Philippine Lifestyle: Hindy Webber Is On The Cover of Rogue Magazine’s September Style Issue

Hindy Webber-Tantoco on the cover of September's Rogue Magazine

Hindy Webber-Tantoco On The Cover of Rogue's September Issue

Last August, Rogue Magazine had the Appetite Issue with the gorgeous Amanda Griffin-Jacob on the cover. For this September 2008, Rogue Magazine comes up with The Style Issue, and featured on the cover is the electrifying Hindy Webber-Tantoco, photographed through the lens of Mark Nicdao and with a story by Vanni de Sequera.

Other stuff found in The Style Issue of Rogue Magazine include a story on Elvira Manahan by Tats Manahan, plus an excerpt from Sante D’ Orazio‘s tribute to Gianni Versace, exclusive interview with Michael Bastian by Rafe Totengco, Steve Tirona and Ornussa Cadness talk about their wild trip in Los Angeles, California, including other interesting stylistic articles from the likes of Tals Diaz, Gino De La Paz, Jappy Gonzalez, Nick De Lange, Bong Salaveria and National Artist Butch Dalisay.

And of course, there is still many more. Online subscriptions to Rogue Magazine can be made at


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