Philippine Politics: Governor Ed Panlilo Drops Out of 2010 Presidential Race

Pampanga Governor Ed Panlilio, who is also a priest on leave, declared his intention to drop out of the 2010 Presidential race at a press conference in Club Filipino, Greenhills – the same historic venue where Philippine Senator Mar Roxas also announced his withdrawal from his bid for President.

According to Gov. Ed Panlilio‘s statement, he is giving up his campaign for president to give way to the support of Senator Beningno “Noynoy” Aquino III.

Even if it’s similar to the announcement made by Mar Roxas -right down to the venue and the press release – Governor Ed Panlilio couldn’t possibly have been that serious in his intention to run for President. I mean – has the Pampanga Governor even seen the surveys and polls? Well, if he has, then he’ll probably notice that his name won’t even come up in the top 10 of any survey for Presidential elections. That alone is reason enough for him to stay out of the 2010 Presidential race. Really now – did he really think he could win?

Pampanga Governor Ed Panlilio

Pampanga Governor Ed Panlilio

Had Gov. Ed Panlilio run for President, I would’ve considered him a nuisance candidate. Sort of like Brother Eddie Gil, and possibly Eddie Villanueva.  What’s up with these Ed’s who keep thinking they’ll ever become President. President Ed? Sounds like a horse from a TV show.

Members of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines have expressed delight over Panlilio’s decision to withdraw, and even some concluded that – “maybe it’s about time he just return to his priestly duties.”

I personally think Governor Ed Panlilio is just trying to make an ala-Mar Roxas sacrifice in the hopes that he will generate the same kind of sympathy from the Filipino people, who have expressed a thumbs-up for the withdrawal of Mar Roxas because he put country before self. Now, watch carefully – I have a feeling Ed Panlilio will try to make a run for the Philippine Senate, and will hope that his press release will gain him a favorable Senate seat under the slate of Noynoy Aquino.

Ay nako!

One Response to “Philippine Politics: Governor Ed Panlilo Drops Out of 2010 Presidential Race”

  1. Just a pure concernTo bro. Ay nako + po, ***What a sharp brain you have to properly & accurately put an exact analysis to the **Great Political Plan” of the Honorable Governor of MEKENI. Mr Ay nako I am dead sure only few people will disagree that politics is one of the **Dirtiest** game specially in our beloved country. It is indeed an opposite to the right definition which is ( A SCIENCE OF GOOD GOVERNMENT) but, now it looks like can be consider as ( A SCIENCE OF EXCELLENT & EFFECTIVE CORRUPTION ) Any candidate aspiring for President with very slim or no chance of winning very sure they will just end up for nothing. He is the kind of character+++ so called ***AIMING HIGH but, HITTING LOW*** We understand that it is their option so, let them do & pursue their intention to run. **Let us pray and hope that voting people will learned & be educated enough to a choose **Good Public Servant** ******PROVERBS******* ( A GOOD NAME IS RATHER TO BE CHOSEN, THAN GREAT RICH AND LOVING FAVOR, THAN SILVER GOLD)

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