Rogue First Year Anniversary Party Featuring Steve Aoki

DJ Steve Aoki pumping up the party at Rogue's First Year Anniversary

DJ Steve Aoki pumping up the party at Rogue's First Year Anniversary

Rogue Magazine Turns One!

A BMW X6 was unveiled, and a rocking party commenced with overflowing booze. Me – I drowned in Johnny Walker Black Label too early until late. My personal kudos to my friends at Rogue magazine – Josemari Ugarte, Miguel Mari, Carmela Lopa-Mari, Katrina Tuason, Jay Pou and Brian Banta. After the BMW was unveiled, I was wondering if there was going to be a short program – maybe a speech by E-in-C Josemari Ugarte, but according to Jay Pou, “Dehins na iyan! Party na lang!”

And what a party it was. DJ Steve Aoki had a really fun set, although I think YMCA wasn’t one of his strong points. Maybe he thought it was fun, but most of us from the party scene have gone sick of YMCA since once upon a time in Giraffe, if not even earlier than that. In any case, it was good fun, and it was wonderful to be surrounded by good friends, and actually finding some old ones. Cheers to that.

I had considered name-dropping ala society-lifestyle column, but then figured against it. After all, I had spent too many years doing the ghost-writing bit for the likes of Donnie Ramirez, Resty Vergara and Maurice Arcache to have to go back again to writing about Cosmo-Manille’s who’s who that attended the party. After all, who the fuck cares?!?! Some of us were there, and some of you weren’t.

In any case, the photo used above was taken by hotshot lensman Eddie Boy Escudero. More of his pics on the Rogue party at his Facebook profile.

Once again, congratulations to the people of Rogue Magazine. More than the great party, it’s been a great year for the magazine, and indeed it really is an awesome magazine. Personally, I love the edgy articles and the fact that they don’t hold back on the tone. Most articles try to be a bit more precise with their words, but Rogue magazine allows their writers to let loose without worrying about the word count. They know how to tell stories. Anyway, they don’t have a website yet, but you can catch some of their awesome magazine artwork and magazine covers here at Miguel Mari’s gallery.

2 Responses to “Rogue First Year Anniversary Party Featuring Steve Aoki”

  1. what is your stand on getting a representative for sports to solidify by laws n support our athletes financialy for years of training to enhance their skills more? tnx

    • JJ Duque Says:

      Well, there is the Philippine Olympic Committee, and then there are the different sports associations that are part of it. THey all do pretty well, but then the budget received from the government is not enough. I believe the private sector could help out, but then it depends if the Philippine Team would really want to fly under a brand like Nike or Adidas. Not too bad if I were the athlete, but then there are ethical concerns with regards to the Olympics themselves.

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