Philippine Music: Eraserheads Reunion Concert Cancelled!

Marlboro Banned From Producing Eraserheads Concert

Marlboro Banned From Producing Eraserheads Concert

I just read it in my Facebook inbox shared by Miggy Matute of So well, there it goes – THERE WILL BE NO MORE ERASERHEADS REUNION CONCERT!

Apparently, the Department of Health refused to issue a permit to Marlboro for this promotional gig. As it goes, tobacco companies or tobacco products are not allowed to advertise or promote any kind of event. Well, Marlboro was supposed to foot the bill for the Eraserheads concert and give out tickets to its customers as a sign of goodwill. The guys at Marlboro tried to find a loophole to have the Eraserheads reunion concert by saying that Marlboro wasn’t sponsoring an event, but that it was merely having a celebration for its exclusive clients. It was a valiant effort on the part of Marlboro in order to try and find its way past Republic Act No. 9211.

However, the law remains vigilant, and as much as the Eraserheads reunion concert shouldn’t get caught up with the policies of Philippine law, there isn’t much we can do. Perhaps, the organizers of the Eraserheads reunion concert should look beyond Marlboro, and seek new resources in order to fulfill this awesome concert that will surely be a big hit in the Philippine music scene. Certainly, there would be other willing producers and promoters of an Eraserheads reunion concert.

San Miguel anyone?


12 Responses to “Philippine Music: Eraserheads Reunion Concert Cancelled!”

  1. ssubzzero Says:

    CHIPPY (URC) na lng mag sponsor!!

  2. i hate this news..i think i’m gonna cry..really.

  3. hey thanks for the update, ang daming umaasa dito sa concert na to, i am very disappointed like others but still hoping. is this announcement official?

  4. is this for real?

  5. Buboy and basslytyear…

    Yup, it’s very true. The Eraserheads reunion concert slated for the 20th of August is cancelled. Not just postponed to a later date, but CANCELLED! Dismal. I feel bad myself. If anything – the Eraserheads Reunion Concert would’ve been something to put back some much-needed spotlight to the Philippine rock scene. There are a lot of bands out there, but they’re just holed up playing in bars. A huge concert would’ve been awesome. And not just a 3-song set by a multitude of bands taking turns, but just one huge concert with one awesome artist/band! Eraserheads na nga sana!

    Oh well.

  6. jefferson Says:

    pinaasa nila ang taong bayan..

  7. haaaaai..
    for rea?..
    giv me a buzz..

    so sad..

  8. napaka-bobo talaga ng DOH, kahit naman hindi mag-advertise ang mga cigarette companies sa mga events, marami pa ring maninigarilyo. tanga talaga. yan ang mahirap sa gobyerno, gawa ng gawa ng mga batas na hindi naman solusyon sa problema ng bansa. civil war na lang ang sagot para umunlad ang bayan na to, tapos mamatay lahat ng politiko. pero dapat mag-reunion muna ang E-Heads!

  9. perthewayck Says:

    wahaha..assuming ang mga tao masyado…

  10. ituloy nyo ang concert ng eraserheads. wag nyo paasahin ang mga tao. kahit sa araneta coliseum or kahit saan na maganda ang venue gawin. kahit na may bayad basta ituloy nyo lang. maraming willing na magbayad para lang mapanood ang concert na toh. kaya ung mga nagoorganize… ayusin nyo na. bsta dapat matuloy! adios!

  11. sayang naman! ang tagal kong hinintay ang araw na mapanood sila! sana may chance pa! dream come true un kung sakali!

  12. chrstine joy Says:

    Masaya at nakakalungkot ang reunion concert.
    Masaya kasi at least nakita ko silang nagpeperform at malungkot kasi napakaiksi lang ng concert.It started past 8 p.m. and lasted past 10 pm.After kasi ng unang set,may nakacountdown dun para sa 20-minute break pero nakakapagtataka kasi lampas na ng 20 minutes di pa sila lumabas ulit.Then after few minutes lumabas na ung band members except Ely kasama nila kapatid ni Ely.
    At biglang nag announce kapatid nya,”We would like to thank everyone for supporting the Reunion Concert of the Eraserheads.We however regret to inform you that due to my brother’s poor health because of the emotional and physical stress that he has been experiencing,we apologize for cutting the concert short.My brother had to be rushed to the hospital for medical attention.Again we apologize and thank you to all of you for coming here tonight.Parang binagsakan ako ng langit ng marinig ko yun,nakakalungkot
    kasi,una,sayang din yung 844 ko,pangalawa kawawa naman si Ely.
    Pero,at least nakita ko din naman silang nagpeperform at nakuha pang magjoke ni Ely kahit papano.For me,that concert was the most memorable concert na nakita ko,kasi napakaiksi at napakaemotional.Halos lahat ng mga tao dun nasa denial stage pa din na tapos na ang concert kahit paulit ulit na sinabi ng announcer kung saan yung Exit.Pero kahit papano,masaya din naman ako kasi at least narinig ko naman yung ibang songs nila gaya ng Alapaap,With a Smile,Fruitcake at Too Old daw sabi ni Ely..hehehe.
    Sana gumaling na po si Ely at may reunion concert ulit kahit half hour lang..
    Let us pray for him na sana gumaling na sya agad.

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