Philippine Politics: Will Manny Villar Become The Next President?

Former Senate President Manny Villar is currently leading the Pulse Asia survey on whom the Filipino people would want to become the next Philippine President to succeed Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

If the survey holds up come election day on 2010, then indeed we could certainly see Manny Villar become the next President of the Philippines.  Will he really become the next Philippine President? I think – yes.

Why? Well, while all the other Philippine presidentiables were still in the process of deciding whether they would run or not, Manny Villar already stated his intention to run a long time ago. Of course, it’s easy to just simply make a press release in the papers to say that you would run for the Presidency, but in Manny Villar‘s case – he actually committed vast resources and efforts in preparation for his campaign.

And we’re not just talking about campaign materials. We’re talking about the vast resources of talented people who would help him run his campaign throughout the country.

As early as now – Manny Villar has ads on television. These ads have been on the drawing board a long time, and have been carefully plotted out. The earlier versions of this ad were carefully screened, critiqued, re-edited, and really went through a thorough process. What is being shown today in television is the result of a well-planned and well-executed ad that certainly makes its mark on its audiences. Its proper time-slot placement and frequency of air-play is just as impressive.

More than the ads – Manny Villar has aligned himself with several key people who will be certainly instrumental in his campaign. Just recently, published an article on “The Honor Guards” of Manny Villar. And just who are these “Honor Guards?”

Manny Villar and His 'Honor Guards'

Manny Villar and His 'Honor Guards'

First, there’s the young Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, an Ateneo Law Grad who helps out the Tropang Villar as the one in-charge of “national interest matters.” Then, there’s Laguna Representative Justin Marc “Timmy” Chipeco, who is a Law graduate from the San Beda College and Arellano Law School, and is in charge of  “local governance.” Former Pampanga Representative and Upsilonian Juan Pablo “Rimpy” Bondoc, who earned his masters degree in Public Administration form Harvard University takes charge of  “finance and economics.” Adel Tamano is the current president of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM) and the first Filipino Muslim to have graduated fromt he Harvard Law School with a masters degree in Law, and is in charge of “education, legal and Mindanao issues.” Former Cavite Representative, news anchor and Upsilonian Gilbert Remulla, who earned his MA in International Affairs from Columbia University in New York, is in charge of “political affairs.” Lastly, Bukidnon Representative Teofisto “TG” Guingona III, an Ateneo Law/Economics graduate, is in charge of “budget and Mindanao issues.”

These 6 honor guards of Manny Villar are all members of Villar’s Nacionalista Party(NP) and are the spokesmen for the NP, on the varous issues stated above. Obviously, the NP is a political party that has some sleek brains and a very ready attitude to tackle the work needed for a Presidential campaign (or even for a possible run at Senator as in the case of Adel Tamano).

Their combined teamwork and resources set them apart from the rest of the other political parties who still cannot decide on who will be their bet for President. The other political parties will squabble and hold countless meetings and politicking before coming to a decision. By that time – the political machinery of Manny Villar will be ten steps ahead of any competition, equipped with a solid political platform that will provide answers to our country’s problems.

The next leader will certainly have several problems to face in order to uplift the Philippines from its current state. If we are to move forward as a nation, we have to be able to back up the leadership with a solid  political will that is ready to address the many concerns of its people. One definitely has to be prepared. This preparedness of the Nacionalista Party is what sets them apart from the other presidentiables. And if this is the kind of attitude Manny Villar will bring with him to Malacanang, then rest assured that the country will be in good hands. Because, at least, Manny Villar has shown that he is prepared to lead at a time when others can’t even decide which route to run.


19 Responses to “Philippine Politics: Will Manny Villar Become The Next President?”

  1. Good and interesting article. We need your permission to post your article at our web site? If yes, may we officially ask your permission to do so….


  2. You can use the title with a link referring your readers/subscribers to this page in YOU MAY NOT REPOST the entire article on your webiste.

    I have links embedded in this post, tags embedded in this post, and plus – this post was written exclusively and paid for by I’m sure you are savvy enough to understand. Thank you.

  3. ‘wag naman po… tama na, sobra na! C-5 speaks for itself… and there’s a lot more… ask some of the Land Bank executives!

  4. Alexander Kalaw Says:

    @Stycch: What do you know about the C5 issue? I hope you have enough proof to say that C-5 speaks for itself. And have you considered the explanation of Sen. Villar’s camp about the issue? Not everything that we see in TV and hear in radio is correct. Here’s the others side of the coin:

    Hope you can take time to read it.

    Of course, we all know that there are a lot of media people who are being paid to advance someone’s interest. I hope you get what I mean. Thanks!

  5. Amalia Cillan Says:

    Dear Manny, rest assured that we here in UK will give our full support in your campaign. GOOD LUCK …. GOOD HEALTH …. AND GOD BLESS YOU.
    Warm regards,

    • So you speak for *every* Filipino who resides in the UK? I think it’s too much to assume that every other Pinoy in the UK supports Villar as you do, don’t you?

  6. Dear Mr. Manny Villar first of all I want to say hello and have a wonderful days to you a head. Yeah, I am quite late to read your blog here because I just come from Singapore to work as OFW there then when I stay here to our country, I’ll always watching in the TV show about the politics. Then I did search of the records for all the Philippines politics that want to become the leader of our country then I personally decided that I will go with you ( Mr. Manny Villar for President 2010 ) because I know you are the person that have strong leader ship to handle our country ( Sipag at Tiyaga ). Base on my (14years) working experience outside of the Philippines I know our country is one of the poorest country in the world. But so many filipino working as OFW to bring dollar to the country until now our country still very poor so many peoples no food to eat , beggar , street children , no home for the family , some children the parent no money for their education. My hearts is so pain so that’s why? I want to choice the best President to handle our country. So pls… all my country men go , go to Mr. Manny Villar for Philippines President 2010….Mabuhay po kayo Mr. Manny Villar your success is our success too. more power to you and to (NP) Nationalista Party….Regards..Bernie Suano of Sta. Rosa Laguna.

  7. Amalia Cillan Says:

    My dear Manny congratulations to you….. you have picked the best person to be your running mate…. that’s why I am so proud of you because you always use your ingenuity in decision making…. I have always liked Sen. Loren Legarda for your running mate….. again GOOD, LUCK, GOOD HEALTH AND GOD BLESS YOU BOTH…… by the way when you have the time please drop by and visit us here in UK my UK cellphone is +447707 076 317…. this is Maly Cillan your former office-mate i PDCP….. now a resident of UK.

  8. The real score there is how you utilize your concience for the common good.. and that is many people craving for. No lies further. God bless our country.

  9. Amalia Cillan Says:

    Our country will only be blessed by God if we will remain faithful to HIM and to our country. No more LIES, NO MORE CORRUPTIONS and most of all STOP USING MONEY POWER.


  10. Fred Hontanar Says:

    Even if I know very little about you Manny V. but I really believe in you. Keep it up, we need a President like you to start heal this long sick country due to corruption. God Bless You.

    • How could you believe so much in him when — as you said yourself — you know only very little about him? That’s absurd.

  11. Dear Mr.Manny Villar(Soon To Be Next Philippines President)
    I certainly enjoyed watching you at GMANEWSTV from my PC over
    here in States.And even more enjoyed the article about all the plan
    if you’ll be “elected leader” in our country while most of your opponents
    are against with your genuine heart helping Filipino people.My advice for
    you is not to get discouraged caused they’re just jealous and not able to
    afford for what you can do in country’s needs.
    I have faith in “God;”You will be the “NEXT PRESIDENT ELECTED” for our “MABUHAY”including “Manny Paquiao” the “Humble World
    Champion Boxer”and the Nacionalista Party Team.My fingers are crossed
    for all of you and “WISH YOU ALL THE BEST AND GOOD LUCK “!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Gloria from Wisconsin,USA
    Regards to all our “Kababayan”

  12. Reply appreciated…..

  13. VILLAR is the our president here in binakayan kawit cavite



  15. Amalia Cillan Says:


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