Philippine Music: 50 Cent Live in Manila, Booty-Shaking After Party To Follow

50 Cent is going to be having a wild concert here in Manila that is surely going to bring the house down for fans of hip-hop. The ULTRA will surely be rocking, and I can picture all the grinding going on as 50 Cent is going to lay down some soulful rapping East Coast New York style. Awww Yeaahhh.

If his concerts will be anything like his unrated videos, you can expect the after-party to be just as creamy. The buzz around town is already hyped up about all the cute desperate lasses that are hoping to get invites to party it out with 50 Cent and his posse, and willingly ‘shake that ass, girl!’ Can anyone say ‘sodomy’?

50 Cent will surely be belting out his hits like In Da Club, Candy Shop, Just A Little Bit, Wanksta, Amusement Park, P.I.M.P. and so much more. I’m wondering – will Snoop Dogg be in the mother f-ing house?

“You can find me in the club, bottle full of bub. Mama, I got what you need if you need to feel a buzz. I’m into having sex, I’m not into making love.”

It’s definitely going to be a party!


One Response to “Philippine Music: 50 Cent Live in Manila, Booty-Shaking After Party To Follow”

  1. Just got confirmation. The 50-cent concert will be on October 10. There’s a pre-concert party on Oct 9 at Ascend, Fort Bonifacio High Street, then there’s going to be an after-concert party on October 10 at Alchemy, so that we can party until the early dawn without no stupid For Bonifacio curfew.

    Also – the party will be moved from the ULTRA to Araneta Coliseum. Those who bought tickets for ULTRA can party it out at Araneta. Just figure it out for yourself, and call your ticket broker.

    I have yet to hear word if the girls from the Candy Shop video will be tagging along. Or if not, I believe shout outs are being made for those who would like to apply. 🙂

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