Ascend Club In Bonifaction High Street Hosts Maong Martez

(L) Rowl Berrycloth and (R) DJ Allrock

(L) Rowl Berrycloth and (R) DJ Allrock

Carlo Paquing – fondly called in party circles as DJ AllRock, or Allrock, but whom I fondly call Paquing – is the master man behind the deejay’s booth at the Skyye VIP Room in Ascend, one of the hottest clubs of Manila, located at Bonifacio High Street. Well, not all the time, just during Maong Martez, a fun event that takes place every Tuesday night at Ascend’s Skyye VIP Room.

DJ Allrock will be performing some jazzy lounge tracks that will add some classy sociable ambiance to the Skyye VIP Room, which has a balcony city lights view of the Fort Bonifaction area. This gig of DJ Allrock is supposed to be the alternative cause for people who are too stressed and are just fed up with the mainstream scene.

Well, DJ Allrock has been a known mover and shaker when it comes to the underground club scene, or for any kind of underground scene for that matter. He understands the sensibilities of clubbers who don’t want to hear the same old anthems over and over again wherever they go. DJ Allrock is one of the few deejays, who know how to dish out something totally different from what the scene is regularly used to. It may not be familiar, but the music soon grows on you, and eventually you come to a better understanding behind the vibe and energy of DJ Allrock.

What’s also great news for those who want to trek to Ascend on Tuesdays is that there won’t be a door charge or even a guest list. Everyone is most welcome to take part and indulge in this fun celebration. No bad vibes here at the set of DJ Allrock! Just good music and a friendly party atmosphere.

Don’t forget – Every Tuesday at the Skyye VIP Room at AScend Club in Bonifactio High Street.

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  1. maong tuesday CANCELLED!

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