Philippine Film: Vote Raffy Francisco To Represent Philippines At

Raffy Francisco is well-known in and around the Philippines as a director and film-maker. He is one of hte most sought after directors for music videos, and has done some wonderful work for the likes of Gary Valenciano, Lani Misalucha, Vina Morales, Sarah Geronimo, Gretchen Barreto, True Faith and Toni Gonzaga to name a few. In fact, Raffy Francisco has also won at the MTV Philippines Music Video Awards. He’s also directed several commercial ads, and has even acted in a full-length film called Tulad Ng Dati, which was praised as the Best Picture in the Cinemalaya.

Raffy Francisco also runs a podcast called Topdogs Manila, and when he goes on vacation he wake-skates, and is pretty awesome at it.

Raffy Francisco and Joey Mead: Stills From The Audition Video

Raffy Francisco and Joey Mead: Stills From The Audition Video

At present, Raffy Francisco is auditioning for a contest at He entered an audition video – a pretty trippy one at that – that just really goes to show his creative talents. If Raffy Francisco‘s video gets enough votes, then he could be chosen by to win $50,000 and a chance to work on a blockbuster film in Australia. Several auditon videos are available from everyone all over the world, but you’ll really have to see the audition video of Raffy Francisco for yourself and just see how amazingly his video just rocks compared to the other audition videos. Of course, don’t only watch it, but please do share your comments and vote for it.

After all, a film-maker like Raffy Francisco will certainly be an appropriate representative for the Philippines to win this contest by

Watch and vote forย  Raffy Francisco’s audition video here.

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