Philippine Art: Piaget Martelino, Kin Misa and Vernon Perez Featured In Prose Art Gallery Exhibit

Bahala Na Art Exhibit Flyer

Bahala Na is the title of the upcoming art exhibit that will feature a series of paintings by today’s young artists at the Prose Art Gallery along Pasay Road, Makati City on Friday August 22 until Saturday August 23, 2008. Among the artists sharing their work in this group exhibit include Tomas Leonor, Katz Lorenzana, Kim Landichio, Garerth Grafil, Gato Borrero, Erwin Pascual, Erik Sausa, Joey Martinez, Ken Nillas, Peewee Vellila, Sam Kiyoumarsi, SAR and my dear good friends Piaget Martelino, Vernon Perez and Kin Misa.

Well, of course, I’ll feature my friends and give them top-billing. That’s my sense of politics, and that’s what I do for friends. I also know for a fact that their art is awesome.

Vernon Perez is one of my favorite artists and deejays – DJ Spoonman. Yup, he’s the renowned patent-holder and inventor of the spoon shades. Vernon’s also been one of my favorite travel mates. If ever I had to pick someone to join me for the Amazing Race, Vernon would be in my shortlist. After all, we both survived a trip to the Kalinga region, and once found ourselves caught in the middle of a tribal war crossfire among two Kalinga tribes. And that’s mild compared to the many other journeys we’ve taken that brought us to hell and back.

Kin Misa is dear to me because he’s given me a piece from his art collection, and that particular piece may not seem much in terms of any monetary value compared to what his other art works command, but the sentimentality behind it is unquestionable. Of course, the particular piece is a functional item as well, and it’s been used on several occasions with much laughter mixed in.

Piaget Martelino is an awesome friend, and I really love his bright and colorful artworks. I’ve already dedicated a profile page for Piaget in the Philippines Fun Wall. You can read more about him there. Also, if you want to see more of his art work, then you can visit the website of Piaget Martelino here.

Anyway, the Prose Art Gallery – which is owned by good friend and young artist Paolo Rosero, will have the privilege of including the works of Kin Misa, Vernon Perez, Piaget Martelino and all the other artists mentioned above in the Bahala Na exhibit. The Prose Art Gallery is one of the few galleries in Metro Manila that takes pride in showcasing upcoming talents, and looking for fresh artists who wish to share their expressions. The Prose Art Gallery may seem like such a small space, but it has huge potential through the efforts of the budding young community of artists and art lovers who frequent the place and keep it alive with exhibits and other events. The Prose Gallery is located at the 3rd floor of 832 Pasay Road cor. Eudades in Makati City. It’s where the old Joni’s used to be just beside the Milky Way building. Or better yet, it’s in the same building as the Palawan center across from the 7-11.

I encourage everyone to support the artists and catch Bahala Na. I believe there will be an open bar on Friday night while supplies last. See you next Friday.

3 Responses to “Philippine Art: Piaget Martelino, Kin Misa and Vernon Perez Featured In Prose Art Gallery Exhibit”

  1. Lukinda_Skye Says:

    2 days lang ang show? and buti nakasama dito si Erik Sausa, pero medyo senior na din siya

  2. katz lorenzana Says:

    hi! chanced on your awesome site. 🙂
    hope you were able to go to the show 😉
    btw, i’d like to invite you to a group show on Oct 11,’08,6pm. It’ll be at Tamawan Village, Baguio City. (Artists:Lee Paje, Ronald, Andoi Solon, Katz Lorenzana, JC Jacinto, Vicente Pado Jr., John Atienza, Tonet Cac, Manolo Sikat and Angelo Tabije. We’re all UP Diliman FA grads. 🙂
    malayo but hope you can drop by! 🙂

  3. i love to visit art galleries both home and abroad, art has been my life;`’

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