Philippine Events: DANCE! at Embassy Fly Features Wendell Garcia, Kevin Ruiz and Elian Habayeb

Dance! At Embassy FLY

Dance! At Embassy FLY

I received an invitation to an awesome party at Embassy Fly from my good friend Elian Habayeb, who is one of the coolest people when it comes to deejays, parties and events. Anyway, I’m posting the event invitation verbatim as was written.

All I can say about it is that DANCE! is an awesome concept, and is going to be a hit event. No social butterfly-ing here, just sweat it out and dance!!!


Even though Manila has a vibrant nightlife, this doesn’t necessarily mean it has much of a “dance” scene. Yes, people go out and drink and party, but people are seldom seen really dancing. In other cities, such as New York, San Francisco, London or Sydney, people sweat it on the dance floors of clubs for upwards of 5 hours, resting only long enough to go to the restroom and get a drink to cool them down. There was a time when such dancing existed in Manila, the age of ABG’s and seveneightorange from 1998 to 2003. Although today there are bigger and more posh clubs with louder sound systems and fancier VIP sections, the raw therapeutic dancing is all but nonexistent.

The mission of the organizers of DANCE! – DJs Wendell Garcia, Kevin Ruiz, and Elian Habayeb – is to basically “bring dance back” to Manila by holding a unique monthly party that focuses on the dancing and minimizes other distractions. Similar monthly parties are now being held in major cities all over the world but, aside from a select few great parties, there is nothing really like this in Manila. One look at the full dance floor on any night this event is held and it becomes clear what the organizers are trying to do.

It’s a simple formula really: bring people who enjoy dancing together, get them in a venue with a good dance floor and good sound system, and play the best dance music in the world. The person that isn’t dancing his heart out by the end of the night needs to check if he has a pulse.

DJs Wendell, Kevin and Elian have a rich background in performing at and organizing such dance events. With musical influences from New York and Chicago to Toronto and Berlin, the trio has rocked clubs before and are now ready to do it together in an epic monthly event that is expected to build a considerable cult following. But this won’t be about their efforts, this will all be about you and every member of the underground dance community coming together and leaving the stress of daily life on the dance floor.

DANCE! won’t be confined strictly to its venue at Embassy FLY, it will also reach a potential 12 million listeners on the radio through its live broadcasts on Manila’s #1 R&B radio station WAVE 89.1 FM, and will reach global audiences through its broadcasts on internet radio stations and through coverage on MTV.

Manila’s not gonna know what hit it!

You are invited to the launch party on Thursday August 28.

The time has finally come for the underground dance community to come together

DANCE! -The last Thursday of every month at Embassy FLY

No cover. Dress comfy.

(Live taped broadcast on WAVE 89.1’s “The Blue Room” Saturday 11pm to 3am)


2 Responses to “Philippine Events: DANCE! at Embassy Fly Features Wendell Garcia, Kevin Ruiz and Elian Habayeb”

  1. Dude, Chicane’s back. September 27, 2008 @ the WTC.

  2. When and where is the filipino dance event? Please give me the location.


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