Eco-Friendly Solutions For The Philippines. Any Suggestions?

We at Philippines Funwall would like to hear about Eco-Friendly solutions you may suggest that our government might want to consider implementing. At present, President GMA has ordered the creation of a national commission for climate change, and part of their tasks will be to look at solutions to help curb the problem of climate change. Of course, there are many solutions to consider – waste management, air pollution reduction, alternative energy, green campaigns, etc. Share your thoughts please.

If you know of programs, organizations, products or individuals – who may have solutions that can be adopted for the Philippines either for an individual household, a community, or maybe even on a national level, kindly share those thoughts and concerns.

Thank you.

Love and Light!

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One Response to “Eco-Friendly Solutions For The Philippines. Any Suggestions?”

  1. Personally, I would like to see all smoke-belching vehicles gone from the streets of the Philippines. Most of these are buses, trucks and jeeps. Whether these vehicles ply a city or provincial route, there really has got to be something done to get rid of these smoke-belchers.

    The same goes for private vehicles that are old. If your car is a smoke-belcher, then please do the proper thing and have it fixed. Or if you must, then kill the car already.

    The LTO should also be more vigilant in their inspection of smoke-belching vehicles. Most vehicles can ‘bribe’ and ‘fix’ their way past the smoke-belching procedures during registration. At some instances, the inspection doesn’t even happen.

    Also the MMDA should also focus on smoke-belchers, and not just on color-coding violators. Stiff penalties should be given to force owners and operators to have these smoke-belching problems fixed.

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