Philippine Music: Is Arnel Pineda of Journey Really Performing With Sam Milby?

Philippine actor and singer Sam Milby will be having his first solo concert on October 25 at the Aliw Theater. One of his special guests is actress Anne Curtis. Among his other special guests are the teen guitar-strumming and singing sister duo Krissy and Ericka. That much is totally confirmed, and has been press released.

However, there has been an official press release given out by ABS-CBN, suggesting that Arnel Pineda, the lead singer of Journey, will be also one of the special guests of Sam Milby. Now, I don’t know how much of that is totally true, but Judith Villongco – the proud mother of Krissy and Ericka personally e-mailed me to tell me that Arnel Pineda will really be there to perform alongside Sam Milby.

Arnel Pineda of Journey

Arnel Pineda of Journey

I am personally still skeptical, considering that Arnel Pineda just wrapped up his concert tour with Journey in the United States with his last concert being at the Harrah’s Rio Vista Outdoor Ampitheatre at Lauhglin, Nevada last October 5. And there is still that one postponed concert at Manchester, New Hampshire that Journey will have to go back to sometime December after Journey postponed the September concert due to Arnel Pineda‘s bad case of bronchitis.

Of course, October 25 (the Sam Milby concert date) falls conveniently way before the December concert in New Hampshire, and indeed it might really be true that Arnel Pineda can be back in the Philippines just in time to perform with Sam Milby. But then, despite that, I have a hard time swallowing the fact that the front singer of Journey would play second fiddle to Sam Milby. Sam Milby may be a hot item in the Philippines, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Arnel Pineda would be gracing his concert for a special guest appearance, especially considering his world-wide status. I mean – the manager of Journey alone should know better than to discourage Arnel Pineda from such things, especially since he’s under contract with Journey.

However, maybe ABS-CBN is paying a ridiculously huge sum to Arnel Pineda that he wouldn’t mind being a guest performer for Sam Milby. All I know is that whatever that amount is – it won’t be worth it to be a guest performer to someone’s first solo concert.

C’mon, Arnel! The Journey concerts were sold out all over the United States, and you have to maintain the status of your rockstar-dom. Kababayan mo nga si Sam, pero naman – iba na ang tugtog ng buhay mo! Baduy mo kung guest performer ka lang ni Sam Milby!

Of course, what the Filipino people really want is not Arnel Pineda guesting for Sam Milby, but Arnel Pineda singing it on-stage with the entire Journey! That’s what I personally want to see, and what I know many people are anticipating! Ayan ang ibigay mo sa mga kababayan mo, Arnel! Not this cheap sell-out  PR gig with ABS-CBN. Friendly advice, lang!

Anyway, if it happens, it happens. In the meantime, watch out for Bono and Michael Stipe guest performing for my concert.

24 Responses to “Philippine Music: Is Arnel Pineda of Journey Really Performing With Sam Milby?”

  1. shut up dude!!!ingit kalang di ka kasali sa guest .Kacheapan ba kung maguest siya sa concert ni sam ?Think about it a 100 time k…

  2. They must be frickin’ crazy! AP is on a different league with Sam Milby. AP is a Rock Star while Sam is a mellow-tune trying hard singer. If AP would be guesting, it should be with the grear Pinoy Rock artists, old and new–not unless ABS-CBN is paying a huge amount which I think is just a drop-in the-bucket compared to what he earned fronting the Journey. It would be a nice gesture for AP to be guesting in some concerts but with Sam Milby? I hate to say this, but it looks like a downgrade of status. AP, I know you are too nice but you are on a different league with Sam’s singing style and choice of music. If your manager (B. de Leon and Journey Management) cares for your status, I suggest for you to call this off.

  3. If that is the case (Arnel singing with Sam), will someone knock his coconut nut! Arnel P! you are now way up on top of everyone else. And you have far greater base of fans to worry about than ABS CBN and Sam Milby! And it’s not all about the money, it about you and your stature as a historic great Filipino rock singer who’s able to conquer the international music industry successfuly! A real Filipino rock star! Yo wouldn’t want to turn out to be a baduy rock star would you? Oh my, if it happens, I swear I’ll go back to listening to Steve Perry’s instead.

  4. What’s wrong with singing with Sam? Sam is half-american, and a talented guy. Remember, americans put Arnel to where he is right now. It doesn’t mean that when you’re an international star, you’d belittle the local ones. Sam is more famous in the Philippines than Arnel. The concert will pave the way for Arnel to get through to his countrymen. Remember, there’s no better glory than being loved and recognized by your own countrymen.

  5. You people are so concern of your status in this world. If not because of Journey, do you think any recording company in the States or anywhere in the world will produce an album of Arnel no matter how good he is? No, because he has no fans abroad, but Journey has. Now, Sam has huge fan base in the Philippines, don’t you think it will be great if Arnel will be known there too? Don’t be a crap…stop thinking and believing that you are more talented than others. Status is a crap, it won’t save you from going to your grave. What’s important is both will make people happy. Period!

  6. ayawgloria Says:

    personally? I really hope that it won’t happen, I hope somebody could reach out to AP regarding this matter……. but it’s their business…….
    the manager? just for money? Mr. DeLeon? but again, it’s his business……


  7. ayawgloria Says:

    ABS CBN should take the move on bringing journey to the Phils and get an exclusive coverage, rather than this….

  8. Baduy nga. Di kalevel ni Arnel Pineda si Sam. Arnel Pineda is known worldwide. I think he’ll be taking himself back a bit farther if he ever agreed to that.

  9. FYI: New Hampshire gig rescheduled for Dec was canceled to the dismay of journey fans eagerly waiting for months for their appearance.

  10. I completely agree with you, Sam cannot really sing, he is just so so, not great I do not even like listening to him whenever he is on ASAP. Arnel should protect his image and his status as a Journey frontman, I know maybe courtesy call to appear on that concert but it can bring him bad and negative publicity and can tarnish his image. So saty from those mediocre concerts and just say ” I need my rest” maybe next time, that is all you need to say. Amen

  11. jearsey from cebu Says:

    i will denitely watch this concert,,i will fly from cebu just to watch concert,,thats how a great fan i am of sam milby,i am willing to sacrifice just to show my support on him…go go go sam,,im sure this will be a successful concert,,gudluck sam..

  12. i think he has the right to do whatever pleases him. maybe, sam milby needs his presence in the concert to affirm that he (sam) can transform himself into a rockstar even just for a night. we should all be glad that arnel pineda is willing to help out. i don’t think it’s about money, because i can assure you, almost all of the journey concerts here in north america were sold out, so i don’t think he’s still looking for a part time job to augment his income. he’s just a good guy, and i just wish sometimes, that that goodness is contagious enough to afflict everyone. BAduy? Or he’s just trying to give back to his community what journey has given him so graciously? shouldn’t you follow his path ?????

  13. another pathetic move by ABS… because they know Arnel is sizzlin hot so they want to take the opportunity! ABS management is known for this! mga Kapitalistang OPURTUNISTA!
    why not just invite all the closet-gays around the metro to guest with sam it would be fun!

  14. Ganyam talaga ang uso sa Pinas – MAKISAKAY SA SIKAT.
    Arnel Pineda , we love you much , WAG KA NAMANG MAGPAKABADUY WITH SAM MILBY

  15. I strongly agree with the opinion that Arnel should not perform alongside Sam Milby’s first concert.

  16. sam milby sucks Says:

    Sam Milby, typical of filipino music industry. a gay has no talent in singing. He is to perform together with Arnel he should be as big as Arnel first. Ann Wilson had a duet with Arnel because they are both big now.

  17. siguro nga kilala si arnel sa ibang bansa as lead vocalist ng journey but tanyag ba siya dito sa sarili nating bansa kilala ba siya as arnel pineda sa ibang bansa no! ki;lala lang siya as part of the group journey kaya wag kayong magpakaepokreto kung mag guest man si ap sa concert ni sam hindi niya kawalan baka mag steping stone na mapalapit siya sa masa at alam natin ang mga tagahanga ni sam ay a,b,c and d crownd ….and say kung sino kam,an baka ikw ang bading alam mo si sam kahit mapa ballad ,acoustic ,rock kaya ni sam kaya tangalin muna yang inggit sa katawan mo….

  18. Reply to Josh :

    Do your homework, Josh . Matagal ng kilala si ARNEL PINEDA sa iba’t ibang bansa. Sa Japan, kung saan nanalo na sya ng best vocalist award sa mga competition. Sa HongKong at Singapore kung san naman tumutugtog yung dati niyang banda na karamihan ng nakakapanonood sa kanya ay mga expats ! Sa mahigit na 25 taon ni ARNEL PINEDA sa music scene, MASISIRA LANG SYA KAPAG PINATULAN NYA YUNG GUESTING KAY ACHENG SAM MILBY. SAM MILBY WHO ?

  19. If it pushes through, I will watch the concert not becoz of Sam Milby but becoz of Arnel Pineda. hehe. They probably need AP (badly) so that tickets will be sold out…

  20. Kris Ojeda Says:

    What do you mean by Baduy? Why does it matter who you are? Aren’t we all created equal! For all of you that are telling Arnel what to do, who gave you the right to pass judgement? What does status symbol means? If Arnel wants to humble himself, let him be. It his a perrogative. I’ve been in the US for 28 years now, got used to American way of life. I will never put any Filipinos down, nor any black, white, gay, young and old people.
    Yes I was at the Amphi theather in West Palm Beach in July and watched Arnel with the Journey. So proud of him. He yelled “Pinoys” when he got introduced. I was also at the Hearthrobs concert in Orlando in March. I enjoyed both show very much. This is the reason artists do so well, they don’t behave that they are better than anyone. They do what they do best, give their best performance to all that people that cared enough to watch them. Thank you all!

  21. My thoughts exactly. I don’t know who this Sam Milby is, but Arnel should be thinking twice about what he’s doing when he’s on vacation away from the J’boys. It would be too big of a loss for him and the Journey fans if he loses his job.

  22. wat if it’s with Sam Milby..a concert is a concert..people shud stop thinking so highly of themselves…this is the kind of mentality that gets people into trouble sometimes…once people have made it big..they think they’re too good to be doing the little things…

  23. sam milby sux Says:

    Sam Milby is a very tone deaf singer in my opinion and i think that it is an insult to Arnel Pineda to be partnered up with him. His singing is atrocious and he thinks that he’s a good singer.

    Also, he continually murders the Filipino language but the stupid people in showbiz just give him shows so that he could continually kill it. He is a serial killer of the Filipino language with the number of words and sentences that he butchers not in a limited scene but in a lot of them. They should teach him to speak well first before showing his ugly mug to the public.

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