Philippine All-Stars Bag Gold Medal In 2008 World Hip Hop Championships

Philippine All Stars 2008 World Hip Hop Champions

Philippine All Stars 2008 World Hip Hop Champions

I picked up my sister Chloe from her school the other day from her cheer-dance practice, and she was ecstatic to share the news that the Philippine All-Stars won the Gold medal in the 2008 World Hiphop Championships held at Las Vegas, Nevada. Not being a real fan of hip-hop or dance, I was like “whuh?” Then, she continued to explain with much enthusiasm about this dance group called the Philippine All-Stars that came in third place in the 2006 World Hiphop Championships and then this time won the gold in 2008, beating other hiphop dance teams from New Zealand, US, Mexico, Canada and more. Of course the story caught my attention as does anything that has the theme of Philippine pride, and so I researched to write about them.

Apparently, the Philippine All-Stars hold their home at a dance studio somewhere near Katipunan, Quezon City. Their motto goes something like: One Love. One God. One Hip Hop. Sarap Lang. Catchy. Interesting. Based on my research at the Philippine All-Stars site and Philippine All-Stars Multiply site the 2008 group that went on to compete in Las Vegas and win the gold is composed of: Kenjohns, Kykz, Laurence, Lema, Madelle, Maya, Michelle, Niko, Big Pat, Prince, Reagan, Sheena and trainees Lil Pat and Joshua. 33 countries were represented by several groups with a total of 1,000 hiphop dancers taking to the stage. 12 finalists were chosen all-in-all to perform for the 2008 World Hiphop Championships, and joining the Philippine All-Stars were the likes of Kaba Modern (USA), Prestige (New Zealand), Xtreme Soul Style (Canada), Legacy (New Zealand) Eclectik (Trinidad & Tobago), Peridot (United Kingdom), Black Soul (Mexico), FLos Angeles (USA), Release (South Africa), Rockwell Family (Canada) and Phunk Phenomenon (USA).

Of course, the Philippine All-Stars turned out to be number one. Multi-Grammy award winner and competition judge MC “You Can’t Touch This” Hammer was quoted by ABS-CBN news correspondents as saying: “The Filipino artists… they continue to evolve in a global basis. They take art and dance seriously. I am very proud of the level that the Philippines overall has developed into.”

Judge Shane Sparks was also quoted saying: “Great kids, great dancers and choreographer… I think they’re some of the hottest dancers that touch the stage of America’s best dance crews and I know there’s more to come.”

The guys and gals of Philippine All-Stars even documented and chronicled their entire journey leading to the 2008 World Hip Hop Championships in a short movie called His-Story. To make it to their trip, they even had a fund-raising concert at the Ateneo de Manila gym in which they gave a peek performance as to what they would be showcasing in Las Vegas. Talk about taking charge of life and making their dreams come true, sacrificing and working hard to achieve their goals, and eventually giving all to His glory. Wow! Inspirational stuff here.

Anyway, I certainly tip off my hat to their global achievement, and for being able to be an inspiration to many others to strive big for their dreams by working hard for it. One Love. One God. One Hip Hop. Sarap Lang. Galing!

Well, visit their sites and check out their photos, profiles and videos. You can even check out the video of the Philippine All-Stars hiphop dance number which won them the gold medal in the 2008 World Hip Hop Championships. I won’t ruin the surprise for you.

32 Responses to “Philippine All-Stars Bag Gold Medal In 2008 World Hip Hop Championships”

  1. gay…

    Great Read…I really value your information!…

  2. What can I say men they are the most talented hip hop dance group 😉 they are a rawmodel not only for me,but for every fillipinos out there and many more! there are alot of things i wan´t to say, I just wan´t yall to keep your head up as you allready do and stick together kahit anong manyari guys and girls! And theres alot of things to be proud of and we do it for one god,one love para sa lahat and specialy para sa atin people in the Philippines and sa ibang bansa that make me proud.. GODBLESS

  3. Very talented individuals! They’re quite famous now but they’ve learned hellot to keep their heads on the ground. Much love!

  4. What is YOur MUsic in Las Vegas i wnna Know!

  5. jovene mesina Says:

    just wondering about the name of mesina, i’m from bohol philippines but now live in sydney

  6. poydi pa ba!! symalisa inyo groupo dahil idol po ko kayo if you want to comment for me just go to my friendster

  7. I just don’t know if the prince paltu-ob in the group studied in Dominican International School, if Prince this is you, the school is very proud of you! got to tell this to the class!

    Cheers among the group! Mabuhay!!!!

  8. rashieda mae Says:

    ..hi guyZ.. i admire you aLL.. supEr idol ku po qauh.. i’m 14 yrz. old.. & one of my dreams is to be a part of your Fabulous group.. more powers.. & i hope my dream will come true very soon..

  9. hi guys…especially to maya carandang…jeje’

  10. christine joy Says:

    hi2x poh..grabe im not expecting na si2kat kau ng ganyan….ang galing ng mga moves nio…hehehe…..wish qoh lng sna mging part rin aqoh ng dance group nio…im only 15 yeas old pero im already a choreographer in our school…hehehe..bzta tulad nio may mga dreams ganun din poh aqoh…bzta promise qoh makikilala nio rin aqoh through hip hop dancing un ngalang may fracture aqoh s left elbow qoh kya hndi aqog nakakapag break dance like your girls memeber pero ill try..bzta ha wag lng poh kau makakalimot s pinang galingan nio…hehehehe…

  11. Waz up Allstars,..Keep up the good work,, hopin to dance w/ you guys…godbless…..Phillipine allstar no.1!!!

  12. hi…. congratulations po sa inyong lahat…

  13. dylan bonaobra Says:

    idol ko kyo sana mkasama ko kyong sumayaw,

  14. nino vere Says:

    …wow,…, ang galng nyo talaga….
    pangarap q talaga ang makasama kau!!!!
    more power … gud luck sa laban nyo!!!!!

  15. nice!!!!! IDOLS,keep it move,,yan lng maikokoment ko,,bye thnxx

  16. naida m sumapal Says:

    I want to comment to all of u coz idol kayo ng bf ko at npaka galing ninyo

  17. eloow po !!!!!hi Gleng nyo tlga guys ..

  18. mY kasama kming sumasyaw na ng wo2rkshop pa phillipie alltar ka skul m8 tu2ru ya mga moves yo glig gda isyaw

  19. sna mksama k kau astig tlaga kau

  20. verygood


  22. xb gensan Says:

    mga idol sana maka sabayan nmin kau

  23. brendang aroy Says:

    wee i love all star philippines…galing nyo talaga IDOL heehehe

  24. helllllow………poh sa inyo hi im jen from mindanao..comval,,,,i saw u dancing guyssss..its really spectacular…my gash im dreaming to have a group like yours..i hope that dreeeeeeam will come true some day

  25. Hi! Was wondering how I can go about booking the All Stars for a gig here in Bacolod City. We’re planning on having a Hip Hop Battle featuring the All Stars as guest performers and judge. This would be around the summer, May perhaps. Your response would be greatly appreciated.

  26. ilove the way u dance…

  27. im ur biggest fan u have>>>
    why ur my idol dance group??

  28. pwede bng pahingi poh ng dance video nio>>>>>>>

  29. nice team…..^^

  30. mikoy karon Says:

    nice dance all stars…….you desirved

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    you make running a blog look easy. The entire glance of your web site is wonderful, as neatly as the content material!

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