Philippine Music: Boys Like Girls In The Philippines

Boys Like Girls Performs In Manila

Boys Like Girls Performs In Manila

I didn’t know who the hell Boys Like Girls was, but…

My dad is in Manila on business from Australia, and is billed at the Hotel Intercontinental Manila in Makati. Today (Saturday), he was able to take a break and I brought over the kids to go see their grandpa, and have a swim at the Hotel Intercon pool. Anyway, when we were about to wrap up our visit, we headed to the lobby and were immediately swarmed by all these young teenage girls with their phone-cams whipped out, flashing away. For a second, I would’ve wished it was me they were taking photos of, but apparently they were more interested in the band members of Boys Like Girls, who were being escorted by their security to the elevators. As we were going out, Boys Like Girls were walking in, and so we brushed shoulders with them and their security detail.

The frenzy continued at the front desk as another band member of Boys Like Girls was still at the front desk, and we had to wait behind him at the front desk to wait for our complimentary parking ticket. I asked one of the many teens there who the band was, and someone said “boys girls” or something like that. My reaction, “huh?” and just let the moment slide.

Of course, not to be left out of the scene, I got home and looked them up, and eventually realized it was Boys Like Girls. I checked out the YouTube videos of Boys Like Girls and was impressed. Oh, and yeah, I know The Great Escapeheard it on the radio a couple of times but never really put a band’s name to the song. Having gone through their videos, I can say that I really like their songs Thunder and Hero/Heroine, which are all part of their self-titled album Boys Like Girls.

Anyway, Boys Like Girls apparently had performances at Alabang Town Center, Ayala Mall Trinoma and Ayala Mall Glorietta over the past week. Boys Like Girls is made up of band members – Martin Johnson (vocals, guitar), Paul DiGiovanni (lead guitarist, vocals), Bryan Donahue (bass guitar, vocals), John Keefe (drums, percussion).

So there. Now I know Boys Like Girls, and I think it was cool that I got to bump into them. Literally.

I wish I was quick enough to whip out my phone cam, but oh well.

4 Responses to “Philippine Music: Boys Like Girls In The Philippines”

  1. Howdy! Aww. Yer so lucky. I loved them the first time I watched them at ATC then loved them even more the second time at G4, I wasnt even a fan before but yeah, really impressed once I got to see the perform live. Indeed performers. My friend and I actually thot about stalking them at the hotel but gave up to the idea when we saw their security detail. Haha. Anyway, which band member did u bump into? And who was left at the front desk? 🙂

  2. I bumped into Brian, and the guy left at the front desk was Paul.

  3. hi! i just googled ’bout boys like girls and found your blog. I just wanna say that you’re so lucky to see them that up close!! haha..I went to one of their mall tours(which was in Trinoma) and I was able to see them like 5 meters away..but it was still so fun. If i was there(at the hotel) i’ll probably be one of those frantically screaming teenage so love them!My fave song is Hero/Heroine..i fell more in love with the song when they sang it right in front of me..haha..oh well..:)

  4. Jerry S. Ebreo Says:

    Very accommodating and courteous staff/personnel.

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