Laying The First Brick Of Philippines Fun Wall

A Brick

One of those days – a bit of cool, rainy weather led me to enjoy a fresh bowl on the glass pipe, and eventually a bright idea was inspired. I was so excited when I found out that was available, but later felt stupid when travel-blogger Ivan Henares pointed out that a site called already existed with the same general idea. I had even invited one of its writers (Manuel Quezon III) to contribute for me. Foot-in-Mouth. Dunce cap. Shit happens.

But still, not to be undone, I tore up the draft page and came up with another one – The Philippines Fun Wall and HaloHalo Special, but then, I think I like the Philippines Fun Wall better. Besides, it rides on the popularity of the Facebook application.

Anyway, everyone is most welcome to become a contributor to Philippines Fun Wall, which hopes to share a whole lot of things relating to the Philippines. Feel free to share videos, pictures, articles, opinions on anything and everything under the Philippine sun whether it be about film, literature, food, lifestyle, travel, politics, business, technology, events or whatever. After all, this is serious fun.

On my part – well, I’ll write about anything that comes to mind, and hopefully will get some of you to do the same. If the potential for the site makes good, then whoopeedoo. If not, then there was no harm in performing a creative exercise inspired by some herbal Philippine home grown. Of course, there’s more to it than that, but then I just had to be honest.

So here it is – The Philippines Fun Wall. Post all you want. Let me know, and I shall create the necessary space, and credit you as an author/contributor, and even add links to your existing blogs. All in the name of shared internet traffic. Why not, right?

After all – if you build it, they will come.

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