Philippine Politics: Manny Pacquiao For Congress – God Save The Philippines

Boxing champ Manny Pacquiao is gunning for a second round attempt for a seat in the Philippine House of Representatives in the upcoming 2010 elections. Manny Pacquiao will be looking to win a congressional seat in his hometown of General Santos City, you know?

Back in 2007, Manny Pacquiao already lost the election, and cited that he wasn’t prepared politically for his campaign due to his busy schedule with boxing fights and training. This coming 2010, Manny Pacquiao still has to train and prepare to fight Miguel Angel Cotto while in the midst of his campaign for congress. Apart from that, he still has a TV show, some movies, maybe another album and whatever. Whatever Manny Pacquiao gets himself into doesn’t surprise me anymore. Yes – even running for congress.

But really now – Do the Filipino people really want Manny Pacquiao in congress? Personally, I would rather he stick to what he does best – which is to fight in the boxing ring and not in the political arena. He may not be the best actor, but let him have his kicks in showbiz, but PLEASE – for the country’s sake – DO NOT RUN FOR CONGRESS, MANNY!

What qualifications do you have to run for politics? ZERO! Manny Pacquiao has spent his entire life as a boxer, and maybe too many left hooks has f***ed up bis brain, which might spur this STUPID decision to run for congress. Manny Pacquiao has no experience in Philippine politics whatsoever, and if he thinks that the politics in boxing is the same as congress, then he must really be out of his mind. I even doubt if Manny Pacquiao will have the time (considering the demands of  his boxing and showbiz career) to read through the many resolutions and legislations that are passed in Congress. Can Manny Pacquiao even effectively deliberate in the halls of congress, or are we just going to hear him say, “You know?” – you know?

If Manny Pacquiao believes he can serve the country because of his deep pockets, then by all means do so. Manny Pacquiao can give to as many charities and come up with as many projects as he wants to help in the development of General Santos City and the Philippines without having to be a congressman.

Manny, Pacman, Champ, Idol – please lang… use your head.

Manny Pacquiao For Congress in 2010 - God Save The Philippines!

Manny Pacquiao For Congress in 2010 - God Save The Philippines!

And to those supposed political  friends and political advisers of Manny Pacquiao – Chavit, Noli Boy, Tolits, Madam GMA – knock some sense into him. He can’t even deliver a proper interview about what he is passionate about (boxing), and you expect him to enter the halls of Philippine congress to enact legislation that will serve our country. It’s not right, you know?

Anyway – I will put my faith on the Filipino people and the intelligent people of General Santos. I’m sure they know better, and it showed in the 2007 elections when Manny Pacquiao lost. And I certainly hope he will lose again, and let the voice of the people be heard that Manny Pacquiao‘s place is not in Philippine congress. You know?

I’m sure everyone has learned their lesson when they put the likes of Ramon Revilla and Robert Jaworski in the Senate, who didn’t even utter a word throughout the entire team that Senate convened. Well, except maybe to raise their hand and ask permission to use the toilet. You know?

The 2010 elections is a critical time for the country, and not only on the Presidential race, but in all levels of government that will be fought for and campaigned for. Please vote wisely. And to the people of General Santos City – I’m sure you have a more qualified candidate for Congress than a popular personality who doesn’t have an ounce of political experience, even if he is world-renowned.

You know better, you know?


3 Responses to “Philippine Politics: Manny Pacquiao For Congress – God Save The Philippines”

  1. i really agreed on this letter u have posted in this kind of media. manny must put himself on wat is really best for him like boxing.we can shout to the world that he is the world best boxing hero but not in politics, for God’s sake.

    people should decide on wat is the NEED not WANT for us filip[inos to move on.

    especially to the people of sarangani province and general santos city please vote wisely, we are all at stake.

    many can serve the people especially the sarangans and generals even without politiking but on the way of a community service thru his effort and with the aid of any non government organization so that he can ensure that his money spent on this commmunity service will really reach the people in need of his great help and his blessings will really benefits his countrymen.

    manny idol kita i even hav a copy of ur fights, and i really admired u as person of sports. pleae for your sake and the people just focus yourself on wat is really best for u not in politics. i know u hav everything, my just concern is “AYAW PAGAMIT SA UBAN, DAPAT IKAW ANG MANGAMIT PARA ANG IMONG TUOY NGA MAKATABANG MAABOT GAYUD SA HINGTUNGDAN OG ANG GINOO RA ANG MUBALOS SA IMONG MGA MAAYONG TUYO O PLANO NG MAKATABANG SA DAPAT TABANGAN. GOD bless you and ur family.

  2. Better give the man a chance to be in the House pls. Besides, he will still have to win the polls, in case he wins. Pacquiao has the propensity to listen to experts, which made him world champ via his good learning attitudes. it’s best to check up on his accomplishments as congressman later when he sits in the august hall of the legislature, rather than insult him now which amounts to arrogance and smugness.

    • You’re right. I just think he lacks the communication skills and political savvy. But yes, we are a democracy. Let the voters decide. Thanks.

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