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Philippine Environment: The Green Agenda Philippines: NOW!

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[The following piece was written and shared by John Paul LAKAN Olivares]

In the past months we have been witness to the awesome power of nature a our inadequacies and failures in addressing environmental issues. This has been capitulated in the damage wrecked upon Metro Manila and the surrounding provinces by Bagyo Ondoy, and the damage to Northern Luzon by Bagyo Pepeng.

We, the concerned citizens of the Philippines, now speak up and decide to take charge of our communities in addressing this most urgent of all matters. From these tragedies we have seen the best of the Filipino people rise in unison for a greater purpose, as they united in light of other recent events (the death of President Corazon Aquino and Bro. Ed Manalo of the INC). Now, we must once again rise up and unite to change the very fabric of society, lest we wait in denial for nature to once again wreak havoc upon our country.

Support The Green Agenda Philippines and Sign Up For The 10 Million Movement Now

Support The Green Agenda Philippines and Sign Up For The 10 Million Movement Now

The Green Agenda Philippines: NOW!

The single most important issue the human race is facing is its own extinction due to effects created by the damage of our natural environment. From pollution to the degradation and loss of natural resources, such practices put to risk the very survival of our people. And if we do not address these concerns immediately, we will face greater effects of Global Warming, the shrinking of resources (famine), wars over food and water, disease brought upon by pollution and mutations, and much more.

No government or even the United Nations can address this problem with a long termed large scale impact, unless whole populations take the initiative to undo the damage and save ourselves.

Today, we, the ordinary Filipino citizens, can no longer deny that our environment is no longer stable due to human disregard, and now threatens the lives of all sectors of society. In this realization, we must take matters into our own hands for a truly community based social-environment peace revolution. This revolution starts now, with the 10 Million Movement, initiated by the Earth Day Network Philippines, as an online petition for people to signify their participation in the environmental awareness movement.

And in this relaunching of the 10 Million Movement, we seek to create a network of people and communities that will reclaim their stewardship of the planet and actively work to create a Green Philippines; and we, the Filipino People, become co-creators of a world that we would truly want to live in, through the process of self-empowerment and collective action.

From this network, we seek to build a new society that breaks the old paradigms of neglect, abuse and conflict; and create a Green Agenda that revolves around a humanist national community with a sustainable socio-economic culture.

From this network, we aim to link environmental organizations with Community and Sectoral Leaders, and develop local eco-friendly cultures through:

  • Conducting Environmental Awareness Education and Community
  • Consultations Developing Sustainable / Profitable Eco-Friendly Livelihood Initiatives
  • Creating Community Waste Segregation and Recycling Programs
  • Initiating Community Stewardship
  • Cleaning and Rehabilitating of local Natural Resources
  • Patronizing Eco-Friendly Products, Services, and Businesses
  • Develop a National Barangay Network, in which communities can share information on best practices and alternative eco-friendly technologies

From this network, we aim to convene all Local Environmental, Humanitarian and Peace Organizations to mount a unified campaign for a Green Philippines through:

  • Holding Eco-Awareness Festivals and Events
  • Conducting Regional and National Environmental Conferences
  • Lobbying for Government Legislation and Participation
  • Developing a National Environmental Council that monitors positive and negative developments, and links the necessary local organization and government agency to address the issue
  • Creating a National Information Portal that allows all members to share information in expertise, best practices, technological development, etc.

From this network, we aim to address the Business Sector and work with them to:

  • Support Environmental Programs as Part of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Develop Eco-Friendly Business Practices
  • Create Profitable Eco-Friendly Products

From this network, we aim to partner with Media and work with them to:

  • Develop Environmental Awareness Programs Support Environmental
  • Organizations and Causes through free (or reduced rate) advertising and media reportage
  • Give reduced rate advertising for Eco-Friendly Products

From this network, we aim to link up with International Environmental Groups and Agencies to:

  • Create a Global Resource Center for Eco-Friendly Community Practices, Business Practices and Technologies
  • Create a Global Resource Center for International Funding for developing Eco-Friendly Community Practices, Business Practices and Technology

From this network, we aim to work with Academic Institutions to:

  • Help develop Curricula that addresses Environmental Awareness
  • Help build programs for students to participate and create their own Environmental Awareness Events
  • Create initiatives for students to develop Technologies, Business Practices and Products that are Eco-Friendly
  • Help construct a network of academic institutions and agencies that will allow information sharing on Eco-Friendly Community Practices, Business Practices and Technologies

From this network, we aim to work with Architectural, Engineering and Scientific Institutions to:

  • Develop technologies and systems that will reduce consumption of natural resources and maximize practical output without pollution
  • Develop technologies and systems that will recycle non-biodegradable waste, including construction material, to reduce consumption of existing natural resources
  • Develop eco-friendly waste disposal technologies and systems to deal with the continuing garbage problem
  • Develop eco-friendly alternative energy sources that will reduce consumption of fossil-based fuels

From this network, we aim to work with Local Government Units to:

  • Develop and support Eco-Friendly Community Programs Help build and support Sustainable Eco-Friendly Business Initiatives
  • Support and participate in Eco-Friendly Events

From this network, we aim to work with National Government to:

  • Create Eco-Friendly Legislations Support and Participate in Eco-Friendly Events
  • Develop a Comprehensive Long-Term Green Philippines Agenda

Now we come to you, not just to sign up for the 10 Million Movement, but to take that great step towards a Green Philippines, and in the future, a 90 Million Strong Filipino Green Revolution by 2012.

Sign up now.