Philippine Music: The Insisde Scoop Behind The 50 Cent Manila Concert Farce

The Inside Scoop.jpg

The Inside Scoop

I just received an update in my e-mail from Melissa Monasterio, who gave me the inside scoop on what’s happening and what happened with the supposed 50 Cent concert that was happening in Manila. Anyway, here’s what Melissa had to say:

Hey J, 50cent concert not happening.., the company I work for was being contracted for road management and event management not by fearless productions but by twilight productions (the guy we were talking to, supposedly the producer, was Jared).

They were claiming they were partners of fearless productions but that somewhere along the way fearless productions pulled out.

We were awarded the bid but we never had our contract signed by twilight productions and we were wondering why, when the concert was supposedly happening tomorrow.

We then decided to decline the project early this week since things seemed shady.

I got a text message however from twilight productions last night saying

“Due to uncontrollable circumstances the 50cent concert
has to be reset for Nov.28. He will promote his new album
which will be launched on Dec.9, He will perform with the
G unit, Larry Banks and Tony Yayo also he will have
another top artist performing with him to do a
collaboration let’s market this event to the highest level,
thanks for all your help”

Sounds like a scam to me.. no foreign artist/management will ever allow 3 concert re-schedules especially if people have paid for their tickets already.

I hope people get refunds as early as now. not sure if 50cent management was even aware that tickets here were already being sold!

Thanks, Mel, for the first-hand account. On my behalf, I would like to extend my apologies to Fearless Productions for speaking so soon in an earlier article. I knew that it couldn’t have been Fearless Productions responsible for the blunder. Well, so the blunder was on the part of Twilight Productions, and it does really look like they’re the big scammers behind the supposed 50 Cent concert in Manila which will never push through. Twilight Productions – you deserve to be beheaded! And shame on you for claiming to partner up with Fearless Productions when in fact you weren’t even partners to begin with. You deserve to be b$tch-slapped.


3 Responses to “Philippine Music: The Insisde Scoop Behind The 50 Cent Manila Concert Farce”

  1. Rick Kibbe Says:

    I purchased tickets for the Oct 3 show from a promoter. Ticker World has told me the the 3rd show scheduled for later this monthhas also been cancelled. When I tried to get a refund the refused to honor my tickets. Now, it seems the promoter that I purchased them from has dropped off the face of the earth. Can you recommend a course of action to secure a refund? This may not be your area, but you seem to be in “the know”. Hope you can suggest a satisfactory resolution to this delima.

  2. Rick Kibbe,

    As much as I would like to help you. I really can.t. If you purchased them from a promoter and not from Ticketworld, then they can’t refund you. Maybe you can find the promoter, but if he’s in hiding and dropped off the face of the earth, then I don’t see how you can do it. Wala talaga, dude, you have to hound the guy who sold them to you. That’s all I can suggest.

  3. does anyone know how to get ahold of fearless? #2 band on myspace wants to throw a concert there in manila and needs a production company/ticket sales/etc…

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