Like someone said, it needs to start from the top (to initiate change & invest the seed money) & the bottom (start a grassroots system where athletics becomes part of the Filipino culture). And this would take years to implement and bear fruit, so the time to start making these changes was yesterday.

    As for the Olympics, I think our best shot at medaling are the individual sport rather than the team sports; which is what all our athletes are involved in actually. Team sports would just highlight our inefficiencies (you need time to field a good team, see the USA Dream Team). One start is to ride the Pinoy boxing bandwagon and try to dominate boxing ala Cuba.

    Continued good luck to the Pinoy athletes in Beijing!

  26. Can anyone tell me why Manny Pacquiao isn’t competing? His non-participation was quite a shocker to the Philipinos in Seattle.

    I mean, seriously, he was our best chance to get a Gold Medal. 😦

  27. It is kind’a sad that out of 92 or 98 million Filipinos, there are only 15 athletes! I know money is not the question cuz Philippines is rich and lots of exports. It is clearly the politicians’ mismanagement that affected the individuals. Poor students who are skilled and talented…they can never be developed if this government will not improve. I was sad when I saw the country at the opening ceremony.
    And the president has the guts to come to the Olympics like that? What does she have to be proud about? I am proud of those 15, and I wish them well, but for the president to be out there and not provide enough delegates? Hmmmmm….embarassing!
    But anyway…pls comment back on my blog and update me with the Filipino media…thanks and Mabuhay everyone!

  28. Master Pl0x Says:

    U.S. and Phillipines for GOLD.

  29. El Santo,

    Manny Pacquiao is a licensed professional boxer. The boxers who participate in the Olympics are amature boxers with only amature licenses, and that’s why they were the head gear. The format for the Olympics is very much different form the pro-fight.

    While basketball, football(soccer), tennis, badminton, volleyball, beach volleyball – has pro athletes among its ranks, it’s not the same with boxing. Maybe it should be, but that’s an issue that will have to be taken up with the International Olympic Committee.

    Actually, in soccer, the team is mostly made up of Under-23 years old players. The regulations for that are being contested also with the International Olympic Committee since some of the best players that represent the country are above 23. I believe a national Olympic team can only have 3 players above 23, and the rest must comply with the age limit. Sucks.

    Anyway, those are the rules of Olympic engagement.

  30. elle_pinky Says:

    thanks for the article! i actually missed the PI in the parade of nations. boo for me! 😦

    i am agreeing with everyone else that thinks that the flag should have been carried by an athlete. but don’t get me wrong, i’m glad to see that pacquiao was there!

    oh! and just as an FYI…it’s Michael Phelps, not Mark. πŸ˜‰

  31. Phelp's not Phil. Says:

    If something in the disciplines of Olympics that the Philippines will be hoping to get a gold for, I think that without a doubt swimming will be not one of it. It is Michael Phelps of the United States who will get the gold an the all time record of having the most number of Olympic Gold Medals in history. Not that I’m really against you guys here at the forum but they are just weakling to other swimmers at the Olympics; so weak that they might be just beaten by a young Chinese swimmer. I’ll just stare and laugh on how they (the 4 RP SWIMMERS) perform their best if ever I see them at TV. =(

  32. Donovan Nufable Says:

    I have not been home for 15 years but of late I have been ineterested on how the new Philippine Goverment supports it’s athletes. I wonder if the funding for the sports people is comparable to overseas standard or at least some kind of funding is spent at all for the Philippine representatives for the Olypics.

  33. Mark Jones Says:

    Tanamor fights at 515 am pacific time

  34. Thanks for pointing out the error with Mark Phelps. I’ve changed it properly to Michael Phelps. I was just confused at the time after having read the comparisons between Mark Spitz and Michael Phelps, and thus that’s how Mark Phelps must’ve been born.

    It’s been fixed. I really think we should be doing better in the swimming events. They should get some of those muro-ami divers, who dive for pearls. I mean – the Philippines is surrounded by ocean, and yet we don’t have enough swimming talent. Ho hum.

  35. we only have .05 % to win gold with the limited sports we have..

    its so super unhopefull…

  36. Celine, Texas Says:

    It is so sad to hear all your comments. Being a Pilipino makes me proud because I know AND i BELIEVE THAT WE ARE STRONG. Wherever we go, whatever part of the world, we succeed, we become victorious, we can win whatever competition. We can be the best in everything if we choose to, but also with the help and support of our Government. How can you say MABUHAY AND PILIPINAS! when it seems like it is dying! Our educational system does not have enough support for all this sports that will enable students to be in the olympics. If there was… where is it. For the past five years I was gone I don’t know if things have changed?!?!? But reading comments like that, our country seems to be dying.

  37. Celine, Texas Says:

    Yesterday, I enrolled my son for his 6th grade class. We had to request the counsellor to change his elective classes so he can be in the band and also be in art class because he is really good in drawing. we also checked his P.E. because they have this wonderful sports program that will train kids to excel in sports and compete in every competition even the nationals. Next semester I am hoping he will be in one of these sports. We also talked to the Choir Director who encouraged him to join so he can be trained to sing. Sad to say, the Philippines doesn’t have this kind of program, early training of our kids, interschool competitions (other than the provincial meets in high school and the Palarong Pambansa). Like the ants, we can choose “soldier” or “worker”. Once we see those kids w/ talent we should zero in on them and train them from the very start, even if they have no money, even if they lived in the far-flung barrios. Like I said, we can choose to be the best. The difference with being in the Philippines and being in the U.S., is the opportunity. Here in the U.S we are given the opportunity to be trained and be the best. Even at work, we are pushed and pressured to be excellent in everything we do. I pray that our government bring the glorious days back of training and supporting our athletes in every kind of sport you can think of, that we see them flying high as they compete against the world’s best. Looking at 15 athletes that doesn’t seem to be the case.

  38. Jear Cheung Says:

    I enjoyed the weightlifting event of Hidilyn Diaz. Every inch lifted represents our Pinoy pride. I hope the Philipine Olympic Committee would put effort on training our brave athletes next time. I agree with OG statuz. What you see on a winning game has a whole lot of story and investment behind. Let’s not just wait for the glory. Let’s prepare for it.

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  40. there goes harry.. he also went bye bye.. sayang tkt ko for his saturday game.. i might as well sell it na lang.. got a complete schedule list on my other blog which I don’t know why it wasn’t a related post.. πŸ™‚


  42. Re: athletes allegedly not listed on official roster: Daniel COAKLEY is the name of the athlete, it’s just misspelled everywhere, unfortunately (you have it spelled as COCKLEY, which I assume you got from the Star.) Daniel Coakley is swimming for the Philippines! GO Daniel! GO Philippines!

  43. Here he is:

    Don’t know about the other three, but maybe it’s also a spelling issue!

  44. jake monteverde Says:

    wala ng pag-asa ang mga pinoy sa olympic,sali na lang sila sa padamihan ng population,saka padamihan ng mag-nanakaw sa gobyerno.Doon alaam ko mananalo ang pilipinas.saka kahit anong gawin talagang wala ng pag-asa umasenso ang pilipinas aminin na natin ito.Hindi nga natin kayang mag host ng olympic dahil puro utang at lahat ng pera ay nasa magnanakaw na politika.Tignan mo ang meaning ng domestic helper sa dictionary ganoon na kababa ang uri ng pinoy sa ibang bansa.

  45. filipinofn Says:

    harry tanamor just lost = [[[
    to a nobody
    they said he cried later

  46. PilipinasforSale Says:

    I believe we will never amount to anything this Olympic season and this will pave the way for a revamp and re examine the programs and systems how we scout possible athletes to compose our national pool for future Olympic event. No medals for Philippines is a wake up call for the people behind the Philippine Olympic Committee. India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, people of the same size with Pinoys made it, why can’t weeeeee!!??!!? <— A very very gas-gas question that is unanswered for decades. Too much politics even in sports, whew! We even hired Phil-Ams that we know will never win an Olympic Gold. (If they are good enough, the US government already included them in their training pool.) Anyway, no medal for Philippines this Olympic Season is very good so that we can do something about the people behind it. Hahayay! Maybe there’s a jinx in them. hehehehe.

  47. PilipinasforSale Says:

    Ooops, i forgot. i don’t care about beating our very own Philippine Records. What i want is an Olympic Gold. Again, what i want is an Olympic Gold (This is an absolute statement, no explanation needed) I want Gold! Huwwwaaaaa! It may sounds ironic but IMO, we will get our first ever elusive Gold in the Winter Olympics soon. No snow in the Philippines? Strange, but maybe true.

  48. pacquiao????????????

    unsa gihimo nimo duha?!! dili man ka OLYMPIAN!!!!
    ngano naa man ka hiha???
    gasamoksamok raman ka diha!!!!!!!

    wa nalang jud lain mudala anang flag diha? kana diay cilang mga olympian.

  49. Mabuhay ang Pinoy,Manalo o Matalo ang Importante patuloy tayong sumasali sa Olympic at iba pang palakasan, Hala Bira!

  50. Julianne Bradley Says:

    Win or loose, I’m still proud of our Filipino athletes!!! God bless Philippines!!!

  51. ni anino ng mga pinoy athletes wala pa akong nakikita…kasi naman dito sa london pinapakita lang nila ung mga athletes nila….akala ko na nga talo na mga pinoy…hindi naman kc namin mapanood ung whole coverage ng Beijing Olympics…kaya naggo-google nalang ako…and hope this site will help as well….

    kakahinayang nga kasi talo na ung favourite ng Pinas for gold…whch is Tanamor..he’s just lost from Ghana’s boxer…

    Sheila Mae Perez is about to compete for Women’s 3m Springboard Preliminary tommorow (August 15, 2008) and really really hope she could enter the finals and atleast win any medals (hoping for gold)…i read one article saying Sheila is one of asia’s best diver…hope i could watch it tommorow…
    heres the article where i read it…

    read some of the comments…tama nga…dapat kasi gobyerno din tutulong sa athletes…with proper training as well…sadly they dont…

  52. Hey guys!

    It’s ok not to win gold na! The Philippines now holds the distinction of having the most number of medals won without gold in the whole world. The previous country that held that distinction, Mongolia, just won their first gold medal through the field of Judo. I say win more silvers and bronzes so that we keep that distinction! MABUHAY kayong lahat! πŸ™‚

  53. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas….

    And I’m proud to be a Filipino…..

  54. i do hope that someday our sports program here in the philippines will somehow improve not only to our national athletes but to our potential athletes also… i do hope that our athletes will have support not from government funds only but private corporations also so that our athletes will be able to grab some international sports exposure…

  55. hmmm… in additional, who are the remaining Filipino athletes to play?

  56. Why don’t we have more delegates to the olympics??? The Filipinos are very competetive people.. in Basketball, Volleyball, etc.. etc.. The more athletes we have there, the more chances for us to win some medals. Other countries prepare for the olympics years and years before they send these athelets off to compete, do we have that kind of program in the philippines? I don’t know what is going on at the POC.. but, 1 thing I can say is, it doesn’t look much.

  57. […] turned out the PacMan was part of the event but he was just the flag bearer in the parade (link here). The boxer who will represent the Philippines is Harry […]


  59. MOna BalDoMErO Says:

    go Philipppines! and team GB(great britain)!!!

    wot is annoying me is, i dnt see any filipinos in any events yet!
    and i am really excited! and annoyed with the americans! show-offs!
    even if i’m in britain, i still support philipines, as i was born there…..


    i really wish u win a gold medal! (at least 1!)

    && i have a little philippines flag by my window! (co0l)

  60. go! go! TEAM PHILIPPINES kahit wala ako sa tabi nyo para mag-cheer alam kong kaya nyo yan! LAHAT NAMAN GINAGAWA KO DITO SA BAHAY

  61. go team philippines!

  62. wala na mangyayari sa mga atleta ng pilipino uuwing talunan lang yan !hahahahaha kawawa naman! mga basang siwsiw! ala ako tiwala sa mga atleta natin! mga talunan!


  64. hey guys. if gloria will just give budget to represent Philippines in Olympics and properly well trained, it is possible to have GOLD….

    in short, we should not expect Gold… hehehe

  65. I Would Like to Wish all Filipino’s and Filipina’s the Very Best of Luck for the 2008 Olympic Games God Bless and God Go With You all πŸ™‚

  66. ashamedpinoy Says:

    As a Filipino I must say…
    Maybe once we’re a developed nation free of corruption and greedy politics but at present we shouldn’t even bother hahahha so pathetic

  67. Pilipinasforsale Says:

    No medal in the Olympic Games! Yehey!?!? Politics, Politics, Politics everywhere, everything are being politicized. Yehey!?!? We cannot get any medal because we are the “SICK MAN OF ASIA” and sick people will never amount to anything! Sick man just stay in bed, relax and try to recover and get treated. Sick People are not allowed to stand up and walk because it may just worsen his condition.

    He.he.he.he. For me, budget is pretty out of the question, we can even give over 10 Million Pesos plus incentives, endorsements and the likes whoever wins the GOLD because we have money. We even allocated a big chunk of money for our sports program.

    Its more on how we SCOUT for potential athlete and honed them to be one (Stop recycling athletes!) Go to China and copy their sports program, or even nakakahiya, try to go to Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and ask them why…

    Let us just prepare for 2012 NOW! Create a long term plan for 2012 Olympic by starting next year. But first, people from the Philippine Olympic Committee must tender their resignation for failure of getting a medal in the games. That will be the parameters in the future personnel of the agency, no medal during olympics, resign. simple as that! Mahiya naman kayo jan, you have many ideas, healthy contentions, almost circumvent all of the critics but “bang” – a boomerang. You failed to land a Gold or a medal in the Olympic Games.

    Three words for all of you: 1. WE, 2. NEVER, 3. LEARN.

    We never learn, because we are sick, sick man of Asia, you can never expect a sick man to think well and make sound decisions. Its not a rocket science. Simple mathematics 1+1=2. Hahay, too many bright boys, too many brains, too few muscles to do the labor.

    All of the above statements are nothing, never mind what i am talking. i am just trying to express myself because i am desperate of getting my ever elusive Gold – Ordinary Pinoy (A pride gradually degrading) Huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  68. Leave a Reply Says:

    Filipinos are so full of yabang! Talk lang ng talk but can’t walk the walk! You heard those athletes speak of doing their best to get the gold! They’re full of crap! Sick man of asia?! Philippines has tubercolosis and AIDS and is the sick man of the world! Proud to be Pinoy?! Marco Torres sucks! What’s all that hype of having a filipino bear the olympic torch when we can’t even win a medal?! Wrong priorities! Wrong focus of attention! Yeah Marco Torres you got all the attention you wanted! But you still suck because you represented a country who can’t win a medal in the olympics! Go Marco Torres eat that! Hope you still have the heart to bear the torch in the next olympics! Loser!

  69. manalo, matalo guyz…….cute parin kayo….

    just txt me nalang///#09289873610 smart user lang…..

    good luck…i hope maka gold ang philippines ng isa….para masaya naman……..

  70. The result is clear Philippine team for beijing olympics is no longer qualified for any prestigeous award to be given. Therefore I conclude nagsasayang lang sila ng panahon, pera, at iba pa. Well Gud luck na lang!!! coz after all your hard work di n’yo naman yon gastos.

  71. Jelarzhel Says:

    I don’t like the way these Kumags degrading our Pinoy Olympians.
    Why not make these Kumags be part of the Olympic.
    Yung mga nag expressed ng bad koments dyan sa mga Olympian natin suggest ko na kayo na lang maging Athletes(foot) kasi daming nyong satsat dumi ng mg bibig nyo. You guys a better off with a BOLO with in your Asses.
    I don’t care if my Filipino Olympian Team did not win any gold medals…
    Representing the Filipino in Oympic is well enough.

    I bet these KUMAG who made these bad comments to our Olympians are fellows lacking sex in their lives and excitement…get VIAGRA…

  72. Philippines has TUBERCULOSIS AND SICK MAN OF THE WORLD. bwehehehehe, grabe ka naman preng! Wag naman ganyan, meron pa naman dyang Malawi, Somalia, Comoros, Solomon Islands, Congo, Burundi, East Timor, Tanzania, Afghanistan, Yemen at iba pa.

    Pero ang Afghanistan meron isang Bronze, tayo WALAAAAA… belat ko!

  73. Jelarzhel Says:

    My bad! You guys are right! Philippines suck big time! Panay yabang kase mga atleta natin hindi na sila nag practice at nag concentrate sila sa online voting ng olympic torch bearer na si Marco Torres na walang kwenta! And it’s true, Filipinos have this crab mentality and at the same time are so sensitive to criticisms which are true enough! The Philippine Team sucks! Eat that! Face the music guys! The Filipino people must get their act together or else Philippines won’t anymore be a sick man of the world, the Philippines will die and get erased from the world map!

  74. Walang nakuha na kahit ano ang Pinoy. Ano na nangyari s training. Pacquiao panahon na para lumaban ka sa olympic 4 years from now

  75. Namputsa naman kayo wag nyo na sisihin ang dapat sabihin ehh kung di rin lang kaya bat kailangan pang mag-aksaya ng pera para sa training, para sa budget mainam ehh tigilan na yan, tsaka na lang ulit pag matino na ang Pilipinas. Tigilan na yang kagagastos na yan na walang patutunguhan. Tama si Mike Hanapol na Kayabangan lang ang inyong nalalaman at mabuti pa ang magtanim na lang kayo ng kamote.

  76. Grande Manny Pacqiao Says:

    Daje che prendiamo qualche medaglia o almeno un’oro…
    Poi non capisco perchΓ¨ PACMAN non ha partecipato ai giochi perchΓ¨ lui di sicuro prende una medaglia o addirittura un’oro…

  77. Jelarzhel says representing is just enough! WRONG!! This is the kind of mentality that most Filippino people have.
    Why not have pride and get angry about this and do something.
    You can give all the incentives in the world but without proper diet, training and motivation, Gold medals are far from being anywhere near the country,
    My wife is Filippina and scoffs when she sees the Olympics. She says, “who cares”.
    Form a committee and get these athletes that had enough balls to go and be embarressed the proper training

  78. ano ba yan! walang napanalunang medalya! bumawe na lang kayo sa SEA games! dun lang namn tayo nagkakaroon ng maraming medalya! Now that’s a FACT!

  79. Harold & Kumag Says:

    Dis is punny por sure!

  80. PilipinasforSale Says:

    Can we create a signature campaign banning the Philippine Team from participating future Olympics? Hehehehe… Sayang yung money sa Training, Travel, Board and Lodging and the likes tapos gain nothing in return?????? Dapat pinadalhan sila ng samurai doon sa olympics tapos after game pag talo, harakiri (hehehehehe – Joke only!). Pilipinas Olympic Sports – are good for nothing. e abolish nlang yang Philiippine Olympic Committee and use the money for something else (Joke again) like purchase Bullet proof vest, night vision goggles, long range super sniper rifles, radio scanners, “real” kevlar helmets para astig yung marines natin. Cash lang at wag bidding kasi magiging substandard at quadruple na ang price niyan! Hahayhay!

  81. only 15 athletes to compete?

    dont be surprised if we had
    NEVER won even one medal..

    why not encourage more filipino
    athletes to train and represent
    our country?
    Im sure there’s a lot.
    Its just that are gov’t
    dont give a damn care
    about buying training materials
    and equipments so that the others
    will have the eager to practice and train.

    well, dont be surprised why..

    our gov’t is CORRUPT.

    how great. -_-


  82. Hi – really good web site you have created. I enjoyed reading this posting. I did want to publish a comment to tell you that the design of this site is very aesthetically delightful. I used to be a graphic designer, now I am a copy editor in chief for a merchandising firm. I have always enjoyed working with computers and am attempting to learn computer code in my spare time (which there is never enough of lol).

  83. Hi! I’m roselle from Unang Hirit of GMA 7. I’m really hoping you can read this. πŸ™‚ Anyway, we are currently doing a news feature on 2012 Olympics in London and I was wondering if we can use your Olympic pictures here (from 2008 beijing olympics) in our AV? Thank you very much! I hope you can reply soon. God bless! πŸ™‚

    • JJ Duque Says:

      So sorry for the late reply. I’ve been very very busy. If it’s not too late, then go ahead. πŸ™‚

  84. sayang pero ok nasin sana sa london maka gold na

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