Philippine Politics: The Philippine Presidentiables for 2010

This Is What They're Fighting For

This Is What They're Fighting For

The year 2008 is ending, and by the time Christmas 2008 hits, we’re going to be receiving a lot of 2009 Calendars from so many people, and I’m pretty sure that a bulk of them will be coming from politicians who are hopefuls to become the next President of the Philippines. By 2009, we’re going to have a lot more politicians making campaigns and hoping to get a lot of media mileage to highlight their achievements over the years in order to prepare their good reputation for the 2010 national election in the Philippines.

As early as now, there are already intentions being stated by many Philippine politicians as to their campaign plans for the upcoming 2010 Philippine elections. And of course, the big election post being sought after is none other than the position of President of the Philippines. Among those who have pretty much given their intention to take the seat from Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo include: Senator Dick Gordon, Vice President Noli De Castro, Senator Kiko Pangilinan, Senator Mar Roxas, Senator Loi Ejercito, Senator Ping Lacson and maybe even former ousted President Joseph ‘ERAP’ Estrada.

Dick Gordon has already started his campaign in Facebook with a profile page called Dick Gordon for President. Dick Gordon was once the controversial former SBMA Chairman, who battled it out against ERAP when he was told to step down as SBMA Chairman. Dick Gordon even had his own little People Power in Olongapo to prevent incoming SBMA chair Felicito Payumo from taking over when then President Joseph Estrada appointed Felicito Payumo for the position to replace Dick Gordon. Apart from that historical memory of Dick Gordon, many will remember how he inspirationally brought back Olongapo City and the rest of Pampanga as a city mayor just after Mt. Pinatubo erupted and devastated that part of the country. Of course, Dick Gordon will also be remembered as the Department of Tourism Secretary and his amazing Wow Philippines! campaign that put the Philippines back as one of the top tourist destinations in Asia. As a senator, Dick Gordon has been a loud voice in national issues that the senate had to address over his term, and many believe that his bullish charisma is the kind of leadership that Filipinos will want for the Philippine Presidential seat.

Vice President Noli De Castro is also looking to replace Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as president, and will hope for Arroyo’s blessing and nomination to be the party representative to run for President. Of course, at this moment of the Philippine republic, it’s not certain if a Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo endorsement might actually be enough for VP Noli De Castro to win, but it might be the only shot he has apart from his popularity as a former newscaster.

Senator Kiko Pangilinan has somehow given his intention to run as a presidential candidate for 2010. However, I have this eerie feeling that if Kiko Pangilinan does become the President of the Philippines, it’ll not be because most Filipinos would love to see Sharon Cuneta as the First Lady of the Philippines more than they want to see Kiko Pangilinan as President. Well, behind every great man is a woman, and definitely Sharon Cuneta has a big pull as a great woman behind a great senator as Kiko Pangilinan. And of course there’s also KC Concepcion.

Mar Roxas For President in 2010

Mar Roxas For President in 2010

Senator Mar Roxas has also given his intention to run for Philippine President in the upcoming 2010 elections. In fact, Mar Roxas already has a blog, showcased as the first blog on the 2010 Philippine Presidential elections. History may favor Mar Roxas as the grandson of former Philippine President Manuel Roxas and son to former Philippine senator Gerardo Roxas. Undoubtedly, Mar Roxas has Philippine politics in his blood, and will be hoping to make use of all that genetic political wisdom to impart on the Philippines. It might also help that highly acclaimed, popular newscaster Korina Sanchez is having a relationship with Mar Roxas, although the two have yet to get married if Korina Sanchez would become the First Lady of the Philippines. Mar Roxas was also a very instrumental Department of Trade & Industry Secretary, and did much to shape the economy and growing industries of the Philippines.

Senator Ping Lacson has not been as vocal as Mar Roxas or Dick Gordon in his intention to run for President in 2010, but the Philippine rumor mill has put out his name as one of the hopefuls to run for President in 2010 probably because Ping Lacson can afford to run. Of course, not just because of Ping Lacson‘s extensive financial resources, but also because of his keen connections in the ranks of the Philippine military and Philippine National Police, which are very essential in maintaining order and discipline in the country. As we’ve noticed in our history, without the backing of the military, it is easy to establish a coup d’ etat which eventually will have long term effects on the growth of the Philippine economy, and not to mention the distrust with with foreign investors and the ill-perception around the globe as a result of such ugly moments. In fact, military control is so important – that without it, a President can actually lose power as seen in the history of both EDSA People Power revolts. With former PNP Chief Ping Lacson in power as President, then perhaps the issue of law and order, and even civil unrest with the likes of the MNLF or Abu-Sayyaf, can be thoroughly addressed to promote a lasting peace in the Philippines, which all sectors definitely wish for.

Senator Loi Ejercito is also a candidate to run for President in 2010, but she hasn’t really yet stated her intentions. Of course, Loi Ejercito will be banking on the fact that several Filipinos are still loyal to former President Joseph Estrada, and having him as her endorser might be good enough to have her win the Presidential seat in 2010. However, that’s only if former President Joseph Estrada doesn’t run for President himself. Former President Joseph Estrada has already been quoted as saying that he will run for President if the Filipino people really want him to run, and if the opposition really doesn’t have a formidable choice to vie for the Presidential seat in 2010. According to former President Joseph Estrada, he hasn’t technically finished his term as President, and is qualified under the Philippine constitution’s election code to be eligible for re-election. However, becoming President again considering his tainted controversial past during his term of office, will be a hard obstacle to overcome, and thus Joseph Estrada might instead opt to endorse his First Lady Loi Ejercito instead of himself.

Let’s not also forget Eddie Gil, who just might come back in 2010 to try his luck again, probably with a different hairdo. Blonde na si Eddie Gil!

What about Manny Pacquiao for President in 2010? Well, he’ll certainly afford the campaign after his fight with Oscar De La Hoya. And maybe he’ll earn some more votes if he beats Oscar De La Hoya. However, he lost in the Congressional race last election at his home town in General Santos, and that’s already saying a lot about what people think of Manny Pacquiao entering politics. But who knows, maybe it’ll be different on a national level.

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  1. Photo-guru Eddie Boy Escudero sent me a Facebook message saying that I forgot to include MMDA chair Bayani Fernando and Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay, whose posters are already all over the place.

    Eddie Boy – Sorry I forgot to include them. I’m sure there are a lot more I missed out on. But don’t worry, I’ll include them on a future article. Bayani will turn the country pastel pink and blue, and provide us with all the urinals we need. Hahaha!

  2. Marco Aventajado Says:

    Dude, you also forgot Senator Manny Villar and even some religious leader. All that being said, I am sure there will be a candidate that will come from left field and take this race by the reigns.

  3. I would like to inform the blogger that I, Kevin Ray N. Chua, 18 years of age and a BSIT-2 college student, is the owner of and not Senator Mar Roxas. I created this blog without his notice or advice nor I receive emolument from him through blogging. This is solely my blog and not of Senator Roxas. Thanks!

  4. I agree with what you said about Sharon Cuneta… for First Lady…

    Take a look at this video: The Campaign has started..

    • i better check all the backgrounds of those presidentiables…mahirap magdecide…masyado ng maraming nangyari sa bansa natin…dapat maging wise enough na tayo…wag tayo magpadala sa mga looks at sugar coated words nila…

    • its good to listen to their promises but filipino citizen should be careful in choosing the right president of the republic of the philippines……………..

      • Not only do they have to pick a president, they also have to pick a VP, 12 senators, a congressman, a mayor, a vice-mayor, maybe a governor, a few provincial board members and a handful of councilors. All in all – the voter will be probably looking at around a couple hundred names to pick from. 🙂

  5. kay mar roxas pa rin ako. parang si obama ang dating. filipinong filipino kaligatan

  6. dick gordon lives up to his name.

  7. Whether we like it or not, SEN KIKO PANGILINAN will be the Next President of the Philippines come 2010. That is what we call as DESTINY.

    • Our destiny should be…..the rightious man will lead our nation whether we like it or not dahil kung hindi Pilipinos will work abroad servant,prostitute ect…katawatawa inaalipusta na parang hayop,We should stop carnal thinking….pls be reminded that…wag nman tau pumili ng mga sikat pang display lang magugutum tau…matagal na sa plata porma busy pag malapit na eleksyon..get rid of it!hindi na ba kayo natututo?How many lessons you take until you learn?Mga kababayan ko parang awa nyo na matuto na taung pumili na karapatdapat.Rightious man..totoong may takot sa Dios…search it!

  8. ESCUDERO! If everybody will say CHIZ, we are all smiling..=)

    • Yes! I agree! he is still young, but I know that he can run the country well! if He’ll be the next president!

      say chiz!

      • Well, Chiz is the godson of Gloria Macapal Arroyo… He also received his TOYM award from the very person who he considered as an illegitimate president, the subject of his highly regarded privilege speech… What a jerk!

        The events only show where his interest lies… unprincipled as he is, he runs for the presidency for one simple reason… to be the youngest elected president of the republic!

        A person of rhetorics, accdg to her “ninang” herself…

  9. I will vote for Sen. Ping Lacson. He deserve to be the next Philippinr president…

  10. I would like Sen. Kiko Pangilinan to win!!! I think he would make a better President.

  11. bert estrada Says:

    Ping Lacson ang kailangan ng ating bansa sn mag kaisa n ang opusisyon n Press JOseph sn si Lacson n God bless Lacson

  12. gilvert Says:

    go! go! go go !go! Ping yes yes he deserve to be next President lacson

  13. i never voted noli ever since, but i promise to vote him in 2010…………….but KABAYAN, what happened? u have a very poor performance in running HUDCC. Sori po. Now, i change my something for the urban poor Noli……………para eboto kita.

  14. i hate political dynasty…but when i first met Sen. Mar Roxas minus Korina
    parang ok ebalik ang isang Roxas sa Malacanang. Keep up ur good performance Sen. Mar……………….bear in ur mind always, always bring something new to the filipino people. Just listen to their own style. Sana, next trip mo in VIS-MIN…bring good idea about a new system of governance…………the FEDERAL SYSTEM. Atin e2!

  15. jonaldlee Says:

    i will vote for chiz…hahaha…ang galing nya sa public speaking,,,

  16. I am for Mar Roxas. In fact, i appeal to my wife and children to vote for my guy. Of course, as a husband and a father, who are miles away from them, i am very certain that they will heed to my appeal. Let us rally behind Mar until he gets to Malacanang

  17. sana b4 u vote, make xur that u have cited all sides of the presidentiables.hindi ung binoto nyo xa dhil gusto nyo sya kundi binoto mo xa dhl “krapatdapat” xa.

  18. kung si villar ang presidente.siya ang gusto kong iboto. pero kung si gloria lang.ginaya lang niya si marcos noong panahon ng pagkadiktador niya. kaya ikulong lang dapat si gloria pag tapos na ang kanyang termino.

  19. i’m for j.binay.i don’t count much about his accomplishments as makati mayor but more of what he did during the martial law years.pls. read his biography.i hope he will team up with loren legarda.

    • JJ Duque Says:

      Binay!?!?! Sa bagay. If the US has a black president, then maybe it’s time we tried it too. 🙂 haha. Just kidding. 😉

  20. Bro. Eddie Villanueva for president..
    150% sure ako na babangon ang Pilipinas pag ang Diyos ang namuno sa bansa sa pamamagitan ni Bro. Eddie Villanueva

    • JJ Duque Says:

      As much as I believe in the honesty of Eddie Villanueva, he still really lacks the visionary leadership to run a country, especially the presidency. Maybe he should try and get his feet wet by running for another public office – mayor, congress, senate, or maybe even vice president. Otherwise, sayang lang pagod at pera niya.

      • You cannot stop him…Bro Eddie Villanueva Has already a vissionary leadership & it tested & proven.I believe he was called & stand for the Philippines now!not later because if later ….then we dont know lahat na tau katulong sa ibat ibang sulok ng mundo.a servant nation,a prostitute in Japan,kapit patalim sa arab countries etc…

  21. Oysteronahalfshell Says:

    You did not include Nicanor Perlas. He is a real alternative, as he has never been in the tainted field of politics. I no longer want to just choose the lesser evil. I want a real choice. There are others who will allude that they are the change this country needs and they will paint you picturesque images of honor and virtue. But you see through people. These are mere packaging, cover-ups, pretty wrapping. Nick Perlas’ integrity is without question. He lives and breathes it, conscious about each thought, word, feeling and act, and its power in the world. Not only is he competent (you can check his work in, its quite a feat), he walks his talk and is the only one who is truly sincere about awakening the Philippines to its highest potential.

  22. bakit si mar roxas lang ang may picture?…

  23. anyway, with the current dysfunctional political system, it doesn’t matter who we place in malacanang. they would end up all the same like gloria or even worse. i really believe what we need is to completely overhaul the entire system and remove all elements that hinder reforms (this might actually mean a complete revamp of the government, its policies and even its structure). We haven’t matured as a democratic country, we can’t even call ourselves democratic since the will of the people cannot even be enforced upon our leaders. We are nearing the situation where the only possible way out is for the people to arm themselves and they themselves remove this government and its selfish padrinos and rebuild a government which upholds the true meaning of democracy, social justice and liberty. If the people cannot collectively act, I fear someone will take the initiative to act and shake the whole country for better or worse.

    • JJ Duque Says:

      Eventually, if the government (whoever the leader is) can’t shape it up, then we will have a different kind of people power. Maybe even civil war.


    • JJ Duque Says:

      Eddie Gil or Eddie Villanueva?

      • Bro Eddie is no other than Eddie Villanueva,the rightious man who has a credible philosophy….”The world is to small to buy my principles & convictions”maniwala ka babangon ang Pilipinas….

  25. gilsaint Says:

    we need someone who can lead the country with the big picture in mind. who can represent us internationally. please think very carefully of your presidential bet. I go for Gloria!

    • JJ Duque Says:

      Gloria was there, and I felt she gave it all she had to in a more creative way than what Erap did. She did her part very well, but maybe she needs a new First Gentleman. 🙂

  26. sana kung sino mang mananalo,,
    wag naman kayong buraot

  27. ala!! ako din kay ESCODERO–,

  28. mydreampresident Says:

    Big DICK for President!

  29. joaquinne Says:

    In your HEART you know he’s our Great Leader. RICHARD GORDON for President. AIM HIGH PHILIPPINES!

  30. For Bro Eddie Villanueva

    Why I Believe It is a Must for Bro. Eddie To be the Next President

    Maniwala ka babangon ang Pilipinas!!!

  31. nakakainis naman ang ibang kandidato….maagang nangangampanya….
    corupt pa…

  32. we need a president who demands liberation from poverty and graft and of now, all campaigns are lip service.

  33. Urge Noynoy to run for the Presidency this May 2010 Elections!

  34. sa mga gustong maging Presidente… kung sino man ang manalo sa eleksyon.. sana mapatakbo ng maayos ang Pilipinas… Yan lang ang hiling ng taong bayan… maging mabuti at maayos ang pagpapatakbo ng Pilipinas… krime, droga, mga tao sa lansangan mga namamalimos.. sana magkaron na ng tamang lugar para sa mga yan… MAgkaron sana tayo ng isang Presidenteng makakapagbigay satin ng maayos at mapayapang pamumuhay dito sa Pilipinas… Mabawasan ang mga taong gustong magtrabaho sa ibang bansa at magkaron ng magandang dahilan kung bakit nga ba sila magtatrabaho pa sa ibang bansa eh pwede naman pala sa pilipinas(sana magawan ng solusyon ito)…

  35. i like bayani fernando. he does not speak well pero he’s a doer.

    he’s has the political will to implement laws regardless if he loses votes. he’s straight and he does what’s right at all times. he genuinely cares for the Filipino people. Just look at his efforts to rehabilitate tondo even if he did not come from the place. Yung iba galing daw ng Tondo pero wala naman improvement na ginawa para lugar.

  36. How do you choose the next president of the Philippines? Is it by popularity, is it by promises they make, or the character of the person itself. Everyday I am watching the news, not because of what’s happening but what is about to happen next. The senate is investigating the infomercials of the cabinet members of malacanang and to tell you the truth they do give information regarding the institution they are promoting. TV media is the best by far to disseminate information. Eventhough it really costs a lot of cash. Question is why only now do these infomercial appear. It doesnt take a genius to figure it out that something is fishy if these infomercials are airing months away from national election. Of course they have their lawyers to defend them who knows how to circumvent the law. My point of bringing out this topic is they spend a ton of cash for infomercials. Is it really necessary? The candidates are using all means to their advantage. Why not use these cash to help others who are really in need. I think the logic is, if you help someone, that person in return will also help you someday. Why spend a lot just to gain points on surveys? People don’t need that. What they need from a president is one who knows what they need and in return can provide it. I do hope and pray, that we vote wisely and not commit the same mistakes in installing public officials who becomes invisible once seated in government.

    • I completely agree. These infomercials should’ve been done a long time ago. Not just when the elections are coming. 🙂 And then if you look closely at who pays for it – it sends Friends of so-and-so. Really now? I just hope they don’t discover that the actual payment for these infomercials are coming from the government institutions that they represent. 🙂

  37. i’ll vote, mar for president and noynoy for vp….they are already proven and tested good public servants

  38. Back to basics. A President should be a doer, visionary, good planning skills and a Leader. Its like running a company which needs skilled CEO’s. Philippines is a great nation with corrupt officials. The Philippine media influence so much the Filipino people with non-sense shows!!! Not to mention the PATHETIC ADVERTISEMENTS – Is it time for campaigns?

  39. Senator Mar Roxas announced yesterday that he will drop his bid for presidency to give way to Senator Benigno Aquino. This was not a shock to me at all. If I can remember it right, Senator Mar Roxas said that he wanted to run for president because this is the only way to make a change in the Philippines. But looking at the way people clamor for Senator Aquino to run for president after Cory Aquino died. The decision of Senator Roxas again was no surprise.

    What really intrigued me is that Senator Aquino will still decide on running as president after the 40th day of Cory Aquino. What really bugs me is why Senator Aquino is making a suspense announcement for his bid for presidency if Senator Mar Roxas already decided to step down from his own campaign. Is not the decision of Senator Roxas not yet a concrete sign that Senator Aquino is running for president? What Senator Roxas did was a concrete example of how filipinos should act for the betterment of the whole nation. His decision was not at all that simple. He sacrificed everything for a greater goal of unifying each filipino. I just hope that his sacrifice will not go to waste.

    Senator Aquino should do his job now. The filipino people are now waiting for his next move, I am counting on you now, as all filipinos who wants change, who wants a presidents that can make that change. I do hope that if you will run for president Senator Aquino that you will indeed bring that hope that I saw in your father and mother who gave their all for their beloved country.

    • I completely agree. Noynoy still has to contemplate, and weigh out the decision. The longer he takes to make a decision, the other presidential aspirants are already moving with their campaigns and recruiting people to help. Aquino already lacks the resources like say Manny Villar has, and the longer it takes for him to make that decision, then the longer it will take for him to prepare a campaign. As much as he has the sentimental vote based on his mother and father’s legacies, Noynoy really has to take the bull by the horns. This sign of indecisiveness might not look good on the people who need a leader that will step up and face the music, and not just go back into more thinking. Action, Noynoy! It’s time to act!

      • I do agree with what you said my friend, the longer Senator Aquino takes to decide the more the pinoys will wonder about his real intention. People are crying, is it because filipinos are emotional in nature. This is better than watching a soap opera, it has all the angles, the scenario and the plot all in one. I just do hope that this will not be strategy just to get our attention and our votes.

  40. You know guys if the election was today, I will still vote for Senator Mar Roxas for president. In the past he was not at all my choice. I just hope the message that Senator Mar Roxas gave yesterday be an impression not only to us ordinary pinoys but to all politicians who wants to run not out of love for the pinoys but for their own agenda to do the same. I pray and hope that what Senator Mar Roxas did be a beacon of light that illuminates us all of what sacrifice is all about. He sacrificed his own bid, because he wants to unite us all. Please don’t let the sacrifice of Senator Mar Roxas go to waste. Senator Mar Roxas started it, and now we ordinary pinoys should follow as well.

  41. i will no longer vote to anyone politician except bro, eddie villanueva because i believe to his agenda to our beloved nation he so sincere for his calling “CHANGE”.i am for righteous governance, I’AM FOR BRO.EDDIE VILLANUEVA.

  42. I think Sen. Manny Villar will be the best bet for presidency. Noynoy just got stirred up by the moment because of Cory. tsk.. IMO

  43. i need figures on the presidentiables’ ratings..

    please give me…

    i have a paper regarding these aspirant gentlemen…

    • I don’t really have any ratings or polls set up. However, you can check for yourself on the comments made by others on their preferences.

  44. kakainggit naman ng blog na to! maraming comment! hehehehe!

  45. NOEL F. AGUIRRE-OFW: 2010 Philippine Potential Presidential Candidate “Independent”

    I have a MISSION to fulfill, NOT an ambition for political interest. Wants to Transform Our Country To Become Self-Reliant. Envisions Prosperity; Abundant Food, Products, Maximum Employment, Peace & Order. To propagate the rice industry & manufacture Philippine made appliances, electronics, automobiles, ships, helicopters, airplanes to maximize utilization of our tremendous unemployed manpower. The Philippines must be a PRODUCER! NOT mere Consumer.
    I seek for your invaluable support to my advocacy; Please disseminate this Email to all, since this is the most economical way to reach you, as I am financially helpless.
    With much gratitude,

    • Instead of going into Philippine-made appliances, electronics and such, can you focus your platform on something with a consciousness for the environment? Perhaps alternative energy, and self-sustaining eco-villages and homes for the homeless? Just a thought.

  46. Cecilio Hernandez Says:

    The order of the day for the presidential derby would be moral order, aside of course from capablity. With moral propensity for moral courage at least at this early stage of the coming Philippine election, we are set, I believe, in the right direction. Thus, I am for the presidentiable/s who possess that important quality. The rest to prosperity and peace will follow

  47. Please read first my Website to answer your query. I am the only one among the Presidential Candidates that published the most comprehensive Platform/ refer to page 8-9-15. For your kind information.

  48. xana matulungan nla ngaun uin mhga nslnta na bagyo……….

  49. Cool moves in letting filipinos know the latest about 2010 presidentiables. Well just for more information. You can watch the compiled Presidential Forum telecast at GMA’s Isang Tanong at this link

  50. mga kabayan, wala akong presidentiable na sasabihin sa inyo kung sino dapat ang iboto pero ang akin lang ay kung talagang nagising na kayo sa arroyo regime ay wag na wag nyong iboboto si gilbert teodoro! napakasimple lang eh, pag siya ang naging presidente at si gloria macapagal arroyo naman ay walang katalo talo sa lugar nya bilang congresswoman (kung buong bansa nga nadaya niya eh yun pa kayang isang distrito lang) ang gagawin lang nila ay ilalakad nila ang pagpalit ng gobyerno mula democratic to parliamentary at si gloria naman ang gagawing prime minister! imposibleng hindi backup-an ni teodoro ang hangarin ni gloria dahil sa laki ng kanyang utang na loob dito! pag nangyari na, ayun! si gloria na naman ang lider natin! napakasimple kaya magsigising na kayo! iboto nyo na kung sino ang gusto nyo iboto wag lang si gilbert teodoro!!! nawa’y magising na kayo at sana’y patnubayan tayong mga Pilipino ng Panginoon sa pagpili ng ihahalal sa darating na eleksyon 2010. May God bless us all!

    • Actually, the parliamentary form of government is something worth considering for the development of the Philippines because our democracy is just too demo-crazy. Just look at the many party-lists represented, and all the different political parties we have. It would’ve been fine if we just had three political parties (democratic, republican and/or liberal), but then we have exercised our democracy to cater to every single whim of every citizen. By doing so, we have just increased the bureaucracy and red tape, and impeded progress.

      Besides, I don’t think it’ll be Gloria who will be Prime Minister or head of the Parliament. Truly, it is not about keeping power. It is about improving the political system, so that it prevents the rule of political fiefdoms in whatever city or province. It considers everything on a nationalistic level with special commissions to take away some of the overbearing responsibility from the various Departments and Cabinets, which lack the resources to handle the entire big picture.

      For example, there is a Davao Agrarian Reform Program which must accede to the Mindanao Agrarian Program, which then reports to the Department of Agriculture and Reform, which then leads to the President. Too many steps. I think the parliamentary system would simplify that by having the Davao Agrarian Reform Program to just answer to the Parliament, which consists of several key experts already in various fields.

      The parliamentary system is the best way to tap the most genius minds of the country in every field and industry without trying to politically promote efforts into a campaign for a position in Congress. Under parliament, di mo na kailangan mag-pabida para magkaroon ng posisyon kasi ang responsibilidad mo ay mag-wagi ng desisyon para sa isang eksaktong sitwasyon, at iyon lang iyon. Medyo mahirap intindihin, pero tignan mo na lang ang pag-takbo ng mga gobiyerno ng United Kingdom at ng Australia para maintindihan mo.

      Ako din medyo lito pa rin, pero eto lang ang pinaka-alam ko tungkol diyan, at mukhang mabuti naman siyang solution para sa ating bansa na nagkaka-watak-watak dahil sa sobrang daming partido at kung ano-ano pa. Pag masyado maraming boses kailangan pakinggan, minsan di na nagagawan ng aksiyon. Sa ating demokrasiya, kailangan pa muna ipasa sa Kongreso, tapos iboto pa ng Senado, bago ibalik sa Presidente, at kung ano-ano pa. Masyadong magulo ang politiko para lang mag-pasa ng legislasiyon. Eto ngang Charter Change, kailangan pang i-revise palagi para lang mapaligaya ang mga iba’t-ibang kampo na may iba’t-ibang pananaw. Para lang magawan nang magandang “draft”, kung ano-ano pang ipagdadaanan. Iboboto pa sa Kongresso at ipapasa pa sa Senado. Kung bagsak, may veto pa, kung pasado, may dadaanan pang iba. Tapos pagkatapos ng anim na taon, eleksiyon na naman muli. Magpapalit na naman ng tauhan sa gobiyerno; ipaaalam ulit sa kanila ang mga prosesso at muli nilang pagaaralan ang pinag-aralan na sa loob ng 6 taon.


    First of all, we must know well enough all the candidates especially for the presidential and vice presidential slots. We should know their complete profile, political history etc.,especially how they reached their present status.
    Second, we should know his platform of government since this will be his tool to help our economy grow.
    Third, I believe we should also observe his campaign strategy. Eagerness to win may not be the same as eagerness to serve.

    The most important element of government, therefore, is the method of choosing leaders.So,we should vote wisely..!

  52. estudyantepo Says:

    No offense meant to ardent supporters of Noynoy, some of whom are my close friends. Just a point of view of a non political observer.

    In every election, the easiest choice to make is, who you would not vote for. This year, it is profoundly difficult because for me the easiest identifiable candidate whom I would not vote for, (aside from Erap of course, for who would vote for a convicted plunderer) is a leading candidate, with the widest of margin in the survey, Noynoy. He probably will be the next president and so, in my heart, I tried my best to consider and reconsider my decision, yet I became more convinced that he is my best choice on whom not to vote for. These are in my thoughts:
    He is clean and honest
    He really is unblemished, squeaky clean and immaculate.. His record for nine years speaks for himself. I am reminded of a friend of mine, a cocky but very articulate and bright Solicitor General. At a certain time before he started winning his cases, his critics had a heyday criticizing the way he handled his job. They said, he had a perfect record of losing all cases. Thus, his record was clean and unblemished of victory. Like this solicitor general,  Noynoy has also  no record of dishonesty simply because he has no record of accomplishment at all. He was one of the prominent members of the committee of silence. I goggled his name to find out if, except for his name, there was anything he did that he should be proud of. I am sorry that I found nothing. It is time he reveals what he had done in congress for nine years, plus two years in the senate, to deserve the presidency. When he ran for Senate, he simply relied on his family name and the endorsement of his mother. Being in the Senate with no accomplishment will not hurt the nation except the wasted money paid to him as a public servant. But to be president and not knowing what to do is probably as disastrous as a corrupt president.
     He comes from a good stock
      A prominent columnist of the Inquirer believes that since hero’s blood runs in his veins, he is a natural hero and would do nothing to shame the good name. The prominent columnist also said that what we need is a good heart and correct values and Noynoy fits to the T. Of course heritage is a plus factor but unfortunately, this is no assurance that he too will be as upright as his parents. We do not have to look far. Look at his sister. She even gloated and flaunted her sexual indiscretions and gave press interviews of her indecent acts, in spite of the fact that at that time, her dear mother was very much alive. She fueled salacious gossip about her sexual escapades that she grabbed the headlines for days of the local papers. Not only that. She proudly proclaimed that she will have to do a wash over of sorts, on the personality of Noynoy. To be fair, since Noynoy is not the sister’s keeper, he should publicly open how he spent his several hundred million, probably billions of pesos, if cumulatively taken together, of pork barrel. Joker and Lacson did not spend a single centavo on their pork barrel allocations. Moreover, Noynoy has not been battle tested; we do not know how he will react to temptation, simply because he has not been where the action is. He can not honestly and truthfully say that he is goodness personified and all others are evil just because he is the son of Cory.  It is sheer arrogance and hypocrisy to make such claim.
    He comes unprepared
    Before the death of former Pres Cory, nobody considered him of presidential caliber, not even for vice president. His party mates knew of his capabilities and did not even look at his direction when they then considered their standard bearer. Noynoy himself, conscious of his own limitations, did not even dream of being one.  When his mother died and there was public mourning, all of a sudden, his party mates in spite of knowing his limited capabilities, and taking advantage of public sentiments, pushed him to be a candidate to the noble office of the presidency. This factual milieu clearly shows that his popularity is solely and purely for sentimental reasons, the death of Pres Cory. His supporters are praying to high heavens that the public sentiments on his parents would not wane and that the public would not see through the real Noynoy. Stripped of all sentimentality, there is nothing in his bio data that shows he is capable of the challenges of the highest office of the land. His biodata is uninspiring, to say the least. Aside from his public office due to his lineage, he was a sales person of Mondragon Industries, and a member of the board of directors of a security agency which the family owns. How in heavens name will he run the country?
    Pres Cory’s landmark of achievement in her administration was her Land Reform program. Our own 24 hectares of irrigated rice land in Kinamayan, Davao del Norte was subjected to land reform and my Dad wanted to fight it out but I counseled him to surrender the land as I explained to him that ultimately the entire country will benefit from this pestering problem of unjust distribution of wealth. He understood the situation that each of us had to make sacrifices for the common good. This is not a unique scenario in Mindanao, then known as the Land of Promise . Little did we know that Pres Cory distributed all other people’s landholdings except her own Hacienda Luisita. She asked all of us to make sacrifices, except her own family. Her tenants protested and in the ensuing protest several tenants were mowed down. The tenants were unarmed and no casualties were suffered on the side of the soldiers trying to disperse the tenants. Of course, Noynoy is not her mother’s keeper, nor do I intend to diminish her mother’s role as our leader who toppled the dictatorship.
    But when Noynoy declared his candidacy, he was asked point blank, what he planned to do with Hacienda Luisita. He had no ready answer but promised to give a stand soon. Three months passed and still no answer. Is he really prepared?
    The argument goes, that since the people lost trust in the present leadership, Noynoy comes as a white knight, enjoying the trust and confidence of the people. But why should we trust Noynoy? Has he done something to deserve our trust?” Trust is earned, deserved and not bestowed nor inherited. We are now bombarded with propaganda about the goodness of Pres Cory, to the extent that Noynoy propagandists even go to the limit of declaring her a saint, in the hope that people will also view Noynoy as saint- like. The Liberal Party had even formulated its battle cry: “this (the election) is a fight between good and evil”. My goodness, don’t you agree that a man who pontificates that he represents goodness is really suspect of some loose screws somewhere.

    Noynoy’s handlers forgot the basic need of a responsible candidate-the need to have an advocacy. It should be pointed out that Noynoy has no advocacy at all in his public life. He won his senate seat solely upon his family name, like Loi Ejercito, Pia Cayetano, Bong Revilla and the like.  This is very important to those who are very discerning. We do not know to what directions we will be going, with him as a leader. It is fearsome to have a president who is not only unprepared and unqualified, but also to be under the control of unknown advisers and heaven forbid, under the tutelage of his movie star sister. It becomes more dreadful because his popularity is seemingly sustained, thanks to the biased and twisted reporting of our media and most especially of a very large TV network who all have their interests to protect.
    The above mentioned points are correct.
    I am simply saying that Noynoy is “Not Worth to Vote for Him” because:
                      1. He has no capability to govern
                      2. He relies solely on the name of his parents
                      3. He has no advocacy
                      4. He has no achievement on his own
                      5. He is pure creation of media
    Sadly, only Noynoy has all these attributes among all presidential candidates.

  53. try mulang talaga kung ano ang meron ka just trust in your self……………………… at bibigyan ka ng nore blessings galing kay god if you will be honest this coming election………….♥♥♥ para to sa mga tatakabo sa eletion basta all of you itrust all of you

  54. hahahahahahahaha nakaka ta-awaaaaaaaa

  55. bam licuanan Says:

    As I reflected on these contrasting paradigms regarding the world, people, and leadership, I came back to one of Jesus’ clearest statements. He too lifted up a basic leadership contrast—the difference between leadership that reflects God’s kingdom and leadership that works against His purposes in the world.

    “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their high officials exercise authority over them. Not so with you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be your slave—just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” — Matthew 20:25-28


  56. noy noy ako…

  57. jjtongco/maagay_padilla Says:

    we have experienced, as a nation the most devastated if not the most slapped republic with corruption among other negative downsides. it is because we always dreamt of all good administration but we landed on the bad effect of our actions. why is always the queztion. because we were so haste for a change. when we don’t want that president, we run into the streets to ask his/her resignation and internationally, and we try to hang a president but we cannot because we”re a nation of mercy. but i will offer a very effective remedy to this problems my fellowmen. as a saying goes,” a tooth for a tooth..”so on.
    the next president must be:
    1. has been a corrupt person for 35 years
    2. had been in govt service as court official
    3. had been a disgusting diplomat in other countries
    4. he is sexually disable to desire the opposite sex
    5. he should be poorly educated.
    now serve your reasons for these qualifications and wisdom is ours!
    help heal our land. Godspeed!

  58. lyzander notario Says:

    to all politicians, make sure that are one of the best leader that will develop our country to progress and not in poverty…we are hoping in changes after this 2010 election…

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