Philippine Events: DJ Danger Sanchez Does Cuisine On Wedensdays

DJ Danger Sanchez

DJ Danger Sanchez

DJ Danger Sanchez may seem to fly under the radar. For one – you don’t hear his name out that often, but then he’s always at every major electronica event in the Philippines. Well, one thing – he’s the main man when it comes to lighting and sound equipment for any major event. Next, Danger Sanchez has been deejaying since back in the day when there was this thing called Social Distortion. If you were old enough to remember that, well, then you know how old school Danger Sanchez is.

Once upon a time after that, there was this thing called Party Tech, which eventually evolved into this huge thing called Groovenation with DJ Cocoy Puyat leading the way, and of course, DJ Danger Sanchez right there behind the thick of things.

Many became familiar with DJ Danger Sanchez when he became the resident DJ of Peligro, a really cozy bar in Legaspi Village, Makati that hand live music downstairs and deejay dance music upstairs. When the bar closed down, Danger Sanchez took to the white sands of Boracay island. He’s a familiar face in those shores, having been responsible for bringing in the latest sound and light equipment for all the major parties and events that happened in Boracay. And this was still sometime back in 2000. During peak season at Boracay, Danger Sanchez immerses himself in the island and plays just virtually everywhere, but mostly at Summer Place.

Danger Sanchez also formed Tribomanila – a very fun tribal house band that mixed percussions, a trumpet and some very classy house music. Danger Sanchez even had the support of some great musicians of the Philippine music industry present at his set to jam with their percussions and whatever. Real fun. Tribomanila even released a single that became a part of the Local-E CD, which compiled original tracks of some of the most prominent figures in the Philippine electronic scene.

Danger Sanchez also teamed up with Jessie Suaco to come up with a deejaying school called Spin City DJ Academy, which has churned out some impressive deejays. Among them are hot women DJ’s like Lady Trinity, Marie Garcia, DJ Karen and DJ Candice. Now, I believe Danger Sanchez has also teamed up with Edge Pamute for more events, but this time on an Asia-wide scope. The Danger is going global!

Anyway – that’s the history behind Danger Sanchez.

What keeps him going is his love for music, and his uncanny ability to be smooth behind the turntables. “I only use vinyls” is his proud claim,and it’s a claim he’s made ever since the 80’s up to today. Yup, he’s been spinning for over 2 decades. Old school!

“When you’ve been around the deejay scene for that long, you develop a natural feel for your audience, for the people dancing, and I guess that’s really where I thrive being a deejay,” according to Danger Sanchez.

I can personally vouch that Danger Sanchez does have a good bond with his listeners. He knows when to pump it, and he knows when to slow it down. He knows the right timing, the right blend, and he mixes everything so seamlessly that you can’t tell where one song starts and where one begins. Definitely, it’s an awesome experience. He prefers house music, world music and a little bit of disco. Well, it’s reflective of the age. But then, that’s what makes him fun. Danger Sanchez gets the old, the young and everyone in between. He knows how to make that connection.

With that said – I am blatantly promoting the gig of Danger Sanchez every Wednesday nights at Cuisine at The Fort. He’s on as early as 9AM, and goes on until The Fort’s curfew of 2AM. It is my belief that everyone should experience Danger Sanchez a couple of times in their lifetime.


One Response to “Philippine Events: DJ Danger Sanchez Does Cuisine On Wedensdays”

  1. Mckoi Pernia Says:

    Looks like this danger guy A Grade. Ill make a Cuisine stop on a wednesday soon.

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