Philippine Olympic Team’s Gold Medal Pursuit Rests With Taekwondo Jins

Taekwondo Events Last Hope For Philippines To Win Olympic Medal

Taekwondo Events Last Hope For Philippines To Win Olympic Medal

Well, it’s almost all but done for the Philippine Olympic Team, who failed to grab a medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Of course, it isn’t over yet. Of the 15 athletes that represented the Philippines in Beijing, there are 13 of them who have dropped out any kind of medal contention. Those who gave their best efforts for the first Olympic Gold medal of the Philippines, but lacked out were – trapshooter Eric Ang, athletics representatives Marestella Torres and Henry Dagmil, divers Sheila Mae Perez and Rexel Ryan Fabriga, swimmers Daniel Coakley, Ryan Paolo Arabejo, Miguel Molina, James Walsh and Joan Christel Simms, weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz and archer Mark Javier.

The only hope now for the Philippine Olympic Team to grab a gold medal – or any medal for that matter – at the 2008 Beijing Olympics will rest on the shoulders of Taekwondo jinsToni Rivero and Tshomlee Go.

Whatever happens in the pursuit of the Olympic Gold in Beijing this 2008, I am still proud of the Filipinos who competed. Even without an Olympic medal. Of course, now it’s back to the drawing board before 2012 in London.


7 Responses to “Philippine Olympic Team’s Gold Medal Pursuit Rests With Taekwondo Jins”

  1. taexrhs83 Says:

    What happened to Jaclyn Pangilinan? How come she is not listed? Did she not get into the pool?

    One thing we could do to medal is to petition for billiards/pool to be included in the games. Look at syncronised gymanstics, that sheet ain’t sports, that sheet is glorified ballet.

  2. lol, even if you look at it as “glorified ballet” the amount of athleticism and artistry required for that sport justifies its place at the Olympic games (note: games, not sports).

    However, I do agree that billiards would also make a great addition to the games.

  3. I believe that the Philippines are very good at sports/games that can involve a bit of drinking on the side. For example, there was a point and time that we ruled in Bowling. Remmeber multi-awarded World Champion Paeng Nepmuceno?

    And then, of course, there’s billiards with the likes of Efren Reyes Jr., Django Bustamante, etc. Once again, it’s sport where you can drink beer on the side.

    In fact, in most bowling alleys in the Philippines – there is also a recreational room dedicated for billiards. The two go hand-in-hand, and then of course you can order beer and sip on a cold brew while playing.

    Interesting, huh?

  4. the RP team were not losers after all… they gave their best,. i think we should also consider to think that the govt. had not done their parts to the fullest. a such motivation is greatly needed in any event in order to achieve.

  5. [lzzza give to my friendster taekwindo best knokout

  6. tkd is the best game ever

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