[The following statement was written by Martin Cervantes as a response to his earlier article ‘Dick Gordon, You Need A Dose of Reality!!!’]

If you can read this, then you’re probably my friend but I’m leaving this to become public.

I recently wrote a blog that well I kind of regret writing because I was thinking out of frustration at a situation in a RELIEF effort. I realized after all the mudslinging, the original point of the blog was to inform how things are going and not to create negativity and malign individuals. The pictures posted were of course done stupidly in Jest.

If you have a copy of my blog that I originally placed, please take it down for EVERYONE’S well being.

I am TRULY SORRY IF there were names dragged to the picture and of course once again I humbly accept any consequences that come out of it.

Typhoon Ondoy has brought out the BEST and worst in the Filipino but I believe the bigger picture was that it UNITED A NATION that has gone through so much. Maybe my blog was a reflection of how things go and how we shouldn’t jump the gun either.

At this point….I’d just like to MOVE ON…especially since there’s another typhoon on its way that I’m praying will spare our country because we don’t deserve this. We are a Faithful people and I know God will provide.

Once again, I am sincerely sorry for the whole fiasco, it was not my intention to present it that way. Thank you and God bless us all.

Everyones A Hero


  1. paz reyes Says:

    The apology doesn’t help a bit. It just adds unwanted pains by reminding us of man’s injustice against his fellowman which is an everyday occurrence in our RP. People know how these things go. It is a shame that a politician should be running the PNRC. After this incident, true or not, the best way for Senator Gordon to go is OUT of PNRC and into the senate halls where he rightfully belongs, legislating for the people and not distributing foods for Ondoy’s victims. That is how we should set things right, not by any apology of your sort, Martin. The apology does not serve the victims who were made to unnecessarily wait for unjust reasons. Kaya naman hindi natin masisi ang mga nagugutom na matagal na naghihintay kung sila ay nagpumilit manggulo katulad ng nangyari. Let’s all help find a better way to serve our people not through useless apologies.

    • Very well put. That’s the reason why I didn’t want Martin to retract his earlier statement. And if he is sorry for what he said, his words still rang true at the moment he wrote it, and I cannot be one to deny the truth of that moment.

  2. Right, JJ, no sense denying the truth as it appeared to the concerned observer, Martin and many others.

    I would always assert the usefulness of an action. The priority for justice must always be the victims. To set things right so the incident will not happen again to more victims is a top response.

    Senator Gordon was not a victim of Martin’s honest observation. No one can ever be a victim of an honest observation, even if his own bias came into play. No one is beyond bias. So Martin need not apologize. His concern was not to malign the good Senator.

    On the contrary, it would be Senator Gordon who should be apologizing to Martin and others like him who had the courage to tell the world what injustice he saw so that it may be straightened out and never to happen again.

    “I am sorry, Martin, that we made things happened in such a way that it pained you and motivated you into telling the world. I am glad you did what you did. What you saw and how you wrote it was a consequence of our actions, not yours nor of the victims. So it is I who must apologize, to you and the victims, and to the Filipino people who voted me into office, to the president who made me the big boss in PNRC.” For a Senator like Gordon who pride himself as always on the right, this may be hard to do, but it is the best way out for him.

    Seeing misery hurts, and often for the sensitive activists miseries move them into responsible actions hoping for good corrective results. That is all that matters to the concerned activist. I think Martin is one of them.

    As things stand in my eyes, if ever an apology is necessary of Martin, it would be best implored by Senator Gordon in a better way. Like he always say in and out of the halls of congress, “If I did wrong, sue me.” So Senator, sue Martin, instead of demanding an apology. Let him apologize after due process have found him to be on the wrong. To Martin, hehe, sue the erring Senator, too, if in your heart he did something really wrong. Why not? It is not wrong to follow the Sen Gordon’s advice.

    Really, I don’t see anything wrong with a private apology to the Senator from Martin. I see so many things wrong for the public apology which I believe was not voluntary on Martin’s part but somehow “requested.”

    Nor, do I see anything wrong with a formal letter for redress from Martin to the Senator’s office. Alam mo, marami diyan pag salita lang, hindi sulat, walang aksyon.

    With due respect to all concerned,

    Have a nice day.

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