Philippine Olympic Swimmer Daniel Coakley Sets New Philippine Swimming Record

Hawaiian-based Fil-American Daniel Coakley swam the 50m Freestyle sprint in the 2008 Beijing Olympics with a time of 22.69, to surpass his former Philippine record of 22.80. Daniel Coakley did not qualify for the event, but his time ranked the 39th fastest of the 97 swimmers competing in the event. Indeed, that’s something to be proud of even if Daniel Coakley failed to qualify.

Most of the athletes of the Philippine Olympic Team have been improving their personal records, such as in the events of swimming and weightlifting. Weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz pushed herself to the limit in the weightlifting event and lifted a personal best. Other swimmers of the Philippine Olympic team like Christel Simms, JB Walsh and Miguel Molina also recorded their personal best times, and broke some Philippine records. I’m not certain which ones or if any were really broken, but at least.

And while breaking the Philippine record, or scoring a personal-best time, is a far achievement from winning the Olympic gold, it does say something about the current crop of athletes of the Philippine Olympic Team. To me – it simply says that they are the best athletes the Philippines did have to offer in their respective Olympic events. After all, they did break records and push themselves with that extra oomph to achieve their personal best. If anything, those records will be setting a standard for those who wish to fill in their shoes. If you want to make it to the Olympic stage in swimming, those are the times you have to beat.

ā€œIā€™m very proud of our swimmers,ā€ said national swimming chief Mark Joseph.

Likewise, I too am proud. Daniel Coakley represented the Philippines and gave his best effort. For more about Daniel Coakley, check out this video!


3 Responses to “Philippine Olympic Swimmer Daniel Coakley Sets New Philippine Swimming Record”

  1. go pinoy go

  2. Natasha Bohack Says:

    Dear Daniel,

    I am Natasha Bohack, and I’m almost 7-yrs-old. I too am a “Fil-Am” and I’m a competitive swimmer – I’m from from NYC, NY. One day I hope to swim for the USA or The Philippines in the Olympics. I hope to see you in the 2010 Summer Olympic Games in London. Good Luck!

    – Natasha Bohack …

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