Philippine News: Joseph ‘ERAP’ Estrada To Run For President in 2010

Yup – it’s sad, but true.

I’m sure ERAP has gone through the legalities to see whether or not he can run again for President of the Philippines. One of his strong arguments was that he never really finished his terms as President due to his ouster back in People Power 2.

A few years of house arrest due to plunder, graft and corruption, and an eventual presidential pardon by Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (the one who ousted him in the first place let’s not forget!), and now ERAP enters the 2010 Presidential election as if nothing ever happened in the past 8 years.

If ERAP does decide to run for President, then he is just proving what we’ve known all along – that he is STUPID. Yes, he didn’t graduate from high school or college, but it’s an even worse kind of stupid than that. The stupidity of ERAP stems from the fact that millions of people (presumably voters this coming 2010) were rioting over the fact that he duped the country once upon a time when he sat there as President. They hated ERAP so much that they marched to the streets, and delcared People Power 2.

Joseph 'Erap' Estrada for President in 2010

Joseph 'Erap' Estrada for President in 2010

Now, those same people might have eyebrows raised against Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, and might not look kindly to her reign as Phlippine President, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that those who dislike her will come running to ERAP to save the country.

I mean – if these were the last two choices we ever had for our country, then I’ll take Gloria any day over ERAP. She has cuter and less illegitimate kids (if any).

Besides, ERAP doesn’t have the chutzpah he once had. He’s frail, and his liver has been shot by too much Johnnie Walker Blue. And there is no more FPJ to raise his hand.

ERAP – once upon a time idol – this is not the movies. You are no longer the people’s hero that will save the day. Just take whatever it is that you corrupted during your several stints as mayor, senator and whatever, and just save your money from running. Quit while you have your freedom, and before they really unleash all the skeletons in your closet.

Sa simpleng salita – laos ka na Erap. Uso na si Piolo!

5 Responses to “Philippine News: Joseph ‘ERAP’ Estrada To Run For President in 2010”

  1. ramon mitra Says:

    ang sakit mong magsalita hindi mo na man kilala ang tao isa ka sa manga tao na nakuha la sa balita. huwag mag husga para di ka mahusgahan. what if i say ang pangit nang ugali mo at ang bahu nang hiniga mo gusto mo ba yon.kaya kahit sino ang maging prsidente ay masama sa iyo kahit ikaw a magiging masama sa ibang tao.kung may masamang bisyo siya hindi niya tinatago ang manga anak niya. kaya ka naiingit dahil pangit ka sorry kung nasabi yon kasi kilalanin mo muna ang kabutihan ginawa hindi yung pagkamali dahil yun ay nakalipas na hindi na babalik ang pagkamali ay nababago

    • you’re right. as a person, ERAP deserves a second chance. He should be forgiven for his mistakes. But for the Presidency he once had and screwed up. No thank you.

  2. ang taong hangal, walang kasiyahan. bkit d mo muna alamin kung ano ang mga nagawa niyang kabutihan sa mga mahihirap. yun bang mga matatalino na naupo, ano ang ninakaw, dba kaban ng bayan. si erap ang ninakaw DAW ay sa jueteng. kaban ba ng bayan yun? nagtatanong lang. 😛

  3. oo nga nman… napakasama mong magsalita.. peo.. its ok.. opinyon mo yun… si ERAP di namn tlga siya napatunayang nagurakot… ang kaso nia lang PLUNDER…pera nia kya ung ginagamit nia sa jueteng.. mayaman kc si erap nuon pa…. donia nga nanay nia db????

    kya kung ako sau… ingatan mo ang pagsasalita mo… bka tamaan ka nang ligaw na sapataos. hahahahahaha….

  4. I encourage all Filipinos to vote for the most dignified and the least evil of them all. We all know that it’s NOT ERAP OR VILLAR.

    We all know we cannot eradicate corruption right away because it is in our culture entrenched by traditional politicians. We have to be vigilant to ensure our prosperity as a nation. We also need to re establish the integrity of the Filipino people worldwide.

    Walang politician ang makakatapos ang ating kahirapan.

    Kung walang TAMAD walang mahirap.

    Dapat lahat tayo magtrabaho o gumawa tayo nga trabaho o mamili ng trabaho.

    Ang importante ay may trabaho tayo. If we do our part God will provide.


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