Philippine News: Imelda Marcos Sides With Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

There has been a lot of fuss recently about the $20,000 dinner tab racked up by Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in posh restaurant Le Cirque in New York City. Many are saying that such expenses are too extravagant for a government official, especially at a time when the Philippines doesn’t have any money. Of course, such extravagances have led Filipinos to believe that the $20,000 bill was paid using taxpayers’ money.

Now, if there is any0ne who knows about extravagances, there is no other expert than former First Lady Imelda Marcos. After all, the term Imeldific has been defined by to mean “ostentatious extravagance.”

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and Imelda Marcos

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and Imelda Marcos

And recently Imelda Marcos commented that the $20,000 bill at Le Cirque was not at all that extravagant.

“You know, we’re talking about a dinner for a President for an anniversary, and in America, it’s double, triple the prices. And you cannot put them in the sidewalk for their anniversary. Maawa naman kayo, para yon lang! Nakakahiyaa ‘yong pinag-aawayan. Doon sa Amerika, ‘di malaki iyon,” Marcos was quoted by ABS-CBN in an exclusive interview.

Besides, it wasn’t really Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo who footed the bill. Instead, it was Leyte 1st district Congressman Ferdinand Martin Romualdez (the nephew of Imelda Marcos) who paid the bill. Now, I personally know Martin Romualdez firstly because he is my fraternity brother in the Upsilon Sigma Phi, and I know for a fact that he can afford to make these kind of payments. Is it because he is a Romualdez and also a relative of Marcos ? Definitely!

Most Filipinos are appalled at the thought that expenses like this are being racked up while the country was mourning the loss of former President Cory Aquino, but really – a $20,000 dinner is nothing. P Diddy spends that much on a night on just champagne. Madonna spends nearly that much just by taking her private plane out for a spin. You want to take about ostentatious extravagance – take a look at Real Madrid who spent 350 million euros as a collective trade deal for 5 footballers. At 60 pesos per euro, that’s roughly 21 billion pesos. That would be enough to feed every single Filipino 3 square meals for an entire year.

1 million pesos – that’s not even a brand new car! Filipinos just fuss over it because it may seem ostentatious, and probably because they envy the fact they can’t celebrate that way. I’m not that wealthy, but just because I don’t have that cash doesn’t mean that I’ll look unkindly towards the ones who have it and can spend it. What can you do – there are just some people who can afford things that some people can never reach.

That’s life. Get used to it.

8 Responses to “Philippine News: Imelda Marcos Sides With Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo”

  1. Carla Orendain Escobar Says:

    Geez…point is they are public officials of a developing country. It just goes to show how insensitive they are with the situation in the Philippines. P. Diddy has money, so does Madonna, but these two are not presidents nor are they public servants of a hungry people. It’s not a question of legality, it’s a question of morality. It was already said that the nation is bankrupt.

    And Gloria, being an economist, would know the basic fact that money spent out of the country, not within the circulation of the Philippines, is money lost. All our OFW heroes have been sacrificing so that they could put food on the table of their loved ones, and at the same time becomes the backbone of the nation by bringing in money to the country. And our own President brings it out? And for what? For her own selfish pleasure? How sick is that?!

    The woman spent billions of pesos for traveling alone. She overspent hundreds of millions just for traveling. Barack Obama, the president of a powerful country, is doing everything to save the money of the Americans. He declined a gift, a hi-tech chopper, because of the recession.

    When you are appointed an official of a country, you always have the country in mind. And your selfish pleasures should not even exist.

    Imelda as a backer? Of course, a thief will support a fellow thief.

    Just because that’s how things are, it doesn’t mean that that’s how things should be.

    Stupidity is not something I choose to get used to.

    • Amen to that, Carla. Stupidity is also something I wouldn’t be able to stand. And yes, I take your point that they should’ve shown a little more sensitivity to a hungry nation. And she has spent so much on travels, and we’re not even sure if those travels are going to help out our country; that if those ties GMA is forging with these other leaders would make a difference when she won’t be around in 2010.

  2. “para yon lang”?? are you serious? kahit saang bansa pa sila gumastos, 1 million pesos is 1 million pesos. it can provide so much kung ginastos nalang nila sa mas mabubuting bagay like food for street children or relief for those in need. If a hotdog stand is enough for Barrack Obama during the recession, sino si Gloria (at ikaw) para sabihing ang 1million pesos ay “nothing”? get a better perspective. nakakahiya pag nakakabasa ng ganitong mga comments, that is obviously coming from some pinoy who can’t put him/herself in the shoes of their less fortunate brothers and sisters. someone who obviously doesn’t know the value of money and doesn’t have enough sensitivity to the plight of others, especially their countrymen.

  3. […] photo’s from a fellow WordPresser, Philippines Fun Wall, who thinks that blowing through $20,000 (that’s close to  ₱1 million) at La Cirque in NYC […]

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  5. pilosopongkomikado Says:

    Reblogged this on Da Adbentyurs of Senyor Komi and commented:
    Umayghad… maganda parin si Gloria kahit majonda na! Anyways, siyempre the powers of Lola Meldy, lumitaw na rin ang byuti niya! Ahaha!

  6. pilosopongkomikado Says:

    Hmmmm… I really do not find that dinner thing hideous. Siyempre, pinag-iipunan rin nila ang kamahal-mahal na fine dining, ‘di ba? Some people are really pretentious, huh.

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