Philippine Television: DRiVE’s Porsche 30-Seconder Ad

Once upon a time in cable television, there was Couch TV. Couch TV had a series of shows that came out Sunday nights on the cable TV channel Prime Channel. That was a few years ago, and while the shows were a great source of entertainment, it was too price-y to keep producing without any source of income generated by the shows. Prime Channel was supposed to pay the producers of CouchTV for providing video content after two seasons, but the deal never pushed through.

Harriet 'Dirty Harry' Campbell of Intelco Racing Team (circa 2005)


In any case, CouchTV had a motoring TV series called DRiVE, which was a reality show on motor sports racing and car customization. CouchTV would follow around the Intelco Racing Team and cover their riders in the races of the Asian Karting Championships, Philippine National Touring Car Championships and Asian F3 Races among other races. Whatever the result of the Intelco Racing Team – a first place podium finish or a crash – that would be our story.

Another part of DRiVE involved car customization, and the producers of CouchTV would hang out the garage of PR Autosport, and document the custom car modifications being done in their garage. We documented the customization magic done by PR Rubio when he converted a dead ’64 Chevy Impala into a winner in the Philippine National Autoshow at the SM Megamall a few years back.

In any case, it was a fun show, and it wasn’t your basic kind of story-telling even if it was a reality-based TV show. There were a lot of funny moments, and indeed a lot of great things that happened behind the scenes. Anyway, here is a link to of one of DRiVE’s 30-seconder ads, featuring a Porsche. There are also other videos on the site for DRiVE.

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