Philippine Music: Arnel Pineda of Journey Is Back In The Philippines!

Journey' Arnel Pineda (photo taken from Arnel Pineda's MySpace)

Journey's Arnel Pineda (photo taken from Arnel Pineda's MySpace)

Over the weekend, I was at the Alabang Town Center, and then a small commotion took place by the Starbucks entrance of the ATC. It so happened that Arnel Pineda of Journey was there, and while only a few recognized who he was – it soon caught attention, and the fast-traveling whispers soon got going and it wasn’t long before someone was bold enough to bring out their digital camera for a photo opportunity with Arnel Pineda – lead singer of Journey.

I wasn’t able to ask him whether or not he was going to perform with Sam Milby, or whether or not Journey was going to be performing in the Philippines. Maybe I should’ve, but then there was a sizable crowd that I didn’t need to intrude in. And at that time, my priority was groceries.

However, I did hear someone say, “Mas malaki lang pala siya ng konte kay Kitchie Nadal.” In other words, pandak pala si Arnel Pineda. Hey, but that small man is BIG now. And not just BIG, but HUUUUGGE!

IN any case, welcome back, Arnel Pineda. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from you soon. And maybe even hear you sing. May guesting ka na ba sa ASAP?

12 Responses to “Philippine Music: Arnel Pineda of Journey Is Back In The Philippines!”

  1. Hey, you should know AP by heart and he’s been in the Phils for almost a week now . . . better research before you upload . . . what you’re saying is not a news but history . . . do your job better next time . . .

  2. Awesome! I’m sure Journey will perform in the Philippines soon. I wish I can be there to see that.

  3. Donn Tuyor Says:

    Some people still just don’t get it yet. Talent & ability is NOT about the color of the skin, nor about the height, but it’s about what you could do in a positive way. Arnel just made us all Pinoys very very proud. We are gaining more respect in the music industry in a daily basis worldwide. Thank you Arnel and your Journey…:)

  4. hardrock,

    I don’t know AP by heart nor do I follow his every move. I’m not a stalker that way. Well, whether it’s old news or new news, it’s still news to me. Besides I don’t really care if he’s been here a week or a month. All I know is that I got to see him in person at the Alabang Town Center briefly.

    To Donn Tuyor,
    I don’t care about his skin color or his height. It was just something I noticed. And I do care a lot about the fact that he is awesome and can sing really well!

  5. arlene rojo Says:

    just be happy for his accomplishment and pray that he can continously uplift the Philippines heritage at huwag kayong pintas ng pintas dahil ni kayo nga di nyo kayang humarap sa stage, we saw his performance here in Tinley Park ,Illinois at sobrang dami ng mga Americans Black,white etc. na sumoporta sa kanya at wala kaming narinig na bad comments and the whole concert became “ang party ng Bayan “!!!!!!.More power to you Arnel at God Bless you and don’t change and don’t stop believing!

  6. your right donn! i salute you for that_arnel made Philippines noticed again in this world…

  7. Lynne Kropf Says:

    Arnel is awsome. He has a powerful voice and he sings not only with his voice but with his soul. He is a main artery to the heart of Journey. The band with Arnel is gold. Each member brings their God given talent and together ….. WOW!! Cant wait for more Journey/Arnel.

  8. I have had the pleasure of seeing Mr Pineda in the states, I am and American from New York. He is an amazing talent. I think the Pinoy community should be so proud of Arnel. His story is amazing to me and I have to say I have followed it closely. I love that he has remained so modest and humble. I can’t wait to see what he and the band does next. I would love to see even solo work. He’s that good. Keep healthy Arnel and continuted success to you always!!!

  9. at iyong picture sa itaas, did not do justice to Arnel,we saw him 4x ap/journey concert,he’s pogi,sexy,and what a voice ,90 mins. of pure music ,live and amazing stage performance,you have to see him perform, we don’t want it to end.

  10. Yes, and very humble.

  11. Thank God Neil got to Arnel b4 any other band. Arnel is so perfect, for journey music. Journey is the best and we BIG fans need more!!!
    More arnel more journey!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Arnel?He has a very irresistible kind of voice.He sings all my favorite songs and its amazing.Well done

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