Philippine Music: Eraserheads Reunion Concert Will Push Through Without Marlboro

Eraserheads Reunion Concert Pushing Through Without Marlboro

Eraserheads Reunion Concert Pushing Through Without Marlboro

It’s official!

Miggy Matute of cleared up everything, and sent me a message on my Facebook to make sure I update the Philippines Fun Wall.

So yes, the Eraserheads Reunion Concert will push through somewhere at The Fort grounds on August 30. People below the age of 12 will not be allowed to enter. Phillip Morris was supposed to be the promoter of the Eraserheads Reunion Concert using the brand of Marlboro to flag the event. However, the Department of Health prevented Marlboro from pushing through with the event citing the government’s policies based on Republic Act 9211, which disallows tobacco companies or products from advertising, sponsoring events, or promoting events for the public.

Anyway – so Marlboro got their ass kicked by the Department of Health, and so a new promoter came up to take the place of Marlboro just so that the Eraserheads Reunion Concert will push through. I still have no word on who the promoter is, but who cares. The great news is that The Eraserheads Reunion Concert will be a reality! The only downside, if you could call it that, is that – while Marlboro would’ve offered the Eraserheads Reunion Concert for free, the new promoters will be selling tickets. How much the tickets are and where to get them still remains a mystery, but then I’m sure I’ll get the lowdown on the information once Miggy Matute of has something.

In the meantime, think happy thoughts! Go dig up your old CDs of The Eraserheads and start refreshing yourself with the lyrics. It should be fun to sing along. I can imagine it now (as it was before) – Ely Buendia would belt out, “O Diyos ko! Ano ba naman ito? Diba…” then, he’d point the microphone to the crowd, and in one voice “TANG INA!” Aaah yes – rock and roll angst unified in such simple lyrics. Mwahaha. I’m getting goose bumps just thinking about it.

So there – The Eraserheads Reunion Concert is pushing through. Riot na ito!


4 Responses to “Philippine Music: Eraserheads Reunion Concert Will Push Through Without Marlboro”

  1. … may nabasa ako.. 1,500.00 daw ang tickets? totoo ba yun?? ang tanong na lang.. saan bibili???? T_T

  2. CJ,

    I haven’t heard the official release on ticket prices. But for sure there will be tickets sold at the gate. Ang gawin mo – pumunta ka doon ng sobrang aga, bilhin mo lahat ng tickets sa gate tapos mag-scalper ka. ๐Ÿ™‚ Kung sobrang mahal ang tickets, pwede tumambay sa parking lot malapit sa kung ano man field yan sa The Fort, tapos pakinggan mo na lang. Kahit hindi mo naman sila makitam, ok lang iyan. Pwede mo naman sila panuurin sa YouTube. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. i am 1 of million fans of ERASERHEADS
    and i am very proud to b 1 of them
    co’z no 1 can b a substitute 4 a real thing like the original “Beatles Of The Phillippines”…….

    ,.,.,THE BEST BAND EVER!!!!.,.(-_<)

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