Philippine Events: Manila Joins Global Earthdance 2009

The La Mesa Eco-Park, located at Quezon City, is once again the convergence zone for the global peace festival of dance and music here in Manila.

Known to the world since 1996 as Earthdance, its Philippine counterpart – Earthdance Manila – will be joining the rest of the world as Earthdance simultaneously dedicates a significant time to celebrate harmony through the platform of music and dance performances in at least 300 participating locations found in more than 100 countries.

Highlights of Earthdance Manila include: Interfaith ceremonies, indigenous storytelling through music and dance, workshops from various groups and NGOs, an eco-fair, and the Prayer for Peace at 7am on September 27.

Earthdance Manila e-flyer

For 2009, the Earthdance Manila event, which maybe taken solely as a peace festival, moves forward with the strengthening of its slant for advocacy.

On September 26, Earthdance Manila will give venue to the 10Million Movement for Green Philippines launched by the Earthday Network in the previous years. Along with this, Earthdance Manila aims to influence stakeholders and civil society towards a Green Agenda wherein peace and sustainable development are envisioned to co-exist. Proceeds of the Earthdance Manila will benefit charities for and in honor of children, such as those working to combat cancer, child sex trafficking and assistance for indigenous children.

Earthdance Manila will be held at the La Mesa Eco Park ampitheater from September 26 6pm to Septemeber 27 7am, culminating with the world-wide simultaneous prayer for peace.

Park entrance is at P50. Participants are enoucraged to bring their own water and lights. Camping grounds will also be available for those who wish to bring their tents.


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