Team Yap Is One Of The Top Contenders During San Mig Pub Quiz Night

If you’ve lived in the Alabang area, you know very much that San Mig Pub is an institution, being one of the oldest watering holes in the area. At one point, you must’ve at least been to San Mig for lunch or for a few drinks, or maybe a lot of drinks. Well, at least, you know where it is, and you can’t not see it when you go malling at Alabang Town Center.

Throughout the long history of the very famous San Mig Pub, it’s only now that they’ve had a quiz night. Every Wednesdays, San Mig Pub hosts a quiz night that is very different from all the rest of the other quiz nights/ trivia nights of places like Murphy’s or the old Blarneystone or something like that. While the other places give you a pen and paper to record your answers as an individual contestant, the San Mig Pub Quiz Night allows you to participate in the competition as a team along with your friends. And instead of submitting your answers on a piece of paper, you have to raise up your hands and beat out the rest of the other participating teams in being the first one to get the right question. In case of a tie, then there is the roll of the dice that will be the basis of breaking the tiebreaker.

Team Yap at San Mig Pub Quiz Night

Team Yap at San Mig Pub Quiz Night

San Mig Pub Quiz Night quizmaster Deeg Rodriguez started this just a few months back, and one of its consistent regulars is the group of Team Yap, who has the distinction of being the first ever winner of the San Mig Pub Quiz Night. In their first title defense, however, Team Yap had to settle for second place after quiz master Deeg Rodriguez skipped all questions pertaining to alcoholic beverages. Apparently, Team Yap is also discreetly(?) known as the S.S. Alcoholics, and just had a huge advantage in that category.

Team Yap went on a brief hiatus following the recent passing of the mother of a Team Yap member, but returned to earn another second place finish. In Team Yap‘s last outing, they had to settle for a third place finish.

Nonetheless, Team Yap is still noted among one of the top contenders during the San Mig Pub Quiz Night held every Wednesday nights at the San Mig Pub in Alabang Town Center. Members of Team Yap have included Brian Banta, Carlo Aguinaldo, Marge Camacho, Ysa Laurel, Tals Diaz, Ines Cabarrus, Yesu Cabarrus, Noel Orosa, Paolo Rosero and JJ Duque among other members.

This coming Wednesday night, Team Yap hopes to improve from its last disappointing outing and come away with a second victory – one that is long overdue. Apart from pride and recognition, the San Mig Pub Quiz Night winners get gift certificates from San Mig Pub. Team Yap is very well known for sharing the spoils with the other contestants when they win.

Double nipples for everyone!

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  1. bam maceda Says:

    in times of crises. you have to help yourselves. dont depend on someone’s help. even gibo was submerged in flood. their home was submerged 10 feet by the flood too. instead of prioritizing his family, he sacrificed himself walking in the lrt-mrt railways barefooted!!! just to go to crame so that he can fulfill his duty.
    nobody wanted this things to happen, nobody can blame anybody. they all knew their mistakes already, what matters is that. whats next

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