Philippine News: Honoring The Honor Guards of Cory Aquino

Millions of people poured out into the streets to bear witness to the funeral procession of former President Cory Aquino from the Manila Cathedral to the Manila Memorial Park. Covering the 50 or so kilometers from point A to point B may have been easier, but then the crowds had caused great traffic, and the weather – with monsoon Kiko hanging about – made things pretty wet and uncomfortable.

Well, the millions had their umbrellas and could seek shelter from time to time, or maybe even rest on their laurels. However, the four honor guards standing by the coffin of Cory Aquino stood straight and proud and in attention throughout the long ride which lasted nearly 8 hours.

The four honor guards were none other than: Private First Class Antonio Cadiente of the Philippine Army; Police Officer Second Class Danilo Maalab of the Philippine National Police; Airman Second Class Gener Laguindan of the Philippine Air Force, and Petty Officer Third Class Edgardo Rodriguez of the Philippine Navy.

The Four Honor Guards With Cory Aquino's Coffin

The Four Honor Guards Atop The Truck With Cory Aquino's Coffin

Their immense discipline for standing 8 to 9 hours straight while being motionless despite the frenetic atmosphere, and the weather is indeed a feat in itself.  It is an honor to know your names, and I honor you for your diligence. Not just because it was Cory’s remains you were guarding, but because you had it within yourselves to maintain your focus on the simple (and yet not so simple) task of standing still.

I salute you.

One Response to “Philippine News: Honoring The Honor Guards of Cory Aquino”

  1. If all of us who believe in the excellent performance of these 4 magnificent men in uniform can just share “1peso” for them i think this will be nice. They are not asking but I just feel that it is a way of saying THANK YOU to them. It is their job but they have gone beyond what a normal individual can do. My hat is off and i SALUTE them.

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