Philippine Music: 50 Cent Concert In Manila – NOT HAPPENING!

50 Cent Concert Not Happening

50 Cent Concert Not Happening

I just got word that the supposed concert of rapper 50 Cent is not happening anymore. Apparently, there was no official schedule released in his official website, and what’s more is that there were no contracts signed and obligations fulfilled by those who were intending to bring them in. The production company supposed to bring them in was Fearless Productions, which I believe are the same people who promote and produce the Fearless Fighting MMA events. I’m not sure who the idiot was that released the information regarding the concert, complete with details of the after party and all, but then now it’s not happening anymore.

If I recall correctly, Fearless Productions is owned by Congressman Ronald Singson, and while Mr. Singson is indeed an awesome businessmen and political leader of the Philippines, the people who work for him under Fearless Productions may have moved too fast too soon and lost sight of what it really meant to bring 50 Cent to the Philippines. The schmuck working for Fearless Productions probably thought that his access to Singson’s treasury could easily buy him the 50 Cent concert, that maybe throwing around some cash would make it happen. Anyway, if Ronald Singson isn’t behind Fearless Productions, then I guess I opened up my mouth too soon. But then, unlike the schmuck who lied about the 50 Cent concert, my research is at least half-true.

Well, it’s not happening. And I was so looking forward to the after-party with 50 Cent and his crew, especially the lovely lasses of the Candy Shop video, who were rumored to be flying in with him. I should’ve known from that story alone that this whole brouhaha about 50 Cent was a farce.

Anyway – in true Philippine fashion – 50 Cent talaga yung kwento! Kalahati lang ang tama.


4 Responses to “Philippine Music: 50 Cent Concert In Manila – NOT HAPPENING!”

  1. following this blog, good stuff!

  2. hi, would you have a contact of anyone from fearless production? i’d like to send them a sponsorship letter. thanks.

    • JJ Duque Says:

      I don’t know the contacts of Fearless Production. Sorry. However, you may inquire at the Metro Card Club in Metrowalk, Ortigas regarding that.

  3. Thanks you. 50 Cent ❤

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