Philippine Events: Open Mic Poetry Reading at 360 Resto in A-Venue

Open Mic Poetry at 360

Open Mic Poetry at 360

Curv Entertainment‘s main guy Erwin Edralin recently sent me an invitation to an intoxicating night of wine, music and poetry at 360 resto-lounge which is located at the 2nd floor of the A-Venue Events Hall in Makati Avenue.

According to the invite – Kooky Chua and Kate Torralba will be the featured artists of the week at the open mic poetry sessions this coming Wednesday. Certainly, it would be nice to hear the verse of these two very outspoken and creative women. Of course, we now Kooky Chua as a singer and songwriter, and maybe she might even sing a few. And then, there’s Kate Torralba, who apart from being a designer can also perform some really cool acoustic music. Nice touch there.

It’s awesome that Curv Entertainment has decided to revive the open mic scene for the poets and for just about anyone who would want to speak to an audience. I remember how Triccia David and Aslie Aslanian used to host open mic poetry reading sessions at Sanctum in the Intramuros area a long time ago. Sanctum used to host their open mic on Fridays, and would gather a lot of poets and artists from all walks of life to speak up. Very entertaining stuff. Well, it’s nice to know that it’s being brought back again, and this time at the accessible heart of Makati. Surely, it’s something worth checking out.

Anyway, of course, wine and music will surely be a great compliment to the evening of poetry at 360, and I understand that 360 will be offering Lindeman’s wine for only P100 a glass with beer at a very affordable P50 all night long.

Cheap booze and free poetry. Kooky Chua and Kate Torralba. How can you go wrong?

3 Responses to “Philippine Events: Open Mic Poetry Reading at 360 Resto in A-Venue”

  1. cynthia nakpil Says:

    would like to know if this is a regular event and wjat time and day

  2. I was surely ecstatic to read about this until I read your reply…Would you know any other place where they do open mics? Please Tweet me @ajalon_michael thank you!

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