Philippine Music: Eraserheads Reunion Concert Cut Short, Ely Buendia Rushed To Hospital

Ely Buendia Rushed To Hospital

Ely Buendia Rushed To Hospital

According to the brother of Ely Buendia, “due to my brother’s poor emotional and physical condition, he had to be rushed to the hospital, so the concert will be cut short. Thank you for coming and supporting the Eraserheads reunion concert.”

OK. So it was all over the news today that Ely Buendia had to be rushed to the hospital. What exactly went wrong seems yet to be determined. Well, that’s indeed a very hard pill to swallow for the audience who were out there. Me – I was somewhere else, so I really don’t know what went wrong. However, I heard good reviews about the Eraserheads Reunion Concert despite the sad news regarding Ely Buendia.

I also heard that the Eraserheads minus Ely Buendia performed at Saguijo that night. A surprise performance! Maybe they too felt bitin with their performance at The Fort, so they decided to make the most of it at Saguijo. At least, to a handful of Saguijo faithfuls.

Well, so goes Pinoy rock and roll.

However, a bit of rock and roll conspiracy theory – According to earlier reports, each member of the Eraserheads who would be performing for the Eraserheads Reunion Concert were supposed to earn 2 Million pesos each for that one-night-only gig. It would be a shame if Ely Buendia’s 2 million pesos would be spent on hospital bills. At least, we know he can afford it and that there won’t be a need for an Ely Buendia Fundraiser Concert. Or would we?

In any case, Ely Buendia is reported to be doing OK. Perhaps the adrenalin of the concert just rocked some of his nerves in the wrong way. At least he’s fine, and maybe we can look forward to an Eraserheads Reunion Concert 2. Because technically, they haven’t finished the show!

11 Responses to “Philippine Music: Eraserheads Reunion Concert Cut Short, Ely Buendia Rushed To Hospital”

  1. Hey guys!

    Some pictures of the event can be seen here:

    And a video of the intro here:

  2. Eheads_fanatic Says:

    The promoter should pursue to have a Part II of this concert. The Magical Magic Show should be finished.

  3. admiralpye2 Says:

    i think the stress of his mother’s death plus sleepless nights, then the performance really strained him. exhaustion na siguro ang cause for his collapse. As the hydraulics went down after the last song before the break, he suddenly handed his guitar to a stagehand and sat down on the floor. di na siguro nakayanan ng katawan nya.

  4. Everyone,

    I got private messages in my Facebook remarking on my apathy towards Ely Buendia’s mishap. Yes, I do know about his mom’s death, his heart condition, but I didn’t really want to dwell on that. If my previous article came out sarcastic, or apathetic, that wasn’t my intention. I was trying to make light of the situation, so that everyone won’t be dwelling too much on the sad news. They already bastardized that on TV. “They” being the networks.

    Eraserheads Reunion Concert 2. 🙂 Coming soon! Eh, Razorback ayaw niyo???

  5. Let’s just say na strees lang talaga si ely, idagdag pa natin na hype ne hype sya sa concert na yun kaya siguro hindi kinaya ng puso nya. Another thing is their not getting any younger at sa industriyang ito, mahirap na mapanatili ang kalusugan. hmmm still prayers will help this legend a lot.


  6. alingsofing Says:

    wishing you well, ely…why not a reunion album??? reunion concert 2 na rin para happy lahat…mabuhay eraserheads…

    eheads fan sa london…promoter ng barrio fiesta dito sa london…eheads naman next yr ang guest..

  7. I was at the concert and went straight to Saguijo after. We were not expecting that the rest of the gang would perform the UNOFFICIAL second set. I must say, that the performance there was way better..;) more intimate, more adrenaline..THE BEST!

  8. Sana gawin nila around December ang next concert, tamang-tama sa mga uuwi na balikbayan! I hope we do see more of the Eraserheads.

  9. Jj, I heard that Ely was rushed to the hospital due to a heart attack. When he collapsed on stage, the medics took him to the dressing room to check his blood pressure, etc, and that’s when the attack happened.


  11. I wish a speedy recovery for ely…. I know that this concert of the eheads will not be the last one… someday they’ll reunite… its iminent…

    Btw, the picture of the blogger dude looks sick… may hepa ka siguro no…
    tsk tsk tsk… pacheck up ka dude o kaya palitan mo na lang pix mo.

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